Thursday, September 22, 2011

British al-Qaeda Given Early Release...

A member of al-Qaeda jailed for ten years in 2008 for his part in a terror plot has been released early from prison.

Habib Ahmed, 32, was convicted after being caught smuggling code books written in invisible ink into the country.

He was part of a British terror cell, headed by Rangzieb Ahmed, that police believe were planning a massacre in Britain. But despite being jailed for ten years in December 2008, he has now been released and is living at a bail hostel in Manchester.

During his trial the court heard how Ahmed downloaded a document called “a study of assassination” and looked up bomb-making techniques.

He also checked on the addresses of former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, military bases and senior policemen.

He was caught when British Customs found notebooks containing names and phone numbers of key al Qaeda figures as he flew from Dubai to hand them to Rangzieb.

Ahmed was arrested in 2006 and so had spent five years in prison including time spent on remand.

A spokesman for the National Offender Management Service said: “Serious offenders on licence are subject to strict conditions and controls.”

A majority of Islamic terrorists in Britain spend less than three-and-a-half years in prison, a new survey has revealed.

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BunBun4life said...

man it's bad enough these fuckers get such lenient sentences for TERRORISM and planning to murder as many people as they can, WHY DO THEY GET RELEASED EARLY ON TOP OF IT?

Something needs to be done, some decision needs to be made; and all these foreigners who won't get deported because of 'possibility' they could face inhumane treatment WHO gives a fuck? Like that Siraj Yassin...Eritrea? Why would he receive inhuman treatment there? I know it's not the best place on earth, but, from what I can tell they only arrest people who are against the govt. And also tough shit...those pieces of crap made those countries, they need to live in them, if they don't like what is happening they need to fight it.

HABIB Ahmed sentenced to 10 years SERVES FOUR? These pissrags were planning a massacre, and he serves 4 years and is just walking around. What is WRONG with BRITAIN!!