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Father of 'jihadi bride' schoolgirl attended 2012 Islamist rally attended by Lee Rigby's killer and led by preacher Anjem Choudary

  • Father of one of three schoolgirl 'jihadi brides' captured on camera at rally
  • Abase Hussen can be seen chanting at the rally led by notorious preacher
  • Footage shows him at the head of demonstration as US flag is burned
  • His daughter, Amira Abase, fled the UK last month to join Islamic State
  • He addressed Home Affairs Select Committee in wake of her disappearance
The father of one of the three schoolgirl 'jihadi brides' attended an Islamist rally led by firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary.

Abase Hussen can be seen chanting 'Allahu Akbar' amid dozens of protesters and standing just yards away as the flags of Israel and U.S. are burned.

The footage shows him at the head of the demonstration which was also attended by Michael Adebolajo, the killer of soldier Lee Rigby.  

Footage of the infamous rally showed Mr Hussen chanting among the crowds of protesters
Footage of the infamous rally showed Mr Hussen chanting among the crowds of protesters
The rally, held in 2012, was led by firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Lee Rigby's killer
The rally, held in 2012, was led by firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Lee Rigby's killer
Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage (pictured) to see if any criminal offences had been committed
Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage (pictured) to see if any criminal offences had been committed

His daughter, Amira Abase, 15, fled the UK with two of her closest friends to join Islamic State last month sparking a national outcry.

Mr Hussen, who is originally from Ethiopia, led public appeals for her return as their families blamed the authorities for failing to stop them.

He addressed MPs at the Home Affairs Select Committee and was filmed appealing for help while clutching his daughter's teddy bear.

But at no time has he mentioned his own passion for militant Islam or attendance at one of the most notorious rallies of the last few years.

Last night, Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage to see if any criminal offences had been committed.

A spokesman said: 'We will review any material brought to our attention which purports to show any criminal offence taking place.'

Mr Hussen was caught on camera in one of a wave of terrifying demonstrations that took place across the world in September 2012.

Thousands took to the streets to protest against an obscure film called Innocence of Muslims, which was criticised for ridiculing Islam.

In London, more than 150 clashed with police outside the U.S. Embassy in Mayfair as they chanted 'burn, burn USA' and 'Allahu Akbar' (God is great).

Abase Hussen, pictured far right, giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee following his daughter's disappearance

Images posted online show Mr Hussen at the head of the march, reaching towards an Israeli flag as it is burned. A U.S. stars and stripes was also set on fire.

His distinctive face can also be seen as the march moves along the street beside a line of police carriers and officers.

He can also be seen marching behind a banner reading: 'The followers of Mohammed will conquer America.'

Among the rabble-rousers at the march was notorious hate preacher Choudary, with Adebolajo at his side.

An undated handout issued by the Met Police of 15-year-old Amira Abase, who travelled to Syria with two other girls
An undated handout issued by the Met Police of 15-year-old Amira Abase, who travelled to Syria with two other girls
Two men were arrested as the angry mob called for shariah law to be imposed across the UK.

Amira Abase fled the UK with her friends Shamima Begum, 15, and Khadiza Sultana, 16, last month.

The trio were following in the footsteps of a fourth girl from their school, Bethnal Green Academy, in East London, who left for Syria in December.

Their decision to throw themselves into the hands of the brutal Islamic State terrorist group sparked a national outcry.

Prime Minister David Cameron led calls for everyone to examine what is motivating our young people to join the barbaric organisation.

Earlier this week Mr Hussen travelled to Turkey with relatives of the other two girls.

He has since returned to the flat he shares with his wife in East London but could not be contacted last night.

Speaking while in Turkey, he said: 'I don't know how to explain. I can't describe my feelings. 'I feel like my girl is next to me when I find someone that's on their last journey who saw them.

 I feel like my daughter is next to me – that's the feelings I have.'

Their lawyer Tasnime Akunjee said: 'Of course they feel responsible for their own children that goes without saying.

