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UK: Islamic supremacist Fiyaz Mughal complains of “Islamophobia” after Muslim Convert Beheads Woman in Her Garden

pamela silva

Here it comes, the second wave in an Islamic attack on the non-believer is followed up by Islamic supremacist admonishments about “backlash” and the sharia-propaganda club “islamophobia.” The faked hate narrative is full-on, kuffar.
Faked hate, phase two of any terror attack. The Islamic supremacists and their apologists have this down cold. I am beginning to believe that they look forward to terrorist attacks so that they can begin the beatdown (and the accompanying shakedown).
Kill — then cry. That’s the jihad credo. Kill in the cause of Islam, then cry, ‘islamophobia!”
Pamela Silva, an elderly Italian woman, was gardening in her yard on a sunny day on a quiet residential street outside of London when her Muslim convert neighbor beheaded her with a machete. He lived a couple of doors down from her in this heavily populated Muslim neighborhood.
Horrifying savagery.
And the response from self-proclaimed Muslim leaders in the UK and beyond is to step on her head and decry imaginary “islamophobia”?
UK: Islamic supremacist Fiyaz Mughal complains of “Islamophobia” Thanks to Robert Spencer, September 7, 2014
FiyazMughalTaqiyyaThe dishonest and discredited Islamic supremacist victimhood propagandist Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama is crying about “Islamophobia” instead of doing what he should be doing, if he really is what he claims to be: confronting the texts and teachings of Islam that justify violence and supremacism and working to reform them in a genuine and sincere manner, so as to remove their capacity to incite people to violence. The hard-Leftist World Bulletin reported:
Fiyaz Mughal, director of Tell Mama, told The Guardian newspaper that the think tank recorded a sudden spike in the number of threats made against Muslims and mosques on social media as well as in the streets of Britain.
“The assumption is that ‘beheading equals Muslim.’ The association, for some, is an automatic response,” Mughal said.
In this case, however, the culprit was not a Muslim.
“Nick Salvadore, suspect for beheading of Palmira Silva, is would-be cage-fighter and Muslim convert,” by Patrick Sawer, Gordon Rayner, Keith Perry, Tom Whitehead and Tom Brooks-Pollock, the Telegraph, September 5, 2014:
The man accused of beheading a great-grandmother in her back garden is a would-be cage fighter who converted to Islam five years ago, it has emerged.
Nicholas Salvadore, 25, was charged late on Friday with the murder of 82-year-old Palmira Silva, who was hacked to death in an apparently random attack on Thursday afternoon. Mr Salvadore was also charged with assaulting a police officer.
Mrs Silva is understood to have been attacked by a suspect who had argued with his flatmates minutes earlier, prompting them to flee in terror in a car as he smashed one of its windows. The killer then beheaded two cats, ranting as he did so, before targeting Mrs Silva.
A neighbour said the suspect had told her a week ago: “The police are looking for me, but they can’t find me, I’m going to hide.”
Neighbours said Mr Salvadore had been living with friends a few doors down from Mrs Silva in Edmonton, north London, for several months and was well known in the area, where he was nicknamed “Fat Nick”.
An hour before Mrs Silva’s murder, Mr Salvadore had been involved in an argument at the local Nightingale Café, where he ordered a takeaway burger and left without paying.
Fatima Altun, 20, who works in the cafe, said: “I went after him and said ‘You haven’t paid’. He gave me the money, it was £3, but he was a bit angry about it. To me he seemed a bit depressed or upset about something.”
He was also involved in a row with a local taxi firm last year. A shopkeeper in Nightingale Road said: “I don’t know what the argument was about but it ended up with him breaking a window.”
Khairul Islam, 40, who runs an Internet cafe close to Mrs Silva’s home, said: “He’d come over quite a lot and search the internet for things like cars. He was one of these people that just hangs around, a bit of a ruffian but never violent to me. He seemed OK, just a loafer.”
Lewis Young, 24, a tattoo artist who attended the local Nightingale Academy secondary school with Mr Salvadore, said: “At school he was just a normal bloke. He has seemed pretty cool. I just can’t believe he could have done something like this.”
Mr Salvadore had ambitions to become a cage fighter, but had gone off the rails and was known locally for dealing drugs.
Another acquaintance of Mr Salvadore said: “He was having problems at work. He’s just been sacked. He’d had problems with drink and drugs in the past.”
Dave Jensen, 52, a builder who once employed Mr Salvadore as a labourer, said he had converted to Islam five years ago.
However he added that he had never behaved aggressively regarding his religion or beliefs.
Mr Jensen said: “Nick told me in passing he’d turned to Islam, about five years ago. But he wasn’t in your face about it. He didn’t try and convert others or talk about religion and politics at all.
“He worked for me off and on, labouring and clearing rubbish in houses round here.”
Police disclosed that it took almost half an hour to arrest the suspect after the first 999 call was received at 1.07pm on Thursday. A police helicopter was overhead by 1.12pm, by which time it is thought Mrs Silva was already dead, and officers on the ground “contained” the suspect as he roamed between back gardens before he was finally cornered in a house and arrested at 1.35pm.
Witnesses said two young boys were in the house where the suspect was held, and described police smashing a window so their mother could hand them to officers and then scramble clear of the house herself.
The alleged killer was shot with a Taser during his arrest, and spent Thursday night in hospital being treated for injuries sustained in a struggle with police, but was discharged on Friday morning and taken to a police station for questioning. Scotland Yard said the murder was not related to terrorism….
After arguing with his housemates and chasing them into the streets, the killer is said to have grabbed a machete and shouted: “Where are the cats?” and “The cats have stolen my lighter.”
Witnesses said he went from his own back garden into the next door garden, where he beheaded a cat before going into the street and butchering another cat. He then ran through the front door of a house that had been left open, got into the back garden and from there went into Mrs Silva’s garden….
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