Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Teen tells how she was raped by three men she met at Exeter kebab shop

The teenager met the three defendants at the Golden Horn kebab house

A teenaged girl has told a jury she feared she was going to be held prisoner in a house where she alleges she was raped by three men.
The woman told Exeter Crown Court she was left sore and bruised after being attacked by the three men in turn after being plied with drink and drugs.
She says she met the men at a kebab shop in the centre of Exeter and eventually taken to a house in Bonhay Road where she was held down and raped.
The men, Tomasz Lipinski, Zulkodar Ali and Gulum Choudhury, are all on trial for rape and the prosecution say they gave the 18-year-old girl vodka, skunk cannabis and lines of amphetamine during a series of parties.
The jury have been told the girl was with two friends when she was picked up at the Golden Horn in Fore Street, Exeter, at around 11 pm and went on to party at the two houses before ending up in Bonhay Road.
They say the girl was held down and raped first by Lipinski, then Ali in a spare room and was then taken to bed in another room by Choudhury, who put his hands around her neck and forced her to have sex.
Lipinski, aged 24, of North Lawn Court, Zulkodar Ali, aged 41, of Salters Road, and Gulum Choudhury, aged 39, all Exeter, all deny raping the girl in August 2012. They all say the girl agreed to sex.
The complainant, now aged 20, said the men seemed friendly when they met in the Golden Horn, where they said they had just come from working out at the gym.
She got into a black BMW with two female friends and was driven to a garage where the men bought vodka and Stella Artois and went on to obtain cannabis at amphetamines.
They all went back to one of the other girl’s room and partied until she fell asleep before moving on to her bedsit where they had more drink and drugs and the second girl passed out.
The girl said she then went back to Choudhury’s home in Bonhay Road in the car and was attacked by the men.
She said Lipinski and Ali left after raping her and she was left with Choudhury, who took her to his bedroom and forced her to have sex.
She said:”I told him to stop. I was crying. I ended up completely covered in bruises. He was putting things in my mind. He was being nice and saying he would take me out to lunch but then said ‘you work for us now’.
“They must have known I was not agreeing to it. The fact I was crying would have given it away enough. I was saying it was hurting and asking what was going on. They must have known I was in a complete state. They knew exactly what they were doing.
“They were being smart about, hoping I would just think it was because I was drunk but what sort of person in their right mind would have sex with three different men, whether they were drunk or not.
“They knew exactly what they were doing but they were trying it on but they were saying things like that I worked for them and that was not right.
“At the end I was sat on the bed waiting for the last one to go to sleep. I could see it was starting to get light. I thought if I did not get out I could be there for days. I just wanted to get out.
“I grabbed my phone from the table downstairs and took everything that was mine and left. I was in such a panic. I was scared. I had to get out. I thought I did not want to go through this again.
“I remember creeping downstairs because I did not want him to wake up. I was worried he may come after me.”
The girl said she texted a friend as she was leaving the house at around 7 am in the morning and later went to police who photographed bruising on her legs.
In the video recorded interview with police she told officers:”I have got some major bruises. My whole body is aching. My private parts, thighs and inside of my legs are all throbbing with pain.”
The trial continues

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