Thursday, October 30, 2014

London's Battersea secures 467 mln pound Islamic financing

London's Battersea Power Station redevelopment project has secured a sharia-compliant syndicated loan of 467 million pounds ($754 million), a step towards developing Britain as an Islamic finance centre.

The loan, one of the largest Islamic transactions ever conducted in the British market, is part of a 1.35 billion pound financing package for the second and third phases of the project, Malaysia's Maybank Islamic Bank said on Wednesday.

Maybank Islamic provided 200 million pounds of the Islamic loan while the rest was split between Malaysia's CIMB Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Details of the loan were not revealed.

The deal could encourage other corporations in Britain to seek sharia-compliant financing, said Muzaffar Hisham, Islamic banking chief executive at Maybank Islamic.

"We hope this opens the floodgates...This shows how the advancement of cross-border transactions is very important."

Owners of the firm behind the 10 billion pound redevelopment of the site on the south bank of the Thames include Malaysian institutions Employees Provident Fund, SP Setia and Sime Darby.

Seeking to attract more Islamic financial business, Britain issued in June its first sovereign sukuk (Islamic bond), worth 200 million pounds.

The market is poised to see other new government initiatives, including a multi-currency sukuk guarantee from Britain's export credit agency aimed at a customer of European plane maker Airbus.

The Bank of England will start a feasibility study next year to develop a sharia-compliant liquidity management tool for Islamic banks to use, according to Andrea Leadsom, a junior British Treasury minister. (1 US dollar = 0.6197 British pound) (Reporting by Praveen Menon and Bernardo Vizcaino;


Soldiers from the Royal Highland Fusiliers have had all leave cancelled and been drafted in to help overwhelmed Cambridgeshire Police combat a huge Muslim rape jihad epidemic that has hit the area. A group of visiting Libyan soldiers in the UK for military training have run amok in villages neighbouring Bassingbourn Barracks and been blamed for the Muslim rapewave which has completely overrun police.
Police are investing 9 separate sex attacks which took place in one day including 3 reported rape jihad attacks in a 3 hour period by the platoon of nonces. Police are also investigating what they say is a ‘serious sexual assault’ on a male victim.
Beast Brigade  - Soldiers from Libya responsible for Muslim rapewave epidemic in UK
Beast Brigade – Soldiers from Libya responsible for Muslim rapewave epidemic in UK
You can take the Muslim out of the backwards Islamic hole but you can’t take the backwards Islamic hole out of the Muslim!!!!
This disgusting surge in Muslim committed sex crimes just further backs up my views that sexual deviancy is embedded in their DNA  alongside savagery. With a potential sex offender lurking just beneath the surface waiting to come out. Which can be triggered by the slightest thing such as the sight of a lone female or a glimpse of flesh. Which then overwhelms the Muslims mind to the point they cannot control their predatory urges and must act regardless of the risk or consequences.

Scots soldiers drafted in to deal with Libyan troops blamed for string of sex attacks in England

