Monday, October 20, 2014

Cruel burglar stuffed three kittens in the OVEN during raid on home

Omar Hussain, 20, smashed a window to get into the property while the pregnant homeowner was out

Jailed: Hussain was sentenced to two years in prison for the burglary
A cruel burglar stuffed three kittens in an oven while ransacking their owner’s home.
Omar Hussain had befriended his pregnant victim, visiting her home before breaking-in while she was at the doctor’s.
And the 20-year-old even tried to cover his tracks by offering distraught Marian Ahmed a shoulder to cry on, the Birmingham Mail reports.
When his fingerprints were discovered at the scene, he lied they were left when he popped round to show support after the raid.
At Birmingham Crown Court, Hussain was jailed for two-and-a-half years after being found guilty of the burglary, last November.
Mr Recorder Kelly told the warehouse worker: "This is a gross breach of trust and friendship."
PABirmingham Crown Court
Sick: Hussain befriended his pregnant victim before the raid, Birmingham Crown Court heard
The court heard Hussain stashed the kittens in the oven after smashing a window at the address in Handsworth, Birmingham. He then ransacked the property.
It is not clear if the kittens were harmed by the incident.
Hussain, from Birmingham, had not only planned the raid, but also his own defence, returning to the crime-scene in the guise of a concerned friend.
Prosecuting, Kate Plummer said: "There was an untidy search and high value items were taken.
"Her three kittens were put in the oven. He knew the victim, it was pre-planned.
"He knew she would be out at the time and even went back afterwards to help and give himself a defence in court."
Trevor Meegan, defending, said Hussain is still a young man, trying to improve himself.
He added: "He is Somalian and been here for 10 years and has had jobs as a warehouse worker.
"He lives with his parents and has taken a college course at Birmingham College.
"He doesn’t accept his guilt but accepts the conviction against him."
Mr Recorder Kelly added: "You became friends with Miss Ahmed and were a regular visitor to her home.
"This was a terrible thing to do to someone who showed you nothing but friendship and hospitality.
"It looks at the moment as if you are embarking on a life where you are in and out of courts and prison.
"I urge you to reflect on what you are going to do with your life while you are in prison."

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