Monday, October 27, 2014

UK Gov spends £840 million on Muslim prisoners who make up 14% of the entire country’s prison population

“Nowadays jails are run mostly by Muslims … It hurts as a Muslim to have someone disrespect my religion. If we deal with him one time, with violence, and show him what time it is, he will never disrespect our religion again … For Muslims, you’d say it’s good, but for non-Muslims, it’s very, very bad.”
— Jay, five-time former inmate, quoted by the BBC
Rather than change their aggressive, violent behavior they want to blame their own criminality on “discrimination”, poor school performance, poor ability to find jobs (they don’t want to work), family breakdowns, lack of integration into society. The excuse is that Muslim criminality, which is high and rampant in every single country where Muslim emigrate to, is caused by “Muslims being more frequently caught and prosecuted, or sentenced to longer prison terms compared with other offenders”.
Mizanur Rahman, a spokesman for the organisation Muslim Prisoners, blamed the spike on “Islamophobia and racism among police officers”.
There is no rocket science to Muslim crimes. The reason Muslims are more criminalized than other groups is that the religion does not teach a proper mindset. Islam is the foundation of most Muslim homes even in the West. Islam teaches division, discrimination, racism and hatred of other people. It doesn’t permit or encourage integration. How is it possible for them to contribute any other way to society if that is how they are told to view the world and society? And since Islam is the foundation of Muslim culture, Islam has created a culture that is completely incompatible with the rest of the world.
Muslims represent only 4.7% of the entire British population but dominate crime, violence, welfare claimants, healthcare users and population increase. Over the past 15 years, the number of Muslims in British prisons has jumped by more than 200%. In Whitemoor, a Category A prison in Cambridgeshire, England, the Muslim prison population is as high as 43 per cent. Over 12,000 Muslims are in prison in England and the numbers are drastically rising every single year. Each prisoner costs the tax payer GBP £70,000 meaning the government spends over £840 million on Muslim prisoners alone. In 1991 prisons housed 1,957 Muslims. By 2013 the total percentage had jumped to 12% and in 2014 the figures increased to 14%. With the volume of terrorists being recruited and increasing in the UK the numbers are bound to climb even higher.

Calls for inquiry as figures show 27% of London’s prisoners are Muslim

Research: shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan obtained the data (Picture: Alex Lentati)
Joe Murphy, Political Editor, ES
More than a quarter of London’s prison population are Muslims, prompting urgent calls for an inquiry into what is happening in the justice system.
Official figures have revealed that record levels of Muslim people are serving jail sentences and that the numbers are still growing. Across England and Wales the proportion has risen from eight per cent a decade ago to 14 per cent now.
In London, the figure is an “astonishing” 27 per cent, which is more than double the 12 per cent of the capital’s population who are Muslim. In two prisons, Feltham and Isis, a third of the inmates were Muslim.
The data was obtained by Sadiq Khan, the lawyer and shadow justice secretary who is himself a Muslim. He told the Evening Standard that an inquiry was vital to explain why the increase is happening.
“What’s really worrying is the rise, year after year, in the number of Muslims behind bars,” he said, adding: “We need to know why that’s the case if we’re to stop this rising further, reduce crime and prevent people needlessly becoming victims.”
Half of the top 10 prisons with the highest Muslim populations are in London, including Belmarsh, where the percentage has risen since 2010 from 19 to 29 per cent, Brixton (24 per cent), Pentonville (28 per cent), Thameside (25 per cent) and Wormwood Scrubs (27 per cent).
Mr Khan accused the Government of sitting on its hands after a 2010 call by the Chief Inspector of Prisons for a National Strategy to deal with the growing numbers of Muslims behind bars.
He said: “Four years on and ministers have ignored this call. The Government is utterly clueless about what to do about this growing problem. This is a waste of human talent and a huge drain on the hard-pressed taxpayer.”
Higher offending rates is only one of many possible reasons why the prison population is higher for some groups of the population. Other explanations could be that Muslims are more frequently caught and prosecuted, or sentenced to longer prison terms compared with other offenders.
A Prison Service spokesperson said: “We have already implemented many of the recommendations from the 2010 report.”

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