'But the fact is these girls were school children and much of what took place clearly took place at school.' 

Mum who stabbed her baby can stay in Britain: Bangladeshi who served five years will not be deported - so she can still see the child

  • The Bangladeshi woman served five years for attempted murder in 2009
  • She stabbed her young daughter in the midst of a marital breakdown
  • Tribunal decided not to deport her but Government appealed the decision
  • Court of Appeal has now ruled case is 'truly exceptional' and she can stay 
A foreign mother who was jailed for stabbing her baby has been granted the right to stay in Britain.

The Bangladeshi woman, who cannot be named, served five years for attempted murder in 2009 after she attacked her daughter in the midst of a marital breakdown.

On her release, a tribunal decided not to deport her – as is usually the case with foreign criminals – so she could still see the child.

The Government appealed but the woman, of Tower Hamlets, East London, was yesterday granted leave to remain. 

Court of Appeal judge Lord Justice Pitchford said the case was ‘truly exceptional’.

He said: 'The circumstances of the offence, the bitter suffering of [the mother] following the offence and the clear benefit to the victim of the offence of continued face to face contact with her mother rendered this case truly exceptional.

'In short, despite the generic public interest in deportation of foreign criminals, there was no public interest in further punishing the victim of the crime.

'In my view, the combined circumstances of the crime and its consequences were exceptional and the First-Tier Tribunal was entitled to conclude that separation, which was likely to be permanent, would be cruel both to the offender and to the victim.'

The judge heard the appeal with Lord Justice Sullivan and Lady Justice King, who both agreed with the decision. 

Fury over plan to build Muslim cemetery with space for more than 3,000 graves on green-belt land next to village

  • Application for a controversial Muslim cemetery submitted for third time 
  • New plans are for 3,000 graves on a greenbelt site in Solihull  
  • Application has sparked anger in village of Catherine-de-Barnes
Residents living in a picturesque rural village with a population of just 613 have slammed plans to build a Muslim cemetery on greenbelt land - for over 3,000 people.

The proposed site in leafy Catherine-de-Barnes, near Solihull, West Midlands, will include a total of 3,333 graves for followers of Islam.

This is despite Muslims accounting for fewer than 3 per cent of the population of Solihull and its surrounding areas.

Residents living in a picturesque rural village have hit out at controversial plans to build a Muslim cemetery on rural land
The proposed site of 3,000 graves (edged in blue) and the previous applications (green and red) that have been made for the sites near Solihull, West Midlands
The proposed site of 3,000 graves (edged in blue) and the previous applications (green and red) that have been made for the sites near Solihull, West Midlands

Previous applications to build what would have been Britain's largest Muslim-only cemetery put before Solihull Metropolitan Borough have been unsuccessful.

But Cemetery Development Services Ltd have now submitted scaled down plans with fewer graves, which could be approved next month.

It would mean the cemetery could eventually hold over FIVE times as many people as Catherine-de-Barnes itself.

The graveyard would be able to comply fully with Sharia law which states Muslims are traditionally buried in their own section of land, next to others of the same faith.

Islamic law also stipulates a method of bathing and shrouding the bodies before being buried with their heads facing towards Mecca.

Yesterday villagers criticised the revised plans for the major development - which will also include 95 spaces for visitors - and said it would blight green belt land.

Locals are also objecting the plans for the cemetery based on concerns surrounding the impact it will have on traffic.

Grandfather-of-four Gerry Chauke, 55, said: 'There is ample room for graves to accommodate the local population here.

'I'm a believer that these sort of developments should serve the local community, but we don't have a massively large multicultural population here.

'So plans to have a graveyard exclusively for Muslims just seems a bit absurd to me.'

Leader of Solihull Council, Conservative councillor Bob Sleigh, who represents the Bickenhill ward, said he also agreed the needs of local people could already be met by current plots.

He said: 'This is simply not an appropriate place to site a cemetery.

'Planning permission was refused on substantial grounds last time and I will continue to oppose the scheme on the same grounds again.