  • TROOPS from 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, had leave cancelled yesterday so they can back up police struggling to control trainees at Bassingbourn Barracks, Cambridgeshire.
Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridgeshire
SCOTTISH soldiers have been drafted in to deal with Libyan troops blamed for a string of sex attacks in England.
Members of a 300-strong contingent have allegedly run amok in a village near the camp where they are being trained.
Three Libyans have been charged with sex offences.
Troops from 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, had leave cancelled yesterday so they can back up police struggling to control trainees at Bassingbourn Barracks, Cambridgeshire.
Men from 3 Scots, the Black Watch, are giving the Libyans basic infantry skills and military leadership training. Meanwhile, police are probing nine sex attacks in Cambridge on October 17 and Sunday.
Three of the attacks came in just three hours in the city’s busy Market Square on Sunday. Bassingbourn councillor Adrian Dent said: “This is not the first unauthorised excursion from the barracks – there have been cases of between three and five people going over the fence in the past.
“There was talk that some of them tried to storm the guardhouse.
“There are talks with the police to have an increased presence of civilian police around the barracks. Clearly, steps have to be taken.”
Three Libyan troops were charged with the assaults in Market Square. Two of the men pleaded guilty at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court yesterday.
Ibrahim Naji El Maarfi, 20, admitted exposure and two sexual assaults. Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, pleaded guilty to abusing a police officer and sexual assault.
But Khaled El Azibi, 18, refused to enter pleas on three counts of sexual assault and one of theft.
The court heard Abdalsalam and El Maarfi scaled the camp’s fence and stole bikes then cycled into Cambridge.
They stalked one woman and touched her in a lane before El Maarfi flashed at her. Then they tried to put their hands up two other women’s skirts.
Paul Brown, prosecuting, said: “The most serious aspect of it is there are three males targeting females under the cover of darkness.
“They are like a pack preying on women in the hours of darkness.”
El Maarfi, Abdelsalam and El Azibi were remanded. Police are still investigating a serious sexual assault on a man at about 2am on Sunday.
A Royal Regiment of Scotland source said: “Some of the boys have been told they need to get back into barracks and go down and help out 3 Scots.
“The lead element company is due to head down as soon as possible.
“All we have been told is that it has been kicking off down there with the Libyan troops who are training at
Bassingbourn. We just have to go down there and sort it out.”
A mixture of officers and other ranks are on the 10-week course. Up to 2000 Libyan soldiers will go through the course over a 15-month period.
An Army spokesman said the alleged sex attacks were a “matter for the civilian police”, who they were assisting with their inquiries.
He confirmed some Libyan soldiers had been causing trouble within the camp. The spokesman said most of the recruits responded well to the training programme.
But he added: “We can confirm that a disturbance took place last week where we are training the soldiers.
“This behaviour is unacceptable and steps are being taken to investigate the reasons behind it and if necessary take action against those involved.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rigby Memorial Will Not Bear His Name...

Lee RigbyPresumably it will not bear his name because if it did, it would, in the words of MP Nick Raynsford, attract “undesirable interest from extremists.” There is no telling which “extremists” Raynsford had in mind. Did he mean Islamic jihadists and supremacists who might see a memorial to a victim of jihad violence as an insult to Islam, and target it (and anyone who happened to be nearby) for more jihad violence? Or did he mean “right-wing extremists” who would use it as a rallying point for those who objected to the abject surrender of Britain to those same Islamic jihadists and supremacists? Could be either one, or both. In either case, here is yet more surrender from Abject Britannia.
“Lee Rigby memorial will not bear his name,” BBC, October 23, 2014:
A memorial for Lee Rigby will not feature the murdered soldier’s name, it has been revealed.
Greenwich Council said a stone would be placed in St George’s Chapel garden, opposite Woolwich Barracks where Fusilier Rigby was based.
The council, which said its plan had the backing of the soldier’s family, said the memorial would pay tribute to all fallen servicemen and woman.
Fusilier Rigby was murdered on 22 May 2013 by two Muslim converts.
The council said it had worked with the Rigby family to agree on a suitable memorial.
In a statement, a council spokesperson said: “The stone would be inscribed ‘to mark Woolwich’s history as a barracks town and to commemorate all those servicemen and women who have served or lived in Woolwich and who have given their lives in the service of their country’.”
In addition to the stone, a scroll will be held in Woolwich Town Hall listing the names of those commemorated….
Earlier this year the council rejected calls for a memorial, despite thousands of people signing an online petition for the soldier to be given a permanent remembrance site in Woolwich.
Local MP Nick Raynsford said at the time a memorial would attract “undesirable interest from extremists”.

Three brothers ‘abused 54 girls in Rotherham - but remain at large’

Three brothers alleged to have abused more than 50 girls in Rotherham remain at large - despite police being told about their activities more than a decade ago, it has been claimed.

A former Rotherham Council researcher said mentions of the brothers, who are of Pakistani descent, featured ‘very heavily’ in a dossier she produced for police in 2001 on suspected abusers in the town.

But the information was never acted upon - and the researcher has told MPs that the men have never been prosecuted for the alleged abuse, despite facing other charges on different criminal matters.

In her evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, the researcher said she had put together a document detailing information about suspected abusers. She said the information was given to the police in the hope they could pursue criminal charges against perpetrators - but her dossier was dismissed as ‘unhelpful’.
The researcher said the three brothers were suspected of abusing 54 girls in October 2001, with a fourth brother also becoming involved in abuse in later years. One of the men was named by 18 different girls as their ‘boyfriend’ - with several believed to have been made pregnant by him when they were under 16.

She said none of the brothers, who were not named, have ever been prosecuted in relation to the allegations. Details about the family were also included in a report sent in 2003 to Rotherham Council, South Yorkshire Police and the Home Office.

