Friday, November 04, 2011

Teenager gang-raped after being abducted by group of Asian men

A teenager was the victim of a horrific gang-rape after she was ordered into a car and taken to a house where she was brutally attacked.

The 18-year-old had been walking through a busy residential area when two black cars
 pulled up alongside her.

The driver of one of the cars then threatened her and told her to get into the car.

She was then driven to an unknown address where police believe she was raped.

Today, detectives are hunting four Asian men, all aged in their late twenties, who
 were thought to be behind the vicious sex attack.

The woman, also Asian, was grabbed as she reached the junction of Mirador Crescent
and Maple Crescent in Slough, Berkshire.

    A black car, possibly a Vauxhall Corsa or Astra, and a black Range Rover with tinted
    windows pulled out of Maple Crescent and then followed the victim before the driver of
     the smaller car threatened her.

    'The investigation is at an early stage and we have yet to establish the address where
     the assault took place,' said Detective Constable Tim Lloyd.

    'We are keen to hear from any witnesses who saw the vehicles in the area at the time.

     The Range Rover is described as being black with tinted windows and has very ornate
     alloy wheels. 

    'We also want to hear from anyone who saw the victim speaking to the occupants of the
    car or getting into it. 

    'This took place in a very busy residential area and I'm confident someone will have
     seen the incident or the cars in the area.' 

    Detective Inspector Nicky Hurdley said the woman may have been known to her

    'We are currently investigating exactly what happened to this young woman and
     would ask anyone with information to come forward immediately,' she said.

    'We do not believe this was a completely random attack, and would like to reassure
     the local community that extra patrols are being carried out in the area to provide a
     visible presence and help with the investigation.

    'Members of the public are encouraged to speak to the officers about any concerns
     they may have. 

    'This is not being linked to any other incidents.'

    First I want to note the irritating, obfuscating and bordering on pathological use of the term "Asian" - by British newspapers in lieu of the more accurate muslim.Honest journalism has succumbed to dhimmitude and political correctness. I wondered - Do muslims refer to themselves as "Asian"? So I thought I'd check a few muslim online publications to see what people they consider to be "Asian":Al Arabya News Channel - Gulf Daily News - The Voice of Bahrain - Kuwait Arab Times -Crime - The Muslim News

    In reviewing the above searches you will find that the vast majority - if not 100% - use the word 'Asian' in regards to China, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

    The same countries and people that we all think of when reading the word 'Asian'. So clearly muslims do not refer to themselves as 'Asian'.

    isn't it time that British newspapers stop treating their readers like a bunch of dopes?

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