Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sheep illegally slaughtered at Wrexham farm for Muslim festival

The four men were fined after the animals were killed without being stunned first

These four men were fined after sheep were illegally slaughtered in Wrexham. From left, Hadyar Ayhan, Cumalia Acun, Fatti Acun and Ismail Arslan.
Four Turkish men have admitted their roles in the unlawful slaughtering of sheep as part of a Muslim tradition.
Cumalia Acun, 32, Fatti Acun, 26, Ismail Arslan, 24, and Hadyar Ayhan, 28, pleaded guilty to a combined nine charges when they appeared at court yesterday.
The animals, who were inappropriately restrained by having their legs tied together, were killed at Llechrydau Farm on the Wrexham/Shropshire border on October 4 last year so they could be eaten by the men during a Muslim religious festival.
The court heard that following an unannounced inspection at the farm, knives, a table, headless carcasses and meat inside the boot of a vehicle were discovered.
The four men, who claimed they were unaware that their actions were illegal, all received fines totalling hundreds of pounds.
Louise Edwards, prosecuting, said the inspection was carried out by the local authority’s food safety team, along with a vet and police officers, after Wrexham Trading Standards had received an anonymous letter about potential illegal slaughter at the farm.
She told Wrexham Magistrates that owner Eryl Morris was not present at the time but had offered the sheep to the men for the festival.
“It was suggested the sheep would be sold for £100 each but in fact no money had changed hands,” said Ms Edwards.
“The men indicated that they had picked their own animal. They maintained that they did not know it was illegal as it was something they would do in their own country.”
Aimee Phoenix, defending, said all four men were of previous good character and were “sorry and upset” to find themselves in court, adding that they felt they had “shown their religion in a bad light”.
She told the court: “The reason behind this incident was because it was a Muslim religious festival at the time.
“None of these men were aware of the legislation surrounding the slaughter of these animals. Had they known they would have played no part in this at all.”
Cumalia Acun, of Princess Avenue, Chirk, who runs a local kebab shop, was fined £590 after admitting two charges of killing an animal without prior stunning and two of restraining an animal in an inappropriate manner prior to it being killed. He was also ordered to pay a total of £230 in costs.
Fatti Acun, of Richmond Gardens, Chirk, who also has his own takeaway, was fined £430 after pleading guilty to one charge of killing without prior stunning and one of inappropriate restraining. He was also ordered to pay £222 costs.
Ayhan, of Llys Road, Oswestry, who works for a local kebab shop, faced one charge of killing without prior stunning and one of inappropriate restraining, and was fined £160 with £220 costs.
Arslan, of West View, Chirk, who has now moved to Doncaster, admitted restraining an animal in an inappropriate manner prior to it being killed and was fined £75 with £220 costs.

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