Friday, November 18, 2011

'Asian' Spits on Remem-brance Day Poppies & Girl...

A YOUNG yob spat in a girl Army cadet's face as she sold Remembrance Day poppies in a city shopping centre, it was revealed yesterday.

One of the three Asian hoodies — all said to be aged about 12 — took a poppy from a box held by Bethany Holmes and spat on it before spitting into her face three times.
In a separate incident, two teenage girl Army Cadets faced a barrage of verbal abuse for selling poppies — because they were Asian.
Others sellers in Bradford, West Yorks, were threatened and attacked.
Poppy Appeal organiser Barbara Allsopp said: "I feel sorry for the cadets. These yobs should hang their heads in shame."
Bethany's mum, Christine, added: "I want to make them apologise. They are disgusting, the lowest of the low."
Police in the city were studying CCTV in a bid to nail the yobs.

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