'There were a lot of environmental concerns with siting a cemetery on this land. This is just not the right position for this type of scheme.

'There is no need for this extra site in Solihull. We have identified our population need and made provision for that.
'Obviously people are concerned about the scale of the development and its threat to greenbelt land around Catherine-de-Barnes.

'I don't believe the case has been made to overcome the very special measures which apply to greenbelt land.'

Trevor Eames, secretary of Solihull Ratepayers Association, said the application was 'disappointing'.

He added: 'At this stage we see no obvious difference in this application to the earlier plans or for planning to draw a different conclusion.

'The parking for 90 cars and access is much the same as is the impact on the openness of the green belt plus there was concern over pollution of watercourses.'

Conservative councillor Alison Rolf, who also represents Bickenhill, added: 'My main concern is that they are building on the greenbelt land.

'In Solihull we don't have a huge Muslim population

'When the first application was taken down local people were delighted that it had gone away, but it's come back with very little adjustment.

'I understand people's frustrations.'

The cemetery has received backing from the Muslim community in Solihull, who said there was a desperate need for more burial spaces.

The first application for planning permission for the cemetery was made in July 2014 and was for 4,000 burial plots, which was refused.

This was increased to 7,000 on an adjacent site a month later, but this application was withdrawn.
The latest application is for a total of 3,333 plots.  

According to a report by Cemetery Development Services, the site will be operated by a charity called Thaqwa Cemetery, which provides 'a low cost dignified burial at a freehold plot according to Islamic beliefs and culture'.

The report adds: 'After the departure of the soul, human being has been buried since beginning.

'Other methods of disposing of human remain are relatively new. Being the oldest Monotheists, Muslims have always maintained the ancient burial system.

'To preserve this centuries old tradition in this part of the world we acquired a plot of land in the Catherine-De-Barnes area of Solihull after consulting and obtaining positive response from Solihull Metropolitan Borough.

The cemetery has received backing from the Muslim community in Solihull, who said there was a desperate need for more burial spaces
The cemetery has received backing from the Muslim community in Solihull, who said there was a desperate need for more burial spaces

'It is also an established fact that there is a shortage of burial places across the country.

'Birmingham and Solihull regions are not an exception. Thaqwa Cemetery is a positive endeavour in meeting the community burial need.'

Funeral director Mohammed Khalil, of Birmingham-based ZUQ Funeral Services, said even 3,000 burial plots would barely provide enough space for the next 50 years.

He said: 'The local Muslim population is growing rapidly.

'Don't forget, the people who came here in the 1950s and 1960s are now old and dying fast.
'Before, they used to send people back home to their families in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

'But apparently now all their families are here and they have no-one back home.

'They are saying 'this is our country now. We are living here and dying here so we should be buried here.'

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Croydon teenagers 'raped vulnerable girls including trusting 17-year-old with Down's syndrome'