The researcher’s report said the family was also alleged to have been involved in violent crime and drug dealing. It said: “Although the suspected perpetrators had been charged with different criminal offences on many occasions, the charges related to violent crime and driving offences. No charges for exploitation had been brought.”

South Yorkshire Police said the matter is ‘likely’ to form part of the National Crime Agency’s investigation into abuse in the town.

Terror suspect, 21, arrested in east London on suspicion of helping would-be jihadist travel to Syria

  • Man held on suspicion of Syria-related terror offences after dawn raid
  • His home is now being searched and he has been detained in London
  • Follows series of raids which police say are linked to Syria in recent weeks
  • Two quizzed last week and four charged this month in separate probes 
A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences in a dawn raid in east London.

The suspect was held in Hackney, north east London, on suspicion of assisting another to commit acts of terrorism by travelling abroad.

Police are now searching the property where he was arrested and he is being questioned at a police station in central London.

It is understood that the arrest is linked to Syria, where hundreds of would-be jihadis have travelled to fight alongside extremists group ISIS.

Counter-terrorism experts in the UK have expressed increasing concern about what will happen if a slew of militarised fighters decide to return home.

A police spokesman said: 'A 21-year-old man was arrested at around 6am today at a residential address in Hackney.

'He was arrested on suspicion of assisting another to commit acts of terrorism, or to engage in any conduct for the committing of such acts, by facilitating another to travel abroad, contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006.

'Police are searching the residential address in Hackney. The man has been taken to a central London police station where he remains in custody.'

It comes after a 32-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were arrested by anti-terror police in two unconnected probes also linked to Syria last week.

The man was arrested in west London on suspicion of having visited a terrorist training camp and the woman was arrested in Bedford in another terror probe.

Four properties, two in west London and two in Bedford, were searched by specialist police officers as part of their enquiries.

Earlier this month, a number of terror suspects were charged with plotting to kill policemen and soldiers in London drive-by shootings.

Tarik Hassane, 21, Suhaib Majeed, 20, Nyall Hamlett, 24, and Momen Motasim, 21, all from London, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court amid tight security as they were charged with an Islamic State-inspired gun plot.

It was alleged to have been formulated following a fatwa by a senior ISIS terrorist.

Earlier this month, two houses in Portsmouth - including the family home of Ifthekar Jaman, a British man who died in Syria - were among properties raided by counter-terrorism police. 

Britain's top policeman, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said last week that at least five Britons a week are heading to the war-ravaged country to fight for Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

Sir Bernard said: 'Those numbers are a minimum. There may be many more who set out to travel to another country and meandered over to Syria and Iraq in a way that is not always possible to spot when you have failed states and leaky borders.'

Cambridge politics graduate disappears after her jihadist husband is banned from the UK for joining ISIS in Syria

  • Waterstones young bookseller of the year has fled after her terror arrest 
  • Academic Iimaan Ismail accused of hiding her husband's disappearance
  • 22-year-old quit her teaching job at Manchester school and also went on run
  • Police source: Nur Hassan fled to Syria but she showed 'wilful blindness' 
  • Hassan now banned from returning to Britain because of extremist links 
Missing: English teacher Iimaan Ismail, 22, has vanished after her husband Nur Hassan fled to fight for ISIS in Syria and she was arrested and released by police
Missing: English teacher Iimaan Ismail, 22, has vanished after her husband Nur Hassan fled to fight for ISIS in Syria and she was arrested and released by police
A Cambridge graduate who loves the Twilight saga has vanished after her jihadi husband was banned from returning to Britain for joining ISIS.

English teacher Iimaan Ismail, 22, was arrested after her husband Nur Hassan fled to Syria to fight with extremists but she has not been seen since her release.

Ms Ismail, who studied Politics, Psychology and Sociology at Cambridge after achieving two A* and one A at A-Level, allegedly hid her husband's disappearance for six months.
She had been teaching English at Chorlton High School in Manchester but quit and has not been seen since. 

A police source also said that the bright young Briton showed 'wilful blindness' over who husband's extremist ideology, which she also kept from his family. 

Nur Hassan's decision to flee Britain to fight for ISIS was only revealed when he sent a message to his brother Nasib, 15, a keen footballer who had played for Manchester United's academy sides.

Nur's father Idris, 50, who fled Somalia and came to Britain via Finland in 2005 has pledged to 'kill' the people who radicalised his son.

