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Muslim gang accused of drugging and raping underage teen non-Muslim girls

A gang of Iranian men sexually exploited and groomed vulnerable girls by supplying them with drugs and offering them free pizza, a court heard.
All three victims, who were as young as 16, were allegedly targeted by the group of takeaway workers who “farmed them out like cattle” to other men.
The group’s ring leaders were allegedly Mohammed Rostami, 37, Mehdi Zare, 32, and Amin Kaveh, 35, all of whom had links to pizza shops in Chelmsford.
Opening the case at Chelmsford Crown Court on Monday, prosecutor Christopher Paxton claimed they would pick the girls up from the shops before plying them with highly-addictive drugs, including cocaine and methadone.
This lead to the vulnerable girls quickly becoming pawns, who would have sex with anyone for drugs.
Mr Paxton said: “At the heart of this case are three young women, vulnerable and troubled who have been sexually exploited by the defendants over two distinct periods of time.
“To these defendants, these vulnerable young girls presented opportunities for sexual exploitation, farming them out for sex within a tight-knit group or just having sex with them for their own gratification.”
One victim was only 13 when she apparently met Rostami, who worked as a chef at Essex Pizza in Duke Street, Chelmsford, back in 2006, Judge Patricia Lynch QC heard.
The jury was told that he started by offering her and her friend free pizza before supplying the girl, who had a troubled background, with cannabis.
Mr Paxton explained that Rostami, of no fixed address, would take the girl out in his car before their relationship rapidly turned sexual.
He would pick her up from school while she was in her uniform and knowing how old she was, eventually supplying the girl and her friend with free drugs including cocaine, he added.
She quickly became addicted and by the age of 14 was taking two grams of cocaine a day, worth around £100.Mr Paxton said: “After a few months providing them drugs for free, Rostami told the girl that she had to start earning or paying for the drugs. He said ‘otherwise I am losing money’.
“It is clear that aged about 14 she would have to have sexual intercourse with much older Iranian men.”
Mr Paxton said Rostami treated the girl like “cattle” and “farmed” her out to his friends for financial gain.
The girl continued with it, despite not liking it, because it was her main way of getting drugs and she thought it pleased Rostami, the court heard.
The first victim moved away from Chelmsford in around 2010 and came back in 2012. She still had drugs problems and saw Rostami, who told he could get her methadone, known as M-Cat, for free, Mr Paxton told the court.
She went with him in his car and they stopped where Rostami gave her a “large bag of cocaine” because they started kissing and having sex.
It is claimed that the girl felt guilty because she had a boyfriend and asked him to stop but he continued, and after finishing, told the girl “it wasn’t his fault”.
The same girl was also allegedly raped and sexually exploited by Mehdi Zare – who she called Medi One.
Zare, 32, of Lupin Drive, Chelmsford, also had connections to Essex Pizza and had known the girl and her friends for several years.
He started spending more time with her as she got older and Rostami showed less interest as she approached 16, the court heard.
Mr Paxton said: “They engaged in sexual activity when she was under 16 and he arranged for the girl to have sex with other men for drugs.”
She told police: “Medi was the one who really got us bad.”
Zare would allegedly take the girl to have sex with men from the Iranian community at addresses around Essex and east London.
Amin Kaveh, who was most recently living at an address in Shoebury, also knew the victim through the pizza shop and would allegedly supply them with drugs in exchange for sex.
The second victim was a girl who grew up abroad and moved back to Chelmsford aged 20 in the autumn of 2012.
She apparently met Kaveh, who she knew as Amir, through a pizza shop at the end of 2012.
He quickly approached her and convinced her and a friend to come to a house with him for coffee.
The court heard that when there arrived they found a lot of Iranian men taking mephedrone.
He is accused of taking the two women into a bedroom where he offered them a plate which he said contained mephedrone.
Mr Paxton said: “They did not want to take the drug but were pressurised into it by Mr Kaveh. He told her if she did not do it he would push her face into the plate.
“The drug had a dramatic effect, causing the woman dizziness and numbness and caused her to lay on the bed.
“She did not think it was mephedrone. The next thing she knew Mr Kaveh was taking her clothes off and opening her legs and penetrating.
“The woman did not consent to this.”
The jury was told that a week later the woman was waiting for the bus home in Chelmsford when Kaveh approached her and pulled out a taser disguised as an iPhone.
Mr Paxton said: “He demanded that she come and work for him as a prostitute and drug dealer and if she didn’t said ‘bad things would happen’.
“She felt she had no choice but to go along and pleaded with him to keep her friend out of it.”
The girl spent the following two years working as a prostitute and began regularly using mephedrone, the court heard.
Kaveh would allegedly drive her to various Iranian men’s houses where she would have sex with “whoever he said”.
One of these is apparently Mohammed Zarei, 32, a taxi driver, of Delamere Road, Chelmsford, who is charged with one count of rape between September 22, 2012 and September 1, 2014.
Kaveh took the girl to see Zarei for sex.
During the encounter she told him she didn’t want to, but Zarei allegedly told her that he would tell Kaveh that they had sex if she performed oral sex on him.
The second rape is said to have occurred when the victim met Mehdi Khashi, 32, also a taxi driver, of Rookes Crescent in Chelmsford, between September 22, 2012 and September 1, 2014.
The last victim was from a troubled background and met Kaveh while she was working as a prostitute in Southend in June 2013.
The girl was already addicted to mephedrone, with Kaveh accused of exploiting the addiction for his own gain.
Mr Paxton said: “He started farming her out to his contacts and made arrangements for them to come to his address and told them she was ‘great’.
“She was taken around different men in the Iranian community which was arranged by and involved Mr Kaveh.
“She was often paid in grams of M-Cat and was expected to have sex with the men.
“He controlled her as a prostitute. She believes she had sex with various men over several months in 2013 and 2014.
“One time at his flat, she had sex with different men over four hours for 10 grams of M-Cat, worth about £200.
“She was a heavy user of the drug at this time and was prepared to have sex with everyone who Mr Kaveh brought to the door.
“The fact that she was involved in prostitution does not make her any less vulnerable in fact she was perhaps more vulnerable.”…