THREE teenagers accused of raping two "vulnerable" girls with learning difficulties "took advantage" of them to "satisfy their own sexual urges", a court has heard.
Nasir Huq, 18, is accused of raping a 17-year-old with Down's syndrome who jurors were told was a "very trusting" girl who did not have the "capacity" to consent to sex.
Ameen Noori and his cousin Ahmad Faiq, both 18, are accused of raping another girl with acute special educational needs.
The three boys deny sexually assaulting the two girls at a flat in Croydon in April 2013.
Jonathan Polnay, prosecuting, told a jury at Croydon Crown Court today (Monday) the defendants "outrageously took advantage of vulnerable girls with learning difficulties to satisfy their own sexual urges".
Both girls are in mainstream schooling but attend a supported learning unit at a college in west London, the court heard.
The first girl, who was 16 at the time of the alleged incidents, has learning difficulties caused by global developmental delay, a condition which means she has lower intellectual functioning and struggles to communicate.
Mr Polnay said she had been assessed by forensic psychologist Jennifer Cutler who found she had an IQ of 75.
The second alleged victim, who has Down's syndrome, was 17 in April 2013. Dr Cutler found she had an IQ of 57 and demonstrated "significant confusion" about sexual matters, the court heard.
"The prosecution's case in relation to [this girl] is her disabilities are such that she is simply not able to consent to sex," said Mr Polnay.
"Because she has Down's syndrome she is not able to process what is appropriate in terms of sex or its implications, for example pregnancy or diseases."
The first incidents, relating to four of the six charges on the indictment, allegedly occurred on the evening of April 5.
Mr Polnay told the court the two girls left college with a friend and got the bus from Hounslow to Hatton Cross where they met Faiq, who the third girl knew, and Noori.
From Hatton Cross they took a bus to Croydon and went to a shopping centre. While in McDonald's Faiq told the first girl that Noori, his cousin, liked her.
"She told him she wasn't interested and that she didn't like him in that way," said Mr Polnay.
Later that afternoon they went back to a flat in Croydon town centre where Huq lived, though he was not at home. When they got there, Faiq and the third girl went into a bedroom together.
Jurors were told the first girl went into another room with Noori, who pulled her on top of him so she could not get up. The girl shouted for her friend but when she entered the room Noori told her to go away.
He then pulled down the girl's trousers and tried to rape her, the court heard.
"The Crown's case, which I hope is clear, is that she did not consent to sex," said Mr Polnay.
"Given the circumstances - she was struggling, trying to get away – there is no way he could believe she consented. He did not care."
The girl managed to get free and tried to put her trousers back on but, as she went to leave the room, Noori allegedly grabbed her from behind, pulled the trousers off and tried to rape her again.
She fled to the room where Faiq and the third girl were and told her friend she didn't like what was happening.
But, according to the prosecution, Faiq then climbed on top of her, tried to rape her then forced her to perform a sex act on him.
Later that evening the two teenagers walked the girls to the bus stop and they went home.
On April 18, the first girl told a college support worker that a boy had forced himself on her, the court heard.
The teacher made her promise not to speak to the boys or visit the address again. The girl asked her not to tell anyone but the staff member said she had to report it.
Later that day the third girl arranged for her, the two alleged victims and a fourth girl to go back to the house.
Mr Polnay said: "[The first victim] did not want to go back to the house. She was nervous that she might be forced to have sex again.
"If you consider her behaviour and take into account her learning difficulties it may go some way why she did something another 17-year-old might not have done."
The four girls took a bus to Hatton Cross where they met the defendants and went to Croydon.
On the way Faiq pestered the first victim to sit next Noori who then tried to kiss her.
Huq was at the flat on this occasion. He led the second girl – who had Down's syndrome - by the hand to the bedroom but she said she did not want to go.
"It was plain English and pretty clear," said Mr Polnay.
"He said 'come on, come on'. [The girl] thought he just wanted to chat. He asked her to take her top off and she agreed but again I ask you to bear in mind her IQ."
When Huq pulled her trousers down and started to have sex with her she said 'stop', the court was told.
Mr Polnay said: "She pulled up her knickers and called out stop.
"The prosecution says she did not have the capacity to consent to sex. We say [Huq] must have realised this."
Later that night the group went to bed but the boys again tried to get "close" to the girls.
Jurors heard that, in the morning, Noori said he wanted to give the first girl a backrub but he pulled her trousers off, told her he was "horny", climbed on top of her and raped her. She tried to push him off but he was too heavy.
Mr Polnay told the court: "She was the first to leave, but the other girls remained at the flat. She went straight to her teacher and said she had been back to the boys' house and that, during the night, the boys kept trying to get in bed with them. She said the other girls were still in the house and she was worried for them.
"When the teacher heard this, especially that the girls were still there, she rang the second girl's mother. Her mother was surprised because as far as she knew her daughter was staying at a friend's house.
"It rang alarm bells as she had spoken to her daughter a few hours ago and she had sounded strange and confused."
The mum called her daughter and asked where she was but the girl said she did not know.
"An aggressive sounding man picked up the phone," said Mr Polnay. "It must have been one of the defendants. Her mum asked where they were but the man said he would take her to the bus station.
"The mother managed to get basic address details so she got in her car and drove to Croydon. She was understandably starting to become panicked and upset about what was going on.
"She phoned her husband and it was he who decided to call the police."
The mum, meanwhile, was unable to find the address. She flagged down a police officer who took her there. The three girls, Faiq and Noori were waiting by the side of the road as they pulled up.
Her daughter was in tears and her make-up was running down her face, the court heard.
The girls got into the police car and the mother was able to piece together what had happened
Faiq and Noori were arrested at the roadside. Officers went to the flat and Huq answered the door. The court heard that, after being arrested, he told officers: "I'm not guilty. They are not my girlfriends, they are the other boys' - they are the bad boys."
By the time they all arrived at the police station the second girl was in a lot of pain. She told police one of the boys had forced her to have sex with him, the court heard.
"She said it had really hurt and that she had screamed and said 'God no'," explained Mr Polnay.
The girl was then interviewed by a specially-trained police officer before being taken to a refuge. A medical examination found injuries consistent with rape, it was said.
The three boys were interviewed by police. Noori gave a prepared statement through his solicitor in which he denied committing any offence. When questioned he offered no further comment. Faiq and Huq also remained silent.
Officers searched the flat and found condoms and lubricant. They also found the second girl's underwear. DNA tests matched the semen stains to Huq. Mr Polnay said there was a one in a million chance the test was wrong.
The boys were later picked out of an identity parade, with the first girl positively identifying Noori as the person who had raped her and the second girl identifying Huq as her attacker.
Huq, the court heard, accepts having sex with the girl with Down's syndrome but will claim she consented. The other boys argue variously the incidents either did not happen or the girl in question consented.
Noori is accused two counts of attempted rape on April 5, 2013, and one count of rape on April 18.
Faiq is charged with one count of attempted rape and another of rape, both on April 5, 2013.
All the above charges are that the girl did not consent and they did not reasonably believe she consented.
Huq is charged with one count of rape on April 18 in that the victim did not consent nor have the capacity to consent, and that he did not reasonably believe she consented or had the capacity to consent.
The trial, which is expected finish after Easter, continues.

