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Sheep illegally slaughtered at Wrexham farm for Muslim festival

The four men were fined after the animals were killed without being stunned first

These four men were fined after sheep were illegally slaughtered in Wrexham. From left, Hadyar Ayhan, Cumalia Acun, Fatti Acun and Ismail Arslan.
Four Turkish men have admitted their roles in the unlawful slaughtering of sheep as part of a Muslim tradition.
Cumalia Acun, 32, Fatti Acun, 26, Ismail Arslan, 24, and Hadyar Ayhan, 28, pleaded guilty to a combined nine charges when they appeared at court yesterday.
The animals, who were inappropriately restrained by having their legs tied together, were killed at Llechrydau Farm on the Wrexham/Shropshire border on October 4 last year so they could be eaten by the men during a Muslim religious festival.
The court heard that following an unannounced inspection at the farm, knives, a table, headless carcasses and meat inside the boot of a vehicle were discovered.
The four men, who claimed they were unaware that their actions were illegal, all received fines totalling hundreds of pounds.
Louise Edwards, prosecuting, said the inspection was carried out by the local authority’s food safety team, along with a vet and police officers, after Wrexham Trading Standards had received an anonymous letter about potential illegal slaughter at the farm.
She told Wrexham Magistrates that owner Eryl Morris was not present at the time but had offered the sheep to the men for the festival.
“It was suggested the sheep would be sold for £100 each but in fact no money had changed hands,” said Ms Edwards.
“The men indicated that they had picked their own animal. They maintained that they did not know it was illegal as it was something they would do in their own country.”
Aimee Phoenix, defending, said all four men were of previous good character and were “sorry and upset” to find themselves in court, adding that they felt they had “shown their religion in a bad light”.
She told the court: “The reason behind this incident was because it was a Muslim religious festival at the time.
“None of these men were aware of the legislation surrounding the slaughter of these animals. Had they known they would have played no part in this at all.”
Cumalia Acun, of Princess Avenue, Chirk, who runs a local kebab shop, was fined £590 after admitting two charges of killing an animal without prior stunning and two of restraining an animal in an inappropriate manner prior to it being killed. He was also ordered to pay a total of £230 in costs.
Fatti Acun, of Richmond Gardens, Chirk, who also has his own takeaway, was fined £430 after pleading guilty to one charge of killing without prior stunning and one of inappropriate restraining. He was also ordered to pay £222 costs.
Ayhan, of Llys Road, Oswestry, who works for a local kebab shop, faced one charge of killing without prior stunning and one of inappropriate restraining, and was fined £160 with £220 costs.
Arslan, of West View, Chirk, who has now moved to Doncaster, admitted restraining an animal in an inappropriate manner prior to it being killed and was fined £75 with £220 costs.

Kidnap suspects arrested after ramming a police car in Rochdale town centre

The men were wanted in connection with an alleged attempted kidnapping in Sudden earlier the same day

Google Street View
Drake Street in Rochdale town centre
Two men have been arrested on kidnap charges after a police patrol car was rammed during a chase in Drake Street in Rochdale town centre.
The men were wanted in connection with an alleged attempted kidnapping shortly before 5pm in Kilworth Street, Sudden, on Tuesday (May 26).
A 19-year-old man claimed he had been approached by three Asian men, who had been driving a Nissan Primera.
The men allegedly got out of the vehicle, grabbed the victim and tried to bundle him into the car.
The victim fought his way free and ran off, and then claims he was chased. He suffered minor cuts and bruises.
The incident was reported to police, who logged the car as a suspect vehicle.
The Nissan Primera was then spotted at around 8.45pm in Edinburgh Way. It passed a patrol car in Drake Street, which began a pursuit.
The two vehicles collided and the suspects attempted to drive away, but their car had lost its front wheel
After a short distance, the suspects abandoned the vehicle and made off on foot.
Police arrested a 24-year-old man and 28-year-old man on suspicion of kidnap.

