Monday, December 01, 2014

Muslim who threatened to kill wife and children can’t be deported

And he can’t be deported because of his “right to a family life” — that is, his right to be with the people he threatened to murder. A few British people have stopped by the comments field on various recent Jihad Watch posts to tell me to stop being so hard on the British. I will comply as soon as British authorities stop issuing absurd and suicidal rulings like this one.
MP for Kettering Philip Hollobone said it was farcical to let the Algerian, 42, remain in the UK
The Daily Mail, true to form for all the mainstream media, doesn’t mention that this man is a Muslim, identifying him only as an “Algerian national.” But virtually everyone in Algeria is Muslim, and it is because he is Muslim, not because he is Algerian, that British officials are bending over backwards to accommodate him.
Britain Suicide Watch Update: “Algerian migrant can’t be kicked out of Britain because of his right to family life – despite threatening to KILL his ex-partner and children,” by Thomas Burrows, Daily Mail, November 30, 2014 
A migrant from Algeria who threatened to torch his two daughters and ex-girlfriend cannot be thrown out of Britain – because of his ‘right to a family life’.
The Algerian national, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was ruled a danger to his daughters, now five and seven, by social workers.
A Child Protection Plan even forbids him from living with them in the West Midlands.
The 42-year-old was imprisoned for 15 months in 2012 after Wolverhampton Crown Court heard he vowed to burn down his house with his children and their Angolan mother inside.
But despite that, the migrant has won the right to remain in the UK.
Tory MP Philip Hollobone said he was disgusted by the decision.
He told the Sun on Sunday: ‘This is exactly why the Human Rights Act should be scrapped.
‘Any foreign national convicted of a crime should be deported and banned from ever returning.
The immigrant arrived in the UK in December 2003 when he paid smugglers to get him in. He claimed asylum the next day giving a false name and date of birth.
His claim was refused in February 2004, but his two separate appeals were both dismissed.
He remained in the UK, however, and six years later he was convicted at Brent Magistrates’ Court of drink driving.
Then two years later, he was jailed for 15 months and Home Secretary Theresa May signed a deportation order to send him back to his native country when he was freed.
An immigration tribunal was even told deporting him would not have a detrimental effect on his children.
However, Judge Conway allowed him to remain in the country.
He said: ‘You have been punished enough and I do not think further supervision is going to help you.
‘What will help you is trying to get on the rails with your family and your children and I know that you are determined to do that.
You made a very serious mistake but you are not a danger to the public and you are not a fire raiser.’…

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