But despite marrying an extremist, the Oxbridge graduate worked at weekends and holidays for Waterstones in its teenage fiction department, winning part-time Bookseller of the Year in 2010.

A keen online reviewer of books, she revealed in her five-star review of the first Twilight book that she read the whole saga in just five days.

She said she 'drove my family and friends up the wall' such was her obsession and said lovers 'Bella and Edward's journey is fascinating and unforgettable'.

Her Facebook profile also reveals she is a fan of hit TV shows Criminal Minds and Come Dine With Me and her favourite restaurant is a Manchester burger bar. 

Her Twitter account reveals how she kept in touch with friends from home and Cambridge, discussing films like Titanic. 

But she also was in a relationship with Nur Hassan, who was from the same part of central Manchester as her. 

Her husband, who will be extradited to his native Finland if he tries to get back to Britain, was mentioned in a terror case at Woolwich Crown Court this week.

Manchester Science teacher Jamshed Javeed admitted he had intended to travel to Syria with Nur Hassan but his family confiscated his passport and belongings.

The court heard: 'He was unable to travel with Nur Hassan because his family had taken and hidden his passport.' 

Yesterday it emerged a young mother who loved the TV show The Only Way is Essex has run away to Syria with her baby son after becoming obsessed with extremist propaganda she found online.

Tareena Shakil, 25 – a one-time Spice Girls fan, school prefect and Girl Guide – was so fascinated with the ITV reality show that she travelled 150 miles to buy clothes at a shop run by one of its stars.

Yesterday her parents said she was wearing items she bought there when she set off for Syria, lying to her family that she was taking her 14-month-old son on holiday to Spain.

In terrifying messages home, she told them ‘so many people died’ when they ‘got shot at the border’ but that she and her son Zaheem made it because she ‘ran across’.

 it emerged a young mother who loved the TV show The Only Way is Essex has run away to Syria with her baby son after becoming obsessed with extremist propaganda she found online.

Tareena Shakil, 25 – a one-time Spice Girls fan, school prefect and Girl Guide – was so fascinated with the ITV reality show that she travelled 150 miles to buy clothes at a shop run by one of its stars.

Yesterday her parents said she was wearing items she bought there when she set off for Syria, lying to her family that she was taking her 14-month-old son on holiday to Spain.

In terrifying messages home, she told them ‘so many people died’ when they ‘got shot at the border’ but that she and her son Zaheem made it because she ‘ran across’.

she is the latest young woman to travel to Syria to join Islamic State, apparently as a ‘jihadi bride’.

X-Factor fan Yusra Hussien, 15, flew to Turkey in September with a 17-year-old girl she met online. They are thought to be in Syria.

Twins Salma and Zahra Halane, 16, who hoped to become doctors, also ran away from their home in Manchester to Syria, where social media posts show them learning to use assault rifles.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

25 Brits confirmed dead in Syria, as conflict claims another UK citizen

Reuters / Stringer
Reuters / Stringer
Another Briton has been killed fighting in Syria, months after his brother died in the conflict, reports from the Press Association claim.
Jaffar Deghayes, 17, from Brighton, traveled to war-torn Syria in January, with his brothers Amer, 20, and Abdullah, 18. The brothers are believed to have joined the Al-Nusra Front, an Islamist militia group that is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda.
Jaffar’s father, Abubaker Deghayes, told the Press Association of his son’s death.
Earlier this year, Abdullah Deghayes was reported to have been killed by a Syrian army sniper in Kassab in northwestern Syria. Following Abdullah’s death, Amer and Jaffar were split up from each other when they came under heavy fire from government forces.
“Amer told me Abdullah advanced into territory of the Syrian army then a sniper shot him in the chest. He fell on the ground and looked at the sky and laughed,” Abubaker Deghayes said.
“You feel he died a good death as a Muslim. As a martyr, he goes to paradise. But at the same time you feel sad for the loss,” he added.
Jaffar Deghayes (image from
Jaffar Deghayes (image from

Following the death of Abdullah, Mr Deghayes also said that the danger his sons faced were in part due to the policies of the UK government, who have said they will prosecute anyone who goes to fight abroad. According to Mr. Deghayes, his sons are not terrorists but selfless boys who wanted to help defend those who are weak.
Jaffar is the third known Briton from Brighton to have been killed while fighting in Syria. In September, 19-year-old Ibrahim Kamara, who traveled with Jaffar to Syria, was killed by US-led coalition strikes while he was in the Al Qitar compound in Syria.
Jaffar’s death marks the 25th known Briton to have died during the conflict in Syria, according to the The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, a think tank based in Kings College London.
Around 500 Britons are likely to have traveled to Syria to join militia groups, according to official government estimates, although some predict the number to be far higher.
Earlier this month, another Briton, Omar Hussain, 27, who also traveled to Syria in January, was identified in a video produced by the Islamic State (IS formerly ISIS/ISIL) challenging UK Prime Minister David Cameron to send British ground troops to the region to fight the group.