Muslim call girl weds and beds UK men before DIVORCING them after sin-free sex sessions

A MUSLIM call girl is marrying British men for an hour at a time to have sin-free sex sessions and rake in £350 a romp, it has been reported.

Fairuza is one of many that offer the temporary marriage serviceDODGER: Fairuza is one of many that offer the temporary marriage service [TWITTER]
The Arab escort, known as Fairuza, is offering the service to promiscuous punters in order swerve strict Shia Islamic principles.
The 25-year-old reportedly performs the quickie service by reading a religious text in arabic and takes the money as a "dowry".
Then once the deed is done, she divorced the two of them from their temporary marriage – “nikah mut’ah” – arrangement.
According to The Sun, belly dancer Fairuza told an undercover reporter that once the marriage is up the client must wait three months to request the service again.
In a secret video filmed by the newspaper, she revealed: "I married myself to you for one hour and agreed upon the money you’ve given me. It’s £300 and £50 for the marriage. If you want to renew it we can do it within three months.
“Even though we do mut’ah, you must still use a condom. I don’t do it without condom. Some people think that if you do mut’ah you don’t have to use a condom.”
She is believed to be one of many Muslim women now offering the guilt-free service.
“I married myself to you for one hour and agreed upon the money you’ve given me. ”
On a hidden escort advertising website, Fairuza boasts to have "very beautiful natural 34DD breasts" and a "very pretty face with juicy lips".
Her Twitter account, which is thought to have recently been deleted, had more than 85,000 followers – all of which could see her raunchy topless posts.
In the video she explains that some men are converting to Shia Islam to take advantage of the sin-free sex.
She explains: “I did it with one Saudi who converted to Shia Islam only so he could do mut’ah.
"He was in London for two months. I was his wife for the two months. I lived with him and I wasn’t allowed to be with any other man. He paid very good money.
“He is coming back next year and we’ll do it again."