Syrian doctor who said he would rather return to war-ravaged Aleppo than stay in UK is ARRESTED after ranting inside Croydon migrant centre about how he is forced to stay in '5-star hotels'

  • Doctor is angry over the restrictions on him since he claimed asylum
  • He says he's been stopped from working and doesn't want to live in hostels
  • Doctor was arrested today after a disturbance in an immigration building
A former Syrian Army doctor who said he would rather be in war-torn Aleppo than Britain was arrested at an immigration centre today.

Dr Abdulkader Majed Al-Zuebi was held by six officers and bundled into a police van for a public order offence outside the Home Office headquarters at Lunar House, Croydon, South London

The plastic surgeon, who arrived in the UK on October 8 with a German passport, has moaned that government restrictions means he can only stay in five-star hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel since he arrived.

Dr Al-Zuebi even said he was forced to sell his £3,000 Rolex watch to pay for his hotel bills because he does not have a visa to work.

Arrest: Syrian Dr Abdulkader Majed Al-Zuebi, pictured, who moaned he wanted to be deported back to war-torn Aleppo because he preferred it to Britain was arrested outside an immigration centre today
Arrest: Syrian Dr Abdulkader Majed Al-Zuebi, pictured, who moaned he wanted to be deported back to war-torn Aleppo because he preferred it to Britain was arrested outside an immigration centre today
Held: Dr  Al-Zuebi, a plastic surgeon, pictured, who boasts he once earned £6,000-a-month arrived in Britain on October 8 from Germany with a German passport. But he has begged Home Office officials to allow he to return to Syria
Held: Dr Al-Zuebi, a plastic surgeon, pictured, who boasts he once earned £6,000-a-month arrived in Britain on October 8 from Germany with a German passport. But he has begged Home Office officials to allow he to return to Syria
Selfie: Dr Al-Zuebi, who reportedly has a fiancee in the UK, is angry at the restrictions that have been placed on him. Because he applied for asylum when he arrived at Stansted Airport he is not allowed to work
Selfie: Dr Al-Zuebi, who reportedly has a fiancee in the UK, is angry at the restrictions that have been placed on him. Because he applied for asylum when he arrived at Stansted Airport he is not allowed to work
The plastic surgeon, who was reportedly a medic in the Syrian Army, says he has been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel since he arrived and was forced to sell his £3,000 Rolex watch to pay for his hotel bills 
The plastic surgeon, who was reportedly a medic in the Syrian Army, says he has been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel since he arrived and was forced to sell his £3,000 Rolex watch to pay for his hotel bills 

Dr Al-Zuebi, who claims he once earned £6,000-a-month, said officials have refused to give him his German passport back since he arrived at Stansted airport 12 days ago.

