Friday, October 10, 2014

British ISIS-Supporter Expresses Support for Hitler

A prominent British Islamist and sympathizer of the "Islamic State" terrorist group (ISIS) has appeared in a video in which he expresses support for Adolf Hitler and claims ISIS's rise marks "the end of Zionism."

The anti-Semitic lecture was delivered by Muslim convert Abu Rumaysah, also known as Refi Shafi, who focused significantly on the 19th century anti-Semitic forgery the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and encouraged listeners to look to it as proof of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy - as well as a justification for the Nazi Holocaust.

Rumaysah is a close confidante of infamous British Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary, and a founder of vigilante "Sharia Patrols" phenomenon, in which Islamist thugs attempt to impose Islamic law (sharia) in neighborhoods with Muslim populations. The phenomenon has since spread to other European countriesmost recently Germany.

Ironically, while attacking Jews and Zionists for "trying to take over the world", Abu Rumaysah expressed his support for ISIS's objective for Muslim world domination, and ended his address by expressing confidence that Islam will soon take over the world.

Other ironic snippets include a claim by Rumaysah - a vocal supporter of Al Qaeda and ISIS - that "Zionists" have "no regard for human life", bizarrely citing as proof the prominence of Jews in the medical profession, which in his words includes some drugs which have "adverse side-effects".

 He also claimed that the founder of Shia Islam - which Sunni Islamists such as himself consider as heretics - was a Jew.

Anti-Semitism in the UK has seen an alarming rise in recent months, fueled largely by incitement from Muslim extremists, on the heels of Israel's 50-day war with Islamist terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

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