Brother of teenager who died fighting in Syria is also killed: British Muslim,


A man has been charged with assaulting one woman and sexually assaulting two others.
On 15 October 2014, police were made aware that a woman, 27, had been admitted to the Royal Oldham Hospital.
An investigation was launched to investigate how the woman, who remains in a stable condition in hospital, came to be injured.
Iqbal Ali (04/09/1981), of Broadway, Chadderton, has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
As part of the investigation, detectives spoke with a number of other people and Ali has been charged with two counts of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against a second woman and two counts of indecently assaulting a woman over 16 and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against a third.
The offences against the three women are unconnected.
Detective Inspector Andy Naismith, said: “Last week a young woman was admitted to the Royal Oldham Hospital with very serious injuries.
“Since that time we have had a team of detectives working to establish the full circumstances surrounding how she came to be injured.
“As part of our investigation into this incident we have charged Iqbal Ali with very serious offences against three different and unconnected women.
“Our investigations are very much continuing and I would urge anyone else who might have information relevant to these or other matters to call us.”
Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 9283.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Now ISIS threatens to kill British jihadis who want to return home:

  • British jihadis who want to return home are being threatened with death
  • Some had originally joined rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
  • They later became linked with ISIS but are now unable to quit terror group 
  • Comes after 19-year-old Mehdi Hassan was killed fighting for ISIS in Syria
  • Former Catholic schoolboy from Portsmouth travelled to country last year
  • Part of gang-of-five British jihadists seen on CCTV boarding flight to Turkey
  • Family said Hassan expressed his intention to return to UK in recent months
  • But claimed he was scared about repercussions and threat of terror charges
  • He tried to meet his mother at border but couldn't escape without passport
  • He was captured by ISIS and was imprisoned by the jihadists for four days
  • ISIS encourages its recruits to burn their passports as a sign of loyalty

  • Read more:

    British science teacher who plotted to go to Syria to fight with ISIS jihadis was stopped by his family who confiscated his passport – then arrested when he got a replacement to try again

    • Jamshed Javeed, 30, taught children at Sharples High School in Bolton
    • Worried family confiscated his passport and belongings before his arrest
    • He plotted to fight with rebels trying to overthrow al Assad in Syria 
    • Javeed's brother Mohammad Azzam is missing and presumed dead in Syria 
    • Teacher claims that MI5 repeatedly approached him and his family last year
    Terror case: Science teacher Jamshed Javeed, 30, has admitted two Syria-related terror offences revealed to police after a row with his family
    Terror case: Science teacher Jamshed Javeed, 30, has admitted two Syria-related terror offences revealed to police after a row with his family
    A science teacher today admitted plotting to fight with ISIS in Syria but was only stopped after his upset family confiscated his passport and told the police.

    Radicalised father-of-two Jamshed Javeed, 30, taught 11 to 16-year-old pupils at Sharples High School in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

    Police said the teacher was 'determined' to leave his job and fight alongside ISIS but his family, including his pregnant wife, confiscated his 'go bag' of money, supplies and his passport.

    Jamshed Javeed had intended to travel with a man he had met only three months beforehand but could not travel without his documents. 

    When he applied for a new passport and received it last December anti-terror police swooped and arrested him.  

    He was planning to fly out imminently to Syria via Turkey with equipment he had bought for use on the battlefields.

    His family pleaded with him not to travel to Syria but he told them he wanted to go regardless of their wishes.

    It also emerged today Javeed was twice spoken to by MI5 agents as he plotted join ISIS and he knew 'they were keeping an eye on him' just before he was held. 

    The teacher was due to stand trial at Woolwich Crown Court today but instead pleaded guilty to two terror charges. He was remanded and will be sentenced in December.
    His brother Mohammad Azzam, 19, is missing and presumed dead in Syria after travelling there last September.

