Friday, November 22, 2013


islamic terror group ‘Al Shabaab’ has made a statement saying that Birmingham is their top recruiting ground.‘
Al Shabaab’ have also boasted that their organisation has a respectable amount of “British” members.
‘Al Shabaab’ released a video last month telling their British members to carry out more attacks in the UK and to improvise their weapons, stating “a simple knife from B&Q will do.”
They also praised the killers of Lee Rigby and said the Woolwich attack was an eye for eye and more attacks would and should happen.
al-shabaab1The video is in the hands of the police and the anti-terrorism forces.
But this message is loud and clear, ‘Al Shabaab’ is telling us that it’s here in the UK and here to stay!
Not only that, but one of our major cities is their top recruiting ground!
Something needs to be done, doors need to be coming off, before another attack on a soldier happens or another bomb plot is unleashed in our beloved country.

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