He has pleaded with the Home Office to allow him to fly back to war torn Aleppo as soon as possible because he prefers it to Britain.

An hour before his arrest this afternoon Dr Al-Zuebi, who claims to have a fiancee in Britain and has appears to have stayed in five star hotels in Turkey and London previously, said he would sleep outside the Home Office building until they deported him. 

He has a form issued to him at Stansted Airport when he arrived reportedly confirming he had applied for asylum in the UK, which prevents him from working.

'I do not have my papers,' he said. 'They were taken when I arrived.

'I have not been able to stay anywhere other than five star hotels and I cannot work without my papers.

'I used to have jobs earning £6,000 a month as a doctor. In hostels the beds are bad and the food is not better than normal.

'The Home Office say it will be six months before I get my passport back. I have had to spend my nights in five star hotels like the Marriott and The Four Seasons.

'I had to sell my Rolex for £3,000 to pay for my rooms. I had membership to these hotels back in Syria so I can stay there without papers.'

The refugee argued he want to be deported and said: 'It's not a better life here.

'I want to work and support myself and I have told them I want to be deported. I've been turning up here for several days.

'They say they are not going to send me back to Syria. I will need to buy a British passport and book a private flight to Damascus.

'I used to fight for Assad and I am going to return to do that in Syria. Everyone says you will have a better life in the UK and it's not true.

'It's different for minors because they can't support themselves but I'm a normal man and I can. I am going to camp out here and sleep here until I get my papers.' 

An hour after his alleged rant, the doctor was dragged from the building, bent over and restrained by officers.

Scotland Yard confirmed: 'At around 3.30pm officers were informed of a disturbance at Lunar House.

'They arrested man on suspicion of a public order offence. He had been remanded in a south London custody suite. Enquiries continue.'

Yesterday Dr Al-Zuebi claimed he left Syria when the war started as he could not 'kill civilians'
He added: 'I was put in jail, then I fled to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, then Greece, then to Germany.'

As he has a German passport he was able to get into the UK legally. 

Dr Al-Zuebi highlighted his case to reporters covering the arrival of child migrants from  Calais's 'Jungle' camp. 

He said: 'I want to go back. I would rather be back in Aleppo than stay here. I want to deport myself.

'I would tell those arriving from Calais to go back. It is better there than it is here.' 

He is understood to have a British fiancee and three relatives living in the UK, but said he hated the 'miserable' place in Cardiff. 

Hundreds of Syrian refugees to be housed in UK city plagued by homelessness

Birmingham will take 500 Syrian refugees
Birmingham will take 500 Syrian refugees
Birmingham city councillors will "put their arms out to welcome" 500 migrants under the Tory Government's resettlement scheme. 
There were 18,834 individual applicants on the council’s homeless register as well as 464 homeless families in 2009 according to a Freedom of Information Act request.
The controversial decision to house refugees comes as part of city council's plan to make Birmingham a "City of Sanctuary" for Syrian asylum seekers. 
During a meeting at a city church, council leader John Clancy said: "This city will put its arms out to welcome refugees from those UN camps, 500 of them over this next few years.
"We will welcome them, it's a sign of strength as a city that we can do that."
Those gathered at the meeting were part of an umbrella group called "Citizens UK Birmingham", which joins people from faith groups, schools, unions, community groups and resident groups. 
But the news will come as a blow to the thousands of locals already on the social housing list who are likely to be put back when Syrian migrants are housed. 
Prime Minister David Cameron called on local authorities to take their fair share of the 20,000 Syrians the British Government has promised to relocate from refugee camps in the Middle East. 
Birmingham has previously been described as a "magnet" for those with housing problems.

London borough council admits immigration has pushed social house waiting time to 50 YEARS

A COUNCIL chief in London’s poorest borough has admitted that the waiting time for social housing is now 50 years in the latest evidence that immigration levels have got out of control.