Drug dealer Arfan Mohammed jailed for four years

Mohammed's fingerprints were found on heroin and crack cocaine hidden in a wall near a Huddersfield church

Arfan Mohammed
Police discovered bags of drugs hidden behind stones in a wall near a church in Huddersfield after concerned members of the public had complained about dealing, a court heard.
At the time of the discovery in 2013 the area in the vicinity of Cowcliffe Methodist Church in South Cross Road was something of 'a drug dealing hotspot', Bashir Ahmed prosecuting told Leeds Crown Court.
On March 16 officers checked the wall and found various plastic bags stored there hidden behind stones including one containing 20 packages of heroin and another wraps of crack cocaine.
Mr Ahmed said one of the bags had the fingerprint of Fartown man Arfan Mohammed on it but it was only on the February 24 last year that police caught him when he was arrested on another matter.
On that occasion officers decided to check three men in a car parked on double yellow lines in Norman Road, Birkby.
One of the men was Mohammed who was found to have 2.65grammes of heroin in 20 separate packets hidden in his underpants. One of the other men was found to have 60 wraps of crack cocaine and is now being sought by police after failing to answer his bail.
Mr Ahmed said £550 in cash was also seized from Mohammed who claimed to have found the heroin hidden in bushes. Asked to explain his fingerprint on the bag the previous year he could not offer any proper explanation.
Ken Green representing Mohammed said he realised he was going to receive a custodial sentence even though he had no previous convictions for such offences.
At the time of the offending he had been made redundant from a call centre job and had started using Class A drugs while working and that led to his then being pressed to deal drugs.
He was from a respectable family in Huddersfield and was very ashamed of his conduct. They had now disowned him.
Mohammed, 25 of Spaines Road, Fartown, admitted possessing crack cocaine and heroin with intent in 2013 and possessing heroin with intent in February last year.
Jailing him for a total of four years Recorder Richard Wright QC said to become involved in the commercial supply of Class A drugs was always serious “particularly when you persist in selling them over that period of time.”

Teen driver bragged about driving at 142mph on Snapchat - then killed motorist in 80mph crash the next day

Addil Haroon, 19, was driving the £20,000 Audi A6 hire car when he smashed into another Audi being driven by Joseph Brown-Lartey in Rochdale - he has now been jailed for six years

Addil Haroon (right) was jailed for causing this crash that killed Joseph Brown-Lartey
A teenage driver who bragged about speeding at 142mph in a high-powered sports car ploughed through a red light and killed another motorist the next day.
Addil Haroon, 19, was driving the £20,000 Audi A6 hire car at 80mph when he smashed into another Audi being driven by Joseph Brown-Lartey at the junction of Bury Road and Sandy Lane, in Rochdale on November 9 last year.
Mr Brown-Lartey died instantly from multiple injuries following the impact, which was so severe that his vehicle split into two parts.
Joseph Brown-Lartey
Police officers who attended the scene said it was the worst crash they had ever seen on an urban street.
Manchester Crown Court at Minshull Street was told Haroon - who only had a provisional licence - tried to flee the scene in a taxi after the smash. He was today jailed for six years.
He repeatedly denied to police that he was at the wheel - even though he boasted to friends in text messages that he expected to serve only one year behind bars.
Haroon also bragged in another message: “I was unlucky with those lights.”
But friends who were with him the vehicle, which was leading a convoy of two other cars, told police he was the driver. Officers also found his DNA on the airbag.
The court was told Haroon had also taken a picture on his mobile phone the previous night while racing on the M62 at 142mph.
He told friend in a Snapchat message attached to the picture: “Leeds to Rochdale in 11 minutes. Catch me.”
Addil Haroon posted a picture on social media showing of his speedometer reaching 142mph as he drove on the M62
Lisa Boocock, prosecuting, said: “The Crown say this is evidence of Mr Haroon’s attitude to the rules of the road and to his safety and the safety of others.”
She said the drivers in the convoy on the night of the crash were ‘showing off’ their cars and their driving.
The white Audi was hired using another man’s driving licence, which was reported stolen.
Haroon, of Essex Street, Rochdale, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, dangerous driving, driving while unlicenced and driving while uninsured at an earlier hearing.
The court heard he had been drinking but was below the drink-drive limit when he caused the crash in a 30mph zone.
Ian Brown-Lartey, Mr Brown-Lartey’s father, read a statement in court that said his son, who worked in marketing, was ‘always smiling’ and could ‘light up any room’.
Haroon told Mr Brown-Lartey’s family in a letter read out in court: “I’m deeply sorry for the pain I have caused. I’m not worthy of your forgiveness.”
The court heard Haroon was studying for an NVQ in car repairs.
Aftermath of the crash that killed Joseph Brown-Lartey. Addil Haroon was jailed for six years after causing the crash
Judge Timothy Mort jailed Haroon for six years. He will serve half his sentence at a young offenders’ institute before being released on licence.
Judge Mort, sentencing, told Haroon: “Nothing I can say in my sentencing remarks can come close to dealing with the appalling loss felt by Mr Brown-Lartey’s family and close friends.”
He said Haroon’s ‘mad’ decision to take a photo while driving at 142mph showed his ‘mindset’ towards driving.
Addil Haroon arriving at Minshull Street Crown Court
He said: “You clearly thought you were invincible.”
He added: “Your life is on hold, but you’re position at least does have the certainty that you can pick up the threads again.
“That is not something the family will be able to do.”