    Javeed also admitted today he transferred £1,400 into his brother's account to pay for his and a friend's flights to the warzone shortly before his own arrest. 

    The other man was Anil Khalil Raoufi, 20, from Didsbury, who died in the fighting earlier this year.

    Police claim the previously 'law-abiding' married father-of-two 'started to support the Isis cause' from August last year. 

    Det Ch Supt Tony Mole, head of The North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said: 'What we have seen here is an interesting case of somebody who has lived quite a normal, stable family life with children – a school teacher leading on the face of it a fruitful life.

    'But now he has pleaded guilty to two serious offences involving preparation of himself and others for terrorist offences – namely going to Syria to fight for ISIS.

    'It is an interesting case because of the speed of the process.

    'The evidence indicates he got together with a group determined to go out to Syria to fight and despite efforts of his family who were against him going out there, he was still determined to go.
    'The earlier we can be aware from the communities of people that might be showing some signs of going out to meet terrorist groups, or engage with terrorist groups, the more we can do on the prevention side of the business. 

    'Anybody that goes out to ISIS, or get out to ISIS, is putting themselves, their family and therir communities in a very vulnerable position.

    'It is a life-changing decision. There is a sector of society which is very vulnerable to this rhetoric and you only have to watch the news to see what this group is about. 

    'I still maintain that anybody who goes out there to fight with ISIS could potentially be a serious danger to their communities if they return, or try to return.

    'By the time they have been trained out there, had experience, built up future friendships and fully engaged with that terrorist rhetoric – you can potentially become a dangerous individual.
    'Hence we take a robust to anybody who engages in terrorist organisations.'

    In his basis of guilty plea he claimed he was never warned he could be arrested for flying out to the Middle East.

    It states: 'The defendant was spoken to by MI5 officers on two occasions in December 2013. On neither occasion was he told fighting with the opposition would constitute a terrorism offence under domestic law.

    'He understood that MI5 wanted him to know that they were keeping an eye on him to ensure that he did not get involved in any unlawful activity within the UK.'

    His school said it was in 'shock' today. 
    Headteacher Rachel Quesnel said: 'It came as a huge shock to be informed by the police that they had arrested a member of staff. We acted on the advice of the local authority and the police and suspended the individual. 

    This was a neutral act pending a police investigation, and in line with the council's HR procedures.

    'There was no evidence whatsoever to link any criminal activity to our school or the wider community and no evidence to suggest that any pupils, staff or the wider community were under any kind of threat.

    'We would like to reassure all our stakeholders that this was an isolated incident, involving one individual, and is in no way a reflection on Sharples School.' 

    Backing: Javeed admitted he paid for his brother and friend Anil Khalil Raoufi, 20, from Didsbury, who died in the fighting earlier this year, to fly to Syria
    Backing: Javeed admitted he paid for his brother and friend Anil Khalil Raoufi, 20, from Didsbury, who died in the fighting earlier this year, to fly to Syria
    The 30-year-old from Levenshulme also admitted he funded his younger brother Mohammed and his friend to fly to the war ravaged country to take up arms against the Bashar al-Assad regime last September. 

    He had travelled to Syria with university student Anil Khalil Raoufi, 20, from Didsbury, who died in the fighting earlier this year.

    Javeed says he discovered that his younger brother Mohammed Javeed was planning to join rebels in Syria in August or September last year.

    He transferred a total of £1,400 to his brother's account, and accepts that £1,100 of that money would be used to fund Mohammed and a friend's travel to Syria.

    The basis of plea says Jamshed Javeed did not 'recruit, advise or encourage' anyone to travel to Syria.

    It says the defendant is a practising and sincere Muslim and 'not an extremist'.

    He was said to have been 'deeply moved' by images and reports of 'extreme suffering of the Syrian people at the hands of (President) Bashar al-Assad's vicious regime'.

    The basis of plea says: 'It was against this background, and influenced by his younger brother's decision, that Jamshed Javeed subsequently came to the conclusion that he should go to support the ordinary people of Syria.

    'He accepts that this would have meant becoming involved in some fighting as well as humanitarian relief. He also acknowledges that he spent time on the internet looking at various websites and followed individuals on Twitter.

    'But he does not have an 'extremist' mindset. His motivation was no more than to play a part in defeating Assad or at least repelling his army from attacking the civilian population. 

    He has no broader agenda than that. He had no interest in creating a new Islamic state.' 

    Teacher admits Syria-related terror offences