Social housing

The waiting time for social housing is now 50 years, according to a council chief
In a BBC documentary - No Place to Call Home - broadcast today, Maureen Worby, the Labour councillor in charge of social care for Barking and Dagenham, told local people asking about council housing: “Do you know what – it’s not a 10-year wait, it’s a 50-year wait.”
The shocking admission appears to be an indictment of open door immigration policies which has seen areas like Barking and Dagenham take the brunt of waves of immigrants
Official figures show that the population of the borough is expected to be 223,185 up 36 per cent from 165,610.
The huge increase in population comes despite the British white population falling by 30 per cent while the black African population rose 20,000 between 2001 and 2011 and “other [non-British] white” by about 10,000.
The program was broadcast just 24 hours after Ukip launched its Barking and Dagenham branch with 60 members chaired by former parliamentary candidate Peter Harris.
The event in an area identified as a top target for Ukip,also heard from party leadership candidates Peter Whittle and David Kurten.
Mr Harris pointed out that the council house crisis was just one of the problems caused by huge influx into the borough with two secondary schools set to be increased in size to 3,000 children.
He said: "The programme' findings are no surprise to me or thousands of local residents.
“The chronic housing situation here is abysmal and is as a direct result of decades of failed policies from both Conservative and Labour Governments.
“There are far too few houses for the sheer volume of people moving into the area. UKip have been raising this issue for years with the controlling Labour council but they are in denial."
Mr Kurten, who speaks on housing for UKIP in the London Assembly added: “The reality is that waiting lists for council homes will not continue to increase until Britain gets immigration under control and brings down demand for new homes, so that the private rented sector returns to some kind of sanity, and everyday people can afford to rent homes normally.”

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Uber driver, 33, who punched a mother-of-one in the face and called her a 'black c***' when her friend asked for another drop off point on their journey home avoids jail

  • Uber driver Shahab Akbar, 33, punched a mother-of-one in the face twice
  • Paramedic Taleka White, 27, said he became enraged outside her home
  • Driver became angry when Taleka's friend asked for different drop offs
  • Akbar found guilty of racially aggravated common assault but avoided jail
Taleka White, 27 a paramedic, was forced to take time off work after being brutally attacked by her Uber driver last year
Taleka White, 27 a paramedic, was forced to take time off work after being brutally attacked by her Uber driver last year
An Uber driver who punched a female passenger in the face and called her a 'black c***' when her friend asked for another drop off point has avoided prison. 

Taleka White, 27 a paramedic, was forced to take time off work after being brutally attacked by her Uber driver last year.

Shahab Akbar, 33, dragged the mother-of-one from his car and hit her twice in the face after flying into a rage outside her parents' house in Addiscombe, south London.

A court heard the driver became angry after confusion arose when Miss White's friend asked for different drop off points.

Miss White, who had never used an Uber before, was left with a lump on her head, bruising to her face and a bloody wrist and knuckles.

Speaking shortly after the incident on November 29 last year, Miss White, who has a four-year-old son said: 'Just one night out has led to a whirlwind of events which he has no concept of.

'It happened in the early hours of the morning - about 3am. My friend and I had been to a bar in East Croyden and we wanted to get home.

'I'd never used Uber before so she called for one on her phone.

'She wasn't sure how to use the app to say that we wanted to be dropped off at different addresses - but we thought we'd explain it to the driver when he arrived.

'When we ordered it - my friend couldn't see the registration number - but she thought nothing of it and assumed there was a problem with the system - just his face and the route on the map came up.

'She got a call from the driver to say he'd arrived and we got in the cab and explained we wanted to go to different addresses.

'Initially he had no problem with it, but after, as he was driving to the address he became quite agitated.

'There was a misunderstanding about where the address was and then we got near and she said he could pull up there and he started yelling: 'Get out of my fucking cab'.

The next morning Miss White went to A&E to get x-rays on her hand and Uber suspended the driver after she reported the attack
The next morning Miss White went to A&E to get x-rays on her hand and Uber suspended the driver after she reported the attack
Akbar continued to drive and Miss White tried to reassure him that her stop was less than 20 minutes away and that he would be paid.

But Akbar's language became increasingly aggressive.

Miss White said: 'He called me a black c*** and a black 'b****' and told me to shut my 'f****** face' and said 'she gave me the wrong address'.

'I just went quiet and I thought maybe staying silent would diffuse the situation.

'I was in the cab alone with him and my battery on my phone had gone at the end of a long day. I wasn't sure what he was going to do.