British medic helping treat Isis killers praised Charlie Hebdo attacks on Twitter and also called for Sharia law

  • Medical student Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir praised Charlie Hebdo murders
  • She was one of nine students who fled to Syria to treat ISIS Jihadi fighters 
  • Private schoolgirl sent a smiling selfie to sister before crossing into Syria
  • Parents of the young medics have travelled to country to try and find them 
Medical student Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir (above), who has travelled to Syria to treat Jihadi fighters, once praised the Charlie Hebdo murders
Medical student Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir (above), who has travelled to Syria to treat Jihadi fighters, once praised the Charlie Hebdo murders
A British medical student who travelled to Syria to treat Jihadi fighters in Islamic State hospitals once praised the Charlie Hebdo murders, it emerged last night.

Private schoolgirl Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir sent a smiling selfie to her sister as she crossed the border from Turkey on March 13 to reach Islamic State territory.

The respected surgeon’s daughter is one of nine British doctors and students in their late teens or early 20s who are now believed to be volunteering in hospitals there.

Their families have all flocked to the border in a desperate attempt to bring their children home, saying that they had been ‘cheated, brainwashed’ by IS militants.

Yesterday, their parents issued a joint statement claiming that their children had travelled to the border to take part in ‘humanitarian’ work and had ‘excellent moral capabilities’.

But posts on what is believed to be Miss Abdelgadir’s Twitter account suggest that her views are less than moral and that she has indeed gone to work with IS.

She once retweeted: ‘The pictures that the 2 journalists produced on Islam and prophet Muhammed (saw) was more horrific then their killing.’

On the account, @Lenaalinglingg, she also called for Sharia law, retweeted a statement that homosexuality is a disease and criticised terror arrests, calling them ‘silly’.

The private schoolgirl condemned Muslims who joined the ‘not in my name’ campaign which rejects IS and Muslims who wore poppy headscarves to mark Remembrance Day.

She also once retweeted: ‘Fighting is not violence. Violence is tyranny, oppression, suppression & injustice. Only thru FIGHTING can we get OUT of VIOLENCE. #peace.’

it emerged that she is an ‘incredibly bright’ schoolgirl who attended Wisbech Grammar School in Cambridgeshire where fees are £12,000 a year.

The students’ parents believe that they have gone to Turkey to offer ‘voluntary medical help’ to Syrian refugees on the border.

They did, however, acknowledge that their children were missing and, when asked whether they thought their children might have joined IS, one father replied ‘we don’t know’.

‘Our sons and daughters have always been participating in humanitarian and good cause social work,’ the statement from the families said.

‘They have come to Turkey willingly to offer voluntary medical help to those refugees who are in need of medical care on Turkey’s borders.’

The nine medics have been named as Mohammed Wael Fadlallah, Tasneem Suliman, Ismail Hamdoun, Nada Sami Kader, Mohammed Elbadri Ibrahim, Rawan Kamal Zine El Abidine, Tamir Ahmed Abusibah, Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir and Sami Ahmed Kadir. 

Yesterday, Chris Staley, head of Wisbech Grammar in Cambridgeshire, said Miss Abdelgadir, was ‘furiously bright’, ‘very normal’ and a ‘very focused young lady’.

He described her as a popular, typical pupil who had represented the school in sports including hockey, had got 7 A*s and was a member of the student council.

‘She was an incredibly bright and focused young lady who was clearly destined for great things on the medical or scientific side,’ he said.

The pupil, from King’s Lynn in Norfolk, spent nine years she spent at the Cambridgeshire school before studying medicine at Khartoum’s private University of Medical Sciences and Technology.

Her parents sent her to Sudan to study so that she could reconnect with her Islamic roots. Instead, however, they fear she has been radicalised.
On March 12, just before she crossed the border, she sent a smiling photo and the message: ‘Don’t worry, we’ve reached Turkey and are on our way to volunteer helping wounded Syrian people.’

