Sunday, September 04, 2011


Wonder if you caught this gem brought to us by the Muslim-adoring BBC? A B-BBC stalwart notes;

"The BBC launches yet another attempt to persuade us that even though Muslims think our culture is depraved, our Christian religion heretical and that they have no real intention of integrating in any meaningful way, we should thank them for their contributions to our society.
'Eating plays a major role in Ramadan, and it's now playing a surprisingly big role in British culture too. Stand-up comedian Shappi Khorsandi looks at the way in which food from Muslim countries has helped revolutionise the British palate... and she discovers the surprising effect those foods have had on British identity."
The BBC's very own Dan Brown version of history merging fact with fiction, myths and lies to create a story that paints a picture of Britain that the BBC want you to believe in. Muslim comedian Shappi Khorsandi, remarkably annoying and patronising, tells us that Curry is Muslim, coffee is Muslim and spices are Muslim....she doesn't say much about that other Muslim invention the suicide bomber. We have a lot to be grateful for to the Muslims.

Except perhaps not so much.

Watch this programme and you will come away believing Britain goes home every night to a Vindaloo or Tikka Masala and is changing, evolving, into secret Muslims as you are what you eat as the programme keeps insisting. In that case presumably we are more likely to be Peruvian or at least part Spanish, as we eat so many spuds brought to us from South America by the Spanish....never mind Mexican, Chinese or MacDonald shaped.

For the BBC the history of spices in Britain begins with the Muslims and ends with them....missing out the vast spice trade in the Far East, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.....Curry is 'Muslim' rather than Indian...never mind Thai, Burmese, even Chinese or Japanese.

Coffee is definitely a Muslim, not just 'Arab' invention. Shappi misses out the story of the goatherd who takes some 'coffee' berries to a monastery and the Abbot there eventually produces some form of concoction from them to produce a stimulant....that is a Christian Monastery.

'According to the legend, the news of the "wakeful monastery" spread rapidly, and the magical berry soon "came to be in request throughout the whole kingdom; and in progress of time other nations and provinces of the East fell into the use of it." '

And she certainly didn't want you to hear about this.....The Arab slave trade and coffee....
'Another story says that Sudanese slaves used to chewing berries to survive their hard journey. According to this version, this is how coffee reached Arabia from Ethiopia.'

Islam in fact had a retrograde effect on the coffee trade often banning it for religious was certainly Arabs who popularised it as a drink but Islam the religion, had nothing to do with it.

This programme is not about history it is about rewriting history as the BBC's Professor Cox says...'public service broadcasting had a "very important" role to play in changing the direction of society'.

So now you know....curry is Muslim not Indian, spices are Muslim not Far Eastern, coffee is Muslim not Arabic...or Ethiopian/Christian.

Curious that when Muslim terrorists let off bombs in London killing 52 people and injuring over 700 and tell us in videos that this is done in the name of Islam the BBC hurry to tell us that this is rubbish....this is not Islam, Islam means peace (and coffee, spices and curry)....these bombers are perverting and distorting Islam.

Trouble is the bombers were following the teachings of is with programmes like this that the BBC are perverting the truth about Islam and attempting not only to rewrite history but to write the future as it wishes it to be....quite a dark future if Muslim countries are anything to go by."

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