Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Islamic preacher Abdur Raheem Green banned from St James Park by Newcastle United

Abdur Raheem Green has been asked to withdraw from speaking at event Against Racism, Against Hatred held at St James' Park

Islamic preacher Abdur Raheem Green
An Islamic preacher has been banned from St James’ Park following concerns from the local community over his appearance at a conference.
Abdur Raheem Green, who has previously been barred from Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium, has been asked by Newcastle United not to attend the North East Islamic Diversity Centre’s event Against Racism, Against Hatred this Thursday.
Labour peer Lord Jeremy Beecham was due to speak at the event but has withdrawn, while Newcastle based Rabbi Aaron Lipsey said ‘more thought’ should have been put into the speakers.
Muslim convert Abdur Raheem Green is known for preaching at Hyde Park corner in London. He is also chair of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) which is continuing to be investigated by the Charities Commission over its governance, organising events and inviting external speakers.
However after concern from the local community, including local Jewish people, Newcastle United said they had asked him not to attend.
Emirates Stadium barred him from attending a conference there in 2012 after fans complained.
Event organiser Abu-Tayeb, of the North East Islamic Diversity Centre, said it would be a ‘great shame’ that Abdur Raheem Green would not be heard as he would have clarified statements made 27 years earlier which had caused offence.

He said the event had been organised to tackle both Islamaphobia and anti-Semitism following the attack on a Jewish man in Gateshead last summer and the aim was to ‘remove misconceptions’ and ‘share that Islam does not promote anti-semitism in anyway’.

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