 He continued to drive in the right direction so I just stayed quiet.

But when the pair reached Miss White's stop, Akbar's behaviour escalated to full-on assault.

Miss White said: 'I was being dropped off at my parents' and when we arrived I had a can of coke in one hand and a kebab in the other.

 But when we arrived he dragged out of the car by my right arm and punched me in the face.

'My drink went everywhere but I used the car to hold myself up. I was yelling, asking him what his problem was, why he was doing it to me, hoping my parents would hear from inside.

'The second time he punched me, I went flying and hit the pavement.

'My mum came out just to see the car driving away and found my lying on the pavement.'
Miss White's mum told her daughter to take pictures of her injuries an call 999.

The next morning Miss White went to A&E to get x-rays on her hand and Uber suspended the driver after she reported the attack.

The case went to trial and Akbar was found guilty of racially aggravated common assault in September.

Akbar was handed a 16 week prison sentence suspended for 24 months, at Croydon Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work as a community on top of £620 in costs and £115 in victim surcharge.

Akbar was also ordered to pay £500 in compensation to Miss White.

Uber confirmed Akbar no longer has a private hire license which is needed to work for the firm.
An Uber spokesperson said: 'We were appalled by this horrific incident. Uber does not tolerate violence or discrimination of any kind.

'We assisted the police with their investigation and immediately stopped this licensed driver from being able to use our app.'  

Boney M singer's Muslim convert brother is jailed for life for hiring a hitman to kill Syrian preacher in a row over a controversial London mosque

  • Syrian preacher was found dead in north London in April last year
  • Detectives believe the killing was due to a row over a London mosque
  • Muslim convert who is the brother and 1970s popstar has been jailed
  • He hired an Iraq war veteran to carry out the 'cold-blooded' murder
A Syrian-born preacher was shot dead by a former soldier in a contract killing ordered by the brother of a Boney M singer.

Iraqi war veteran Leslie Cooper, 37, executed Abdul Hadi Arwani, 48, with a MAC-10 machine gun as he sat in his Volkswagen Passat in Wembley, northwest London.

The hit was ordered by mosque 'ruler' Khalid Rashad, 62, the brother of singer Liz Mitchell, who fronted the 1970s chart-topping disco band.

Rashad had been locked in a legal battle with Mr Arwani as he tried to oust him from the An-Noor Cultural and Community Centre in Church Road, Acton.

Cooper and Rashad - both Jamaican-born Muslim converts - were jailed for at least 32 years each for the murder earlier this year after a trial.

Khalid Rashad, the brother of Boney M singer Liz Mitchell has been jailed for life for the murder of Syrian preacher Abdul Hadi Arwani (pictured)Khalid Rashad has been jailed for ordering the murder of Syrian preacher

The case could not be reported while Rashad awaited trial for possessing plastic explosives and ammunition in the garage of his suburban home near Wembley Stadium.

Rashad converted to Islam in 1993 and changed his name from Brunel Mitchel. 

Mr Arwani discovered his belongings had been removed from the building and the locks to his office had been changed in 2011.

He left the centre and in June 2012 began legal proceedings seeking an order of the court to reinstate him as a member and director of ANT.

It was the dispute between Mr Rashad and Mr Arwani regarding the control and ownership of the mosque that provided the motive for the shooting, and was the reason Khalid Rashad recruited his friend, Leslie Cooper, to carry out his dirty work,' said prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC.

Mr Arwani was found, slumped in the driver's seat of his VW Passat in a street in Wembley, North London with the engine still running and a bullet wound in his chest in April last year. 

There was speculation that the preacher could have been murdered by a Syrian hitman when it emerged that he had been a vocal opponent of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

But police identified the killer as Cooper, a former soldier from Harlesden, North West London, who was born in Jamaica and had served with the Princess of Wales Regiment in Iraq.

Detectives were able to track down Cooper because he had topped up an unregistered phone in a shop in Harlesden High Street and then walked to a nearby shop to top up a British Gas card, which had his name on.

When officers searched his house, DC Matthew Rogers found a Mac-10 sub-machinegun, with its magazine and the silencer still attached, in a Marks and Spencer bag in a wicker picnic basket in the bedroom wardrobe.

