Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Labour Party: “We will introduce state funded Islamic schools in 2015″

A new proposal under the Labour party could see that some church of England schools are replaced by Islamic schools in order to embrace multiculturalism at primary school age level.
State funded Islamic schools: white British children wearing burkas alongside Muslim kids.
The proposal which is being drawn up by Ed Miliband seeks to bring cultural fairness across the board and allow the Muslim council of great Britain to provisionally run the proposed islamic schools.
In the interest of fairness, application to entry of these ‘Islamic Schools’ would be open to anybody from any cultural or religious background but uniform rules would apply to all, meaning that a white British girl would be made to wear the traditional Islamic burka whilst boys would be made to wear Islamic robes.
A spokesman for the Labour Party, John Chapman said, ‘The idea of having Islamic schools running alongside state Christian schools is an exciting idea and the way forward in terms of bettering Britain’s understanding of the islamic religion’
‘These state funded Islamic schools would be maintained by the Islamic council of great Britain who currently form an impromptu government over the Islamic states of great Britain, we seek to further our relationship with the council and work with them constructively to build a better multiculturalist future for Britain’.
The Labour party would hope to have the first Islamic School up and running by 2017, providing its a success then they plan a further 20 across the country for 2018,
This new move comes amidst a series of new policy moves introduced by the Labour Party which they hope to implement should they win the general election in 2015.

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