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Paedophile illegal immigrant jailed for using Facebook and WhatsApp to lure schoolgirl, 15, to Travelodge for sex applies for political asylum so he can stay in the country

  • Subayer Ahmed had used WhatsApp and Facebook to groom two teens, telling him he loved them, a court heard
  • He went onto play a sex game online with one 15-year-old and booked a hotel room for him and the teen
  • Police burst in before he could have sex and 29-year-old was jailed with recommendation he should be deported
  • But court has now been told that the illegal immigrant has applied for political asylum to stay in UK
Subayer Ahmed, who was jailed for luring a 15-year-old schoolgirl to a Travelodge for sex has applied for political asylum to stay in the UK
Subayer Ahmed, who was jailed for luring a 15-year-old schoolgirl to a Travelodge for sex has applied for political asylum to stay in the UK
An illegal immigrant jailed for luring a 15-year-old schoolgirl to a Travelodge for sex has applied for political asylum to stay in the UK.

Subayer Ahmed had used WhatsApp and Facebook to groom two teenagers, telling him he loved them, a court heard.

He went onto play a sex game online with the girl he met at the hotel and had promised her he would marry her if she got pregnant.

Police burst into the hotel room in the nick of time to stop him having sex with the girl after they were tipped off by a concerned hotel staff member.

Further inquiries revealed Ahmed and the besotted girl had been caught on CCTV involved in 'heavy petting 'that evening at the city's Odeon cinema.

Today Bangladesh-born Ahmed began 32 months in jail with a recommendation by police and a judge he be deported.

But Burnley Crown Court was informed he would be applying for asylum in an attempt to avoid being thrown out of the UK.

Ahmed, 29, had arrived in Britain in 2009 on a student visa yet is thought have overstayed and he used a fake passport in a bid to claim British citizenship. 

The six month process to apply for asylum will take place whilst he serves his sentence.
The court hear that the first girl, who was lured back to the hotel, had started communicating with Ahmed on Facebook last July 16.

Miss Emma Kehoe, prosecuting, said: 'She told him on that first occasion she was 15 and that she was from Burnley. He responded by saying he was 22 and he now lived in London but he said he was originally from Burnley.

'The defendant asked her "How is your love life?"  He conceded in some messages "You're still very young, aren't you?"'

'The girl gave Ahmed her mobile number and they conversed on Facebook, by text message and also on WhatsApp.'

Miss Kehoe added: ' As soon as they became friends, they were ending their conversation by kisses at the end. They were telling each other that they loved each other and the defendant was calling her his babe. It was on July 21 that there was first a suggestion by the defendant that they meet up.'

The court heard the texting and the conversation began to get sexual and they played a game on Facebook called Truth or Dare.

Miss Kehoe said: 'The defendant asked her what she would do if a guy was lying next to her naked. She at first was embarrassed. He went on to tell her what he would do if female was lying next to him.

'She continued to tell him she loved him and he responded by telling her he loved her too. He began to talk about how he would book a Travelodge and how they would spend the night together. He told her he was looking forward to sharing a bath with her.'

Miss Kehoe said Ahmed and the girl carried on their conversation on WhatsApp, discussing contraception for their encounter.

'He told her if she did get pregnant they would get married. He went on to ask if she would spend the night with him, naked in bed next to him. He told her one day he was going to marry her.'
On August 11, a room was booked at the Travelodge in Manchester by Ahmed under the name of Rezahul Shastab.

But a staff member became concerned after she saw the older man with a young 'uncomfortable' girl and called the police. 

Officers arrived at the hotel at 10.45pm to find the pair in the room, fully clothed and described the girl as 'very quiet'.

Receipts from a cinema and a cafe were also found and when police studied the CCTV, they found footage of inappropriate contact.

Miss Kehoe said: 'It clearly shows the girl and the defendant in seats at the cinema and that they were engaging in heavy petting throughout their time in these seats.' 

Ahmed's mobile phone was seized which revealed the Facebook messages and also contact between the defendant and the second girl, also 15. 

She initially did not want to give a statement but eventually broke down in tears and revealed how Ahmed's false name had popped up in a Facebook request and she had accepted it.

She told police he had also asked her if they could meet, and he had asked if he could kiss her - to which she refused. They met on two subsequent occasions when she was 16. 

Miss Kehoe added: 'There is evidence from the messages that they told each other on a regular basis they loved each other and she described the defendant as her boyfriend.'

In a victim impact statement, the first girl said what had happened had caused a 'massive change' in her life and she felt 'anxious and distressed all the time.'

Ahmed admitted two charges of meeting a child following sexual grooming, one charge of sexual activity with a child, one of providing a false document with intent to obtain leave to remain in the UK and one of possessing a false document with intent.

He was made the subject of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order, banning him from having or seeking unsupervised contact with any child under 16 and from allowing any child under 16 into his home or where he is staying.

Inquiries revealed in October 2013, Ahmed sent an application for UK citizenship in the name of Rezahul Shastab with a passport in that name, with the same date of birth, saying his place of birth was Bangladesh. But Home office officials identified the documents as being fake with no record of a man using that name to enter the UK. Ahmed has since been served with a deportation notice by the police. 

His counsel Alison Heyworth said Ahmed came to the UK legitimately to study in 2009 to study, but his studies fell by the wayside because he chose to work.

Miss Heyworth said the Facebook contact was 'immature in the extreme' and added: 'It's teenage talk. Immaturity is something that, in my submission, is a feature the court can take into account. 'There is no suggestion either of these two girls have been coerced into anything.'

But passing sentence, Judge Jonathan Gibson told Ahmed: 'You went to the hotel room and it's quite clear your intention was to have sexual intercourse with the girl.

'You were disturbed and that did not take place.

'I understand that you are applying for asylum. I'm afraid, based on the information that I have, it would seem to me that given what you did to these two young girls, you shouldn't really be in the United Kingdom.'

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