'On any reading, this was a serous bit of kit,' Jonathan Rees QC, prosecuting told Kingston Crown Court.

Leslie Cooper was also handed a life term
Leslie Cooper was also handed a life term
It emerged that Cooper had been hired by Rashad who had been involved in running the An Noor Cultural Centre in Acton, West London, for 20 years. 

The mosque has been investigated by MI5 after a series of incidents including a male terrorist suspect escaping from the premises dressed in a burqa and another who was killed in Syria.
The mosque had also hosted a number of controversial speakers, including one of the sons of radical imam Abu Hamza.

The case can finally be reported at the end of a second trial in which Rashad was convicted of possessing military-grade plastic explosives and rounds of ammunition at his home, yards from Wembley Stadium. 

Although there was no evidence that Rashad was involved in terrorism, detectives say they are concerned that the machinegun or explosives could easily have fallen into the wrong hands.

Investigators believe the fight was not just about control of the mosque and that money also played a part because the premises had quadrupled in value in a decade in the London property boom and were said to be worth £3-£4million.

Sentencing Rashad and Cooper to life in jail with a minimum of 32 years, Mr Justice Singh said the murder had been planned over a 'significant period of time.'

'On any view this was a shocking killing of a man in cold blood on the streets of London during the daytime,' he added.

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Arwani's family said: 'Abdul Hadi Arwani was a loving husband, father and friend to the community. 

'He was motivated by the desire to help others, no matter their race, religion or status. He was an inspiration to all and without a doubt one of the kindest people you could ever hope to know.

'When we were told of Abdul's death last year, we were absolutely devastated and time has done nothing to reduce the sheer pain of losing him in such a brutal and calculated way.

'To this day, we cannot comprehend why anyone would wish harm to such a peaceful, well-loved person.

'While Abdul is no longer with us, we will never forget his smile, his positive outlook or the fantastic things that he did for us and the community.

 He will remain in our hearts, inspiring us to embrace others in the way that he did so wonderfully.'

British Muslim cleric tells government ‘BAN the burka’ claiming head scarf is ‘un-Islamic’

Dr Taj Hargey
Dr Hargey claimed the tradition 'reinforces female servility and sexist patriarchy'
Dr Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford put pressure on the Government to follow in the footsteps of France and Belgium, who have both outlawed face veils, at a conference about Islam.
He went on to question why Muslim women were not allowed to wear veils in the Muslim holy city of Mecca while the practice is still allowed in the UK.
He said: “Since the burka and niqab are ancient habits and not mentioned in the Koran, it is, therefore, pre-Islamic, not Koranic and ipso facto un-Muslim.
“If Muslim women are banned from covering their faces in Mecca, and cannot perform their daily prayers by hiding their identity, then why is it a requirement to do so on the streets of Britain?
Muslim women
Muslim women have vocally defended the choice to wear veils following bans across Europe
“By doing so, it will set a firm marker in what are civilised standards for men and women in the 21st century.”
Dr Hargey, who supports a view of Islam that looks strictly at the Koran and not the Hadiths - a collections of sayings second hand sources attributed to the prophet Mohammad 200 years after his death - which he calls “man-made traditions that uphold patriarchy, intolerance, and belligerence”.
Now he believes that the government should intervene by banning the clothing, which has become a source of cultural and religious significance for Muslims across the country.
A guide to different types of Islamic dress
It comes as G with the Social Democratic Party warming to some of the ideas proposed by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.
The Angela Merkel ally wants the Muslim headscarf outlawed in government offices, courtrooms, schools and universities.
MPs from Mrs Merkel's Christian Democrat/Christian Socialist union demanded an all out burka ban in the summer but Mr De Maizière blocked the proposal on the grounds it interfered with constitutional rights.
He said at the time: "We can not forbid everything that we reject."
Dr Hargey
Dr Hargey supports a view of Islam that looks strictly at the Koran and not the Hadiths
Dr Hargey added: “There is no conceivable religious, cultural, or ideological reason that can justify concealment of female identity in public. 
“So it is important that all right thinking people lobby parliament to ban this outrageous tradition which only reinforces female servility and sexist patriarchy.
“There is no doubt that tolerance and truth are the hallmarks of any civilised society. 
“For this reason, all British patriots must become stewards and promoters of these sublime values that distinguish modern Britain as a beacon of stability and peace in the world.”