Illegal immigrant who groomed schoolgirl, 15, for sex in Travelodge applies for asylum

Subayer Ahmed was found in a Manchester Travelodge with a 15-year-old girl
Subayer Ahmed, who arrived in Britain from Bangladesh in 2009 on a student visa, is thought to have overstayed and to have used a fake passport to claim British citizenship.
The 29-year-old, of Burnley, Lancashire, used a false name to groom the 15-year-old and arranged to meet her in Manchester on August 11 last year.
While CCTV caught them together at the city's Odeon cinema, the pair moved to a Travelodge where one member of staff saw the pair together - and thought something was wrong.
Emma Kehoe, prosecuting, told Burnley Crown Court: "One of the staff at the Travelodge saw an Asian man come into the Travelodge that evening, just before 10pm and she noticed a young female with him. 
"She felt that the young female looked uncomfortable. She also felt she was far was too young to be with the Asian male. 
"She became concerned about the well-being of that young girl and she contacted the police."
Police turned up to the hotel and broke into the room to find the two fully clothed in the room.
The court heard that Ahmed, a restaurant worker, had met the girl on Facebook and communicated with her using the social media site and texting application Whatsapp.
Inquiries revealed in October 2013, Ahmed sent an application for UK citizenship in the name of Rezahul Shastab with a passport in that name, with the same date of birth, saying his place of birth was Bangladesh. 
The Odeon in Manchester where Ahmed took the girl
You shouldn't really be in the United Kingdom
Jonathan Gibson
Home Office officials identified the documents as being fake with no record of a man using that name to enter the UK. Ahmed has since been served with a deportation notice by the police.
And today, he was jailed for 32 months after pleading guilty to Ahmed admitted two charges of meeting a child following sexual grooming, one charge of sexual activity with a child, one of providing a false document with intent to obtain leave to remain in the UK and one of possessing a false document with intent.
However, the court also heard that Ahmed had applied for asylum - and his application will take six months while he serves his sentence.
The court also heard that Ahmed had had contact with another 15-year-old girl.
Passing sentence, Judge Jonathan Gibson told Ahmed: "You went to the hotel room and it's quite clear your intention was to have sexual intercourse with the girl.
"You were disturbed and that did not take place.
"I understand that you are applying for asylum. I'm afraid, based on the information that I have, it would seem to me that given what you did to these two young girls, you shouldn't really be in the United Kingdom."

Teenager jailed after unleashing ‘sickening’ and ‘gratuitous’ attack on student - just to steal his mobile...


