Saturday, November 08, 2014

Muslim who plotted to kill Queen “just discovered his faith”

Queen_Elizabeth_IIHe recently grew a full beard and began wearing Muslim dress. It is odd how no one among the British political or media elites ever seems to notice that those who commit these acts that have nothing to do with Islam are invariably devout and dedicated in their observance of Islam. The misunderstanding of Islam seems to set in with the devoutness — isn’t that strange!
“‘Her Majesty will not shirk her duty': Queen to attend Remembrance ceremony at Cenotaph tomorrow despite police arresting four Islamic extremists over ‘plot to kill her,'” by Chris Greenwood, James Slack and Martin Robinson, Daily Mail
The Queen has vowed to attend the Remembrance Day centenary ceremony at The Cenotaph despite police arresting four Islamist terror suspects plotting to kill her on the day….
Yesterday armed officers seized the four men, aged 19 to 27, following months of surveillance.
Last night police were said to be interrogating the suspects – who are thought to have hatched a plot assassinate the Queen with a knife….
Although police would not discuss whether the suspects had a specific target, the timing of the raids raised fears of a Remembrance Day outrage.
Islamic State militants have called on ‘self-starter’ followers to target high-profile commemorative events.
Police marksmen from its SO15 terrorism command arrested the youngest suspect on Thursday night at 8.31pm at the £160,000 home he shares with his mother in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. He is said to have recently returned from Pakistan.
Fourteen minutes later a 22-year-old was seized by armed officers at a house in Hounslow.
In an unusual move, the eldest suspect was stopped at gunpoint in his car in Southall, West London, but no shots were fired.
The fourth man was arrested in Uxbridge and searches were taking place in Greenford and Hayes, also in West London.
The suspects were all arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.
It was reported the allegations are linked to a UK plot – not travelling to Syria to join ISIS.
The use of armed officers for the arrests suggests police chiefs fear the suspects may have acquired weapons. None were found, however….
The home of Yousaf Syed, the 19-year-old suspect, had been raided before – in April during an investigation into potential jihadists.
Another man arrested in that operation complained his passport was seized by the Home Office to stop him travelling to the Middle East.
Neighbours of Syed said he lives with his 41-year-old mother Somia, who works as ground crew for an airline.
One said he had had ‘several run-ins’ with the ‘angry’ teenager.
When he challenged the teenager’s mother, she told him: ‘I’m sorry, it’s my son. He’s young and he’s just discovered his faith.’
The neighbour said the teenager recently grew a full beard and began wearing traditional Muslim dress.

 Police Bust '100 Terror Plots a Week'...

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