Her father, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, where the family live, immediately flew to Turkey to find her.

He previously said: ‘We have decided not to return home unless we go with them. We sent out children to study [in Sudan] so that they would be surrounded by their culture.

‘But their decision to go to Syria has been a shock for all of us.’

Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, a Turkish opposition politician helping the families, said the medics were believed to be in Tel Abyad, which is under IS control.

He told The Observer: ‘The conflict out there is fierce, so medical help must be needed. 

They have been cheated, brainwashed. That is what I, and their relatives, think.’

A spokeswoman for Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘Our thoughts are with Mr Abdel-Gadir and his family at this difficult time.’

The Foreign Office said it was giving consular assistance to the families of seven Britons. 

Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Britain Surrenders

MuslimrapegangMy latest on Britain’s cultural collapse, from Front Page:
The phenomenon of Muslim rape gangs in Britain, and the unwillingness of law enforcement officials had of prosecuting them for fear of being tarred with charges of “racism,” is hardly summed up by the word “scandal” anymore. This isn’t just a scandal, it’s a surrender – a cultural and societal collapse unprecedented in human history.
The BBC reported last week that “South Yorkshire Police knew hundreds of young girls were making claims of sexual abuse in Sheffield but did not act, an ex-police officer has alleged.” The tally of these abused girls is beyond belief: last month, the Mirror reported that “there could be up to a million victims of child sexual exploitation in the UK, it is feared.”
What kind of society allows a million – a million! — of its young girls to be pressed into service as sex slaves and prostitutes by predatory gangs? What kind of society declines to hunt down, prosecute, imprison, deport more than a small number of these gang members, because its guardians of law and justice know that the Leftist establishment would accuse them of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia, and bring them to certain professional ruin, if they dared try to bring these men to justice?
What kind of society allows this? A desperately ill society. A dying society.
And there is no doubt that that is what happened. 1,400 British non-Muslim children were gang-raped and brutalized by Muslims in the British city of Rotherham, in accord with the Qur’anic allowance for the sexual enslavement of infidel women that the Islamic State has pointed to in order to justify its exploitation of captive Yazidi and Christian women. British officials there “described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”
It was the same thing in Sheffield. According to the BBC, more then 200 girls were sexually abused there by over 320 men – subjected to rape, trafficking, beatings, and threats. Some of the girls involved were as young as twelve years old. The BBC, ever careful not to offend Muslims, fastidiously notes that “the nationalities of the alleged abusers include a mixture of Iraqi Kurds, white British, black British, and Pakistani Heritage, among others.”
But these men did not victimize and brutalize these girls because of their nationality. They did so because they believed that their religion justified such behavior. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general, as does this passage. “Certainly will the believers have succeeded: They who are during their prayer humbly submissive, and they who turn away from ill speech, and they who are observant of zakah, and they who guard their private parts except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed” (Qur’an 23:1-6).
The rape of captive women is also sanctioned in Islamic tradition:
Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): 0 Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning al-’azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born. (Muslim 3371)
Notice that the controversy is not over whether the Muslims can rape the captives but only over coitus interruptus. The rape is taken for granted.
How many more of these Muslim rape gangs have yet to be discovered? How many will it take for shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain to discard its willful ignorance and recognize why this is happening?
The question is rhetorical. A society that would allow one million of its young girls’ lives to be destroyed just so as not to appear racist is already galloping down the road to ruin. Farewell, Perfidious Albion.

Oxford Union invites hate preacher Anjem Choudary to speak despite being on bail for being member of banned terror group

  • Hate preacher Anjem Choudary invited to speak by debating society
  • Said it would be a 'great privilege' to have Choudary as the star guest
  • Got invite day before Theresa May announced crackdown on extremists
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union despite being on police bail on suspicion of being a member of a banned terror group
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union despite being on police bail on suspicion of being a member of a banned terror group
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union despite being on police bail on suspicion of being a member of a banned terror group.