Sheikh Juned and another man unleashed an attack so brutal on Burnley UCLan student Michael Conway that he was unconscious inside 20 seconds.A TEENAGER who unleashed ‘sickening’ and ‘gratuitous’ violence on a student to steal his mobile phone has been locked up for eight years.
Burnley Crown Court heard the attack, in the M65 underpass at Gannow Top, left Mr Conway struggling to deal with the physical and emotional after-effects.
Mr Conway required a nine-hour operation on injuries to his face, had five metal plates inserted, has lost around 14 teeth either as part of the attack and had suffered a fractured eye socket, cheekbone and jaw.
The court was told that the attack had been so violent that the ‘zig-zag marks’ from the bottom of one of the assailant’s trainers were visible on Mr Conway’s face and head, and police who arrived at the scene said he was ‘unrecognisable’.
Geoff Whelan, prosecuting, said Mr Conway’s victim impact statement had painted a picture of the ‘emotional, physical and social’ injuries he had sustained.
He said: “Mr Conway will have scarring for the remainder of his life as a result of the attack, and it will be a permanent reminder of what he describes as the ‘worst day of my life’.
“After leaving hospital he was diagnosed with depression and at one stage considered ending his life.
“He has told his mum that he wishes he had never gone into the subway on that day.”
Mr Conway is still suffering with sleeplessness and anxiety following the attack and he struggles to be out on his own.
Mr Whelan said: “This incident has destroyed his university course. He missed so much of his course that he couldn’t recover it to graduate and he had to drop out of university.
“He feels he cannot forgive his attacker as he has had years of his life taken away from him.”“He plans to start again but that will have a significant effect on the cost of his education.
Mr Conway had his mobile phone, wallet, passport and bank cards taken during the attack on March 28, 2013, which stopped when two passers-by intervened.
Juned, 18, of Higher Reedley Road, Reedley, made two attempts to sell on the student’s mobile phone to a friend. But police managed to trace the device, after a new SIM card was inserted by the unwitting customer, and Juned was later arrested.
He denied all knowledge of the robbery, even though Mr Conway picked him out twice, via a video identification parade, as one of the culprits.
Since being found guilty at the end of a three-day trial Juned has admitted to his part in the attack.
William Staunton, defending, said Juned had struggled to cope with the suicide of his sister in 2013 after she was removed from the family home due to violence.
He has previous convictions as a young offender for burglary, where two children were threatened with an imitation firearm, a robbery and attempted robbery charge, arson and common assault against his mum.
Recorder Tania Griffiths QC, sentencing Juned, said: “This was an unprovoked attack of gratuitous violence on a level that was sickening.
“This was very clearly a planned attack against somebody who was vulnerable as he was isolated in the subway.”
Having been found guilty of robbery and section 18 assault Juned was sentenced to eight years detention for both offences, with the sentences running alongside each other.
Pakistani taxi driver Arshad Mohammed has been jailed for raping a 19 year old passenger back in November 2010.  His implication in the rape only came about because the Muslim sex pest was DNA tested 6 months later after being arrested for making sexual remarks to two teenagers. Yet somehow like many non British nationals who commit these horrific sex crimes and not remanded in custody, managed to flee the UK. Avoiding detection for 2 years living in Norway.
Yet despite the disappearing act and DNA, the rapist continued to claim he was innocent. Blaming cultural differences , saying that it was consensual sex and the victim had actually instigated it. Plus he had a mystery medical condition in his legs that means he couldn’t rape only have consensual sex. Obviously his ‘disability’ in his legs didn’t hinder his ability to use them all day every day driving his cab then. Honestly the crap they come out with is unreal. He thinks all us Brits are as stupid as he is and those people in his homeland to believe that.

Taxi driver Arshad Mohammed jailed for six years for raping passenger

MOHAMMED, 48, was convicted of raping the 19-year-old after driving her to an isolated lane in Neilston, East Renfrewshire.
Arshad Mohammed (left) leaves court with a security guard
A TAXI driver who raped a woman passenger after driving her to a lonely lane has been jailed for six years.
Arshad Mohammed, 48, was convicted of raping the 19-year-old woman in his Skoda taxi after driving her to a dead-end in Neilston, East Renfrewshire, in November 2010.
The woman said: “He put the locks on so I wouldn’t get out of the car. I tried to push him away. I was shouting for somebody to come and help me, but nobody was around.”
Mohammed was caught after police took a DNA sample when he was detained in March and April 2011 for making sexual remarks to two 17-year-old women.
But he then fled abroad and was arrested in Norway on a European Arrest Warrant in 2013 and extradited to the UK in August 2014.
Yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow, judge Lord Matthews told Mohammed: “While acting as a taxi driver you took advantage of a lone female at night.
“The court must do what it can both to punish that sort of behaviour, to deter others and to let women know we will do what we can to protect them.”
Defence counsel Kevin McCallum said: “Mr Mohammed continues to protest his innocence to the rape.
“As far as the sexual remarks it may be down to cultural issues he didn’t intend to cause alarm to these teenage girls.”
Pakistan-born Mohammed, who holds Italian citizenship, was convicted following a six-day trial at the High Court in Stirling.
The court heard that the rape victim had got into his 50 50 Cabs Skoda taxi in her pyjamas, with a coat on top, following an evening watching television at a friend’s house.
Mohammed abducted her and drove the victim to a secluded spot in Renfrewshire where he raped her.
After the sex attack he told her : “See you after, princess.”
The court heard the woman went round to a friend’s house in tears and the police were called.
Mohammed was caught after he targeted two other lone, teenage passengers.
He was detained by police twice, in March and April 2011, after making explicit sexual remarks to the teenagers.
Police took a DNA sample from Mohammed which matched a swab taken from the rape victim.
He fled the country and was arrested in Norway on a European Arrest Warrant two years later, and extradited back to the UK in August 2014.
He lodged a special defence of consent, and claimed that the rape victim had asked him if he wanted to have sex.
He claimed she said afterwards, “Thank you driver, now I can get a good night’s sleep.”
In court, he claimed a “disability” in his legs made it only possible for him to have consensual sex.
Lord Matthews placed Mohammed on the sex offenders’ register.
Mohammed is likely to be deported after he is released from prison.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Restaurant boss jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl

