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Without warning Mohammed Abdullah drew a kitchen knife and attacked a member of staff, believing she had medical files on an operation he had undergone

Google MapsPertemps office on Soho Road
Attack: Abdullah was convicted of attempted murder by a jury
Brave office staff jumped in to save a colleague as she was attacked by a frenzied knife man suffering from a delusional disorder.
Workers at recruitment company Pertemps showed no thought for their own safety as they battled to restrain Mohammed Abdullah.
The 39-year-old attended the recruitment office for an appointment on June 26 last year, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
Without warning he drew a kitchen knife and attacked a member of staff believing she had medical files on an operation he had undergone.
He was convicted of attempted murder by a jury, reports the Birmingham Mail.
As Abdullah was made subject to a hospital order, Judge Phillip Parker QC praised Pertemps workers for their bravery.
He said: “I simply applaud and commend the members of staff at Pertemps office on Soho Road who courageously helped their colleague without any thought for their own personal safety.”
The court heard Abdullah, of Soho Road, Handsworth, believed his kidneys had been removed during a routine operation by doctors.
When he went to Pertemps last June he believed the office worker held medical records about the procedure.
He left the woman needing 22 stiches after grabbing her by the hair and stabbing her to the chest.
Trial: Birmingham Crown Court
She also suffered a slashed tendon in her thumb as she tried to protect herself.
Judge Parker said: “From her angle it was a terrifying attack, wholly unexpected and completely random and brutal.
“To say it shattered her confidence is a complete understatement.
“It has effected her life in many many ways.”
Nigel Stelling, defending, said his client did not believe he was suffering from amental illness and asked to be sent to prison.
However, two psychiatric reports said Abdullah was suffering from a persistent delusional disorder which would be impossible to treat in prison.
Judge Parker went on: “It is clear you pose a significant risk of harm to others.
“The best way of protecting society is to have you treated in hospital.”
Abdullah was placed under an indefinite order and will only be released by the Secretary of State when he is deemed no risk to the public.”

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