The notorious rabble rouser received his invitation from the debating society a day before Home Secretary Theresa May announced a crackdown on Islamic extremists.

The letter said it would be a 'great privilege' to have Choudary appear as the star guest. 

Choudary, who once said that Woolwich terror victim Fusilier Lee Rigby would 'burn in hellfire', was even offered a choice of days on which to attend the debate entitled: This house believes that radicalism is born at home.

Britain's most notorious hate preacher proudly showed off his invitation after launching a hate-filled rant against Western society outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday.

He said: 'I am still on police bail after being arrested by Scotland Yard in September last year.

'But the police can't stop me from speaking. They can't stop me from going to the Oxford Union where I've been invited to speak.'

He was one of nine men held in a series of co-ordinated dawn raids by counter terrorism police in September last year.

All the men were held on suspicion of being a member of, or backing a banned terrorist group and supporting terrorism.

The alleged offences, which come under two counter- terrorism acts, carry a maximum penalty of seven years' imprisonment.

Choudary, 47, was arrested at an unknown location after fleeing his home in the middle of the night in the wake of threats from far-Right groups.

Just hours before he was held, he posted a burst of nine inflammatory messages on Twitter, branding US bombing raids in Syria as a 'rallying call for Muslims' and labelling the actions of Western governments in Muslim countries as 'terrorism'.

Since then he has remained on bail and must next attend a police station at the end of April when police can either charge him, release him or extend his bail.

Choudary, who founded the radical Islamic group Al-Muhajiroun 20 years ago which was later banned, is seen as a recruiting sergeant for Britain's radical Muslims.

He has played a cynical cat-and-mouse game with British authorities and has been careful to keep his incendiary speeches on the right side of Britain's hate law.
Worryingly, he has warned that jailing him will give him access to a new, captive congregation to radicalise inside prison.

Speaking after a Home Office banning order, the preacher said: 'If they arrest me and put me in prison, I will carry on in prison. I'll radicalise everyone in prison.'

Despite this, the Oxford Union are willing to invite him to take part in a debate alongside impressionable young undergraduates.

The invitation also flies in the face of the numerous studies highlighting the problem of radicalisation at some of Britain's universities.

Yesterday Choudary launched a tirade of venom at the British establishment after Mrs May said the Home Office is drawing up a blacklist of extremist individuals and organisations with whom the government and public sector should not engage.

He said the David Cameron and Mrs May have committed more atrocities than members of Islamic State.

Choudary also said he would be happy to travel to Syria to live with the terror group if the police gave him his passport back.

'I believe people should be allowed to travel where they want to and go to ISIS controlled territory to live under Sharia law,' he said.

'I would love to travel to Syria and take my wife and children with me, not to commit terrorism but to live under Sharia law. I had my passport taken away from me in September. If you give me a passport, I will go.

'In Britain women who don't have their basic needs fulfilled are having to prostitute themselves.

Elderly people are having to choose between food and heating their houses. In ISIS territories they are given food and water and have gas.'

He said that was only a matter of time before Sharia law is enshrined in the British constitution.
'There is nothing anyone can do to prevent it,' Choudary said. 'A few years ago the government said if you don't want to live by our laws then you can go. If you stop people leaving and take away their passports they have no choice but to bring Sharia law here.

 It is better to let them go.

'Communism is dead, capitalism is dying, Islam is the future. Islam is the fastest growing religion. I have no doubt that one day the whole of the world will be governed by Sharia and the flag of Islam will fly over Big Ben, when justice prevails.'

The Union is famous for its normally high-minded debates, in which Britain's academic elite and their often very distinguished guests discuss the key issues of our time.

One of the Union's most notorious debates came in 1933 - when Adolf Hitler was beginning his rise to power - and was anything but light-hearted.

Undergraduates passed the controversial motion, 'This house would not in any circumstances fight for King and country'.

It was criticised at the time by Winston Churchill as 'abject, squalid and shameless'. Last night it declined to comment on Choudary's invitation.