Man jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl
Man jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl

Married businessman Mohammed Khubaib, 43, originally from Pakistan, had a "persistent and almost predatory interest" in teenage girls, the Old Bailey heard.
A "predatory" restaurant boss has been jailed for 13 years after becoming the last of a string of men to be convicted of child sex crimes in Peterborough.
He groomed vulnerable under-age girls by giving them money, gifts or cigarettes before plying them with alcohol.
Following a trial, he was found guilty of forcing a 14-year-old girl to perform a sex act on him and nine counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, involving girls aged from 12 to 15, between November 2010 and January 2013.
Today, Judge Peter Rook QC sentenced him to 13 years in jail for the rape extended for five years on licence.
For each of the trafficking offences, he sentenced him to either four or two years, all to run concurrently.
He also imposed a sexual harm prevention order and disqualified him from working with children for life, saying he clearly posed a danger to girls and young women.
He told him: "Your actions have had a profound effect on these young girls. Some have lost trust in people and ended self confidence, self esteem as a result of your conduct."
"You targeted these young girls because they were vulnerable and you were seeking opportunities for your own sexual gratification.
"You knew these girls wanted alcohol and transport. You knew they were young and immature and at their age they didn't know any better.
"No doubt you felt you were untouchable as you took the view there was no risk these girls would ever give evidence about these activities."
He said in fact they had shown "great courage" in giving evidence, knowing that he was likely to "blame them".
Many of Khubaib's victims were in court to see him sentenced at the Old Bailey.
The judge added: "You showed no remorse, no acknowledgement whatsoever as to the effect of your predatory conduct.
"Society is now far more aware than it was in the past of the serious psychological harm that such behaviour as yours can cause."
Earlier, the court heard how the father of five still did not accept his guilt.
But as a result of the case, Khubaib's licences to run a restaurant and lettingagency had been revoked by the council and both businesses subsequently failed.
Khubaib is the 10th man to be convicted following operation Erle - a multi-agency investigation into child sex crimes in Peterborough set in train in the wake of the Rotherham and Rochdale child abuse cases.
The court had heard that Khubaib's activities in Peterborough involved girls being befriended and then "hooked" with alcohol - normally vodka - in an attempt to make them "compliant" to sexual advances.
Khubaib, who lived in the city with his wife and children, would pursue his interest "away from his home and family", using his restaurant as a "focal point".
Mark Dennis QC, prosecuting, said the girls were vulnerable because of their age, background, circumstances or unsettled schooling and Khubaib pretended to be their "friend and helper".
Khubaib, who also ran a lettings agency, would drive girls to flats in his 4x4 and, once there, they would be groomed for sex by being "plied with alcohol and entertained by himself and his friends".
He raped a 14-year-old girl in August 2007 by forcing her to perform oral sex on him after she was given alcohol and then "rewarded" with £5, the court heard.
The jury also heard details of the trafficking allegations.
The defendant would buy one girl and her friends McDonald's meals and tobacco, as well as giving her small sums of money and a £40 bunch of flowers for her 15th birthday, the court heard.
He told the girl he wanted her to be his wife, saying that he would "choose her over everyone else", while he told another 15-year-old she had beautiful eyes, the jury was told.
When she rebuffed him, saying he was too old for her, he was said to have replied: "Age doesn't matter."
Khubaib offered another girl £60, telling her: "You make me happy, I'll give you money."
Two weeks later he increased the offer to £90, the court heard. The girl refused.
In January 2013, Khubaib picked up two friends - one aged 12 and the other aged 14 - in his seven-seater car and took them to a McDonald's, Mr Dennis said.
The girls became uncomfortable when Khubaib got into a row on his phone and slipped away.
Later that month, he was arrested at a terraced house in Peterborough, where police found two girls aged 14.
Khubaib said in police interviews that his association with all of the girls was innocent and he had not acted in any improper way, denying any sexual contact with his rape victim.
Four previous cases led to nine male defendants being jailed for 59 offences against 15 girls, who were mostly from Peterborough, with a couple from Lincolnshire and Rutland.

New mosque gets go-ahead: Planning inspectorate grants four-year trial on space for 95 Muslim worshippers

Mosque plan: The old bank in Green Lane
Mosque plan: The old bank in Green Lane
An application to turn the old bank in Green Lane into a place of worship was first submitted in 2012 and following the planning inspectorate’s decision, which published its findings on Wednesday, May 13, the community can expect the development to go ahead on a four-year trial.Permission for a mosque with space for up to 95 worshippers in Worcester Parkhas been granted after the long-running planning saga came to an end.
Paul Scully, MP for Sutton and Cheam, said: “I am really surprised at the decision.
“Parking and congestion is already an issue for people.
“I can’t see how this won’t exacerbate the situation.
“However, I’ll work constructively with trustees of the mosque to ensure that this four-year trial works as smoothly as possible for both worshippers and residents.”
The inspector, Richard Clegg, dismissed plans for the mosque to accommodate 140 worshippers stating it would be “likely to have a severe localised impact on traffic movement and potentially on highway safety”.
Mr Clegg said the harm of the 140 worshippers plans would not be outweighed by the importance of meeting a need for a mosque in Worcester Park. He admitted a “smaller scheme for 95 worshippers would also have an adverse effect,” but he did “not consider that effect would be severe”.
Other conditions attached to the plan include its opening hours, between 5am and 11pm, except between March 1 and September 1 or during Ramadan, when it may have extended use.He said: “On balance the benefits would outweigh the harm, and temporary permission for a period of four years would enable the effect of the use on traffic movement and highway safety to be fully assessed.”
The building can only have 95 people inside it during Salat-al-Jumu’ah prayers on Fridays, Festival Eid prayers and prayers on the first, fifth and 26th nights of Ramadan.
At all other times its capacity will be limited to 40 people.
For those concerned about issues of traffic, the inspectorate has also insisted that before opening, the mosque must provide a travel plan.
Hugh Bryne, chairman of the Worcester Park Residents’ Association, said he would reserve comment until reading the full details of the plans, but added that as the mosque will be part of the community they must be welcomed as such.

'Burqa not conducive to western liberal society': We should follow ban says Ukip

THE wearing of the full face veil in public should be banned in Britain, said Ukip's acting leader Paul Nuttall .

Farage and Nuttall
Nigel Farage pictured with Ukip's current deputy party leader
His comments followed an announcement of a new law by the Government in the Netherlands, approved by the cabinet sitting in The Hague, which will ban the wearing of all face coverings including ski-masks and helmets in certain public places.
Mr Nuttall, the party's deputy leader, was recently placed in temporary charge of UKIP while Nigel Farage takes a break.
Last night he described the Dutch proposal as eminently sensible, noting that it echoed a decision by both France and Belgium to issue similar rulings.  
You can't walk into a bank wearing a crash helmet or balaclava-it is so CCTV cameras can clearly identify you. This is a security issue. Why should people wearing face veils be exempt from these concerns?
UKip's deputy leader Paul Nuttall
Speaking to the Sunday Express, he said: Belgium and France and now the Netherlands have argued that the burqa is not conducive to western liberal society, and that people's faces need to be exposed so they can communicate and integrate.
This all sounds pretty sensible stuff to me. Leading French feminist groups supported the French and Belgian ban, with the International League for Women's Rights saying: The full-face veil, by literally burying the body and the face, constitutes a true deletion of the woman as an individual in public.
Mr Nuttall added: Should we follow this and ban the burqa in this country? Yes. Personally, I think this is about civility, not religion.
Earlier this week a judge in Belfast ruled that a Christian cake-maker had discriminated against a gay couple for refusing to bake a cake featuring Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert and a pro-Gay message.
Mr Nuttall said there was a "clear lack of consistency" which allowed religious freedom in one setting, but not in another.
"The law should be clear - either you are allowed to express your religious beliefs at all times, or you accept that there are some occasions where these are restricted. Face coverings should be banned in any public building. You can't walk into a bank wearing a crash helmet or balaclava-it is so CCTV cameras can clearly identify you. This is a security issue. Why should people wearing face veils be exempt from these concerns?"
Veil Netherlands Amsterdam
The Netherlands will ban the wearing of all face coverings in some public places
He added: Whether we like it or not, in the UK we are the most watched people in the world. We have more security cameras per head than anywhere else on the planet and for CCTV to be an effective tool then you need to see people's faces.
We should not be allowing people to cover their faces in public buildings whether they claim it's their religious right or not. Let¹s not forget that one of the men who attempted to blow himself up on the London Underground in 2005 made his getaway dressed in a burqa, safe in the knowledge that no one would confront him.
We are all equal, we should all be treated the same, and no-one should receive special treatment simply because we are scared of offending any minority.