Monday, June 22, 2015

Cameron crackdown on 'poisonous' Islamic extremists could see mosques closed down

DAVID Cameron has vowed to wage war against British Islamic extremism in a decisive first move by the new Conservative government.

David Cameron will meet with the National Security Council to outline the plans
The Prime Minister will act quickly to curb the powers of known hate preachers and terrorists - moves that were blocked  by the Liberal Democrats.

Unshackled from coalition government, Mr Cameron has free rein to launch a much-anticipated crackdown on those who seek to brainwash British youngsters, warning against a "passively tolerant" society.

Among the options being considered is a ban on radical clerics mixing with vulnerable young muslims, introducing banning  orders for organisations that use hate speech in public and powers to close premises – even mosques - where extremists meet. 
Whether they are violent in their means or not, we must make it impossible for the extremists to succeed
David Cameron
Mr Cameron will meet with security chiefs to outline the plans, and is expected to include the measures in his majority government’s first Queen’s Speech on May 27.

The PM will tell the National Security Council: "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.

"It's often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that's helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance.

"This Government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach. As the party of one nation, we will govern as one nation, and bring our country together.

"That means actively promoting certain values. Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

"We must say to our citizens: this is what defines us as a society.

"To belong here is to believe in these things. And it means confronting head-on the poisonous Islamist extremist ideology. Whether they are violent in their means or not, we must make it impossible for the extremists to succeed."

Anjem Choudary
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed that all Muslim MPs and voters are 'apostates'
Mr Cameron also plans to impose further immigration restrictions on suspected extremists and to give more power to Ofcom, the media regulator, to take action against channels that broadcast extremist content.

New Asbo-style Extremism Disruption Orders will also keep hate preachers away from young people and extra powers will free up the Charity Commission to root out charities that funnel cash towards extremism and terrorism.

The proposals could also include the revival of the "snooper’s charter", requiring internet companies to retain information about people’s online activities.

Home Secretary Theresa May is keen to push ahead with the plans, which had been blocked by former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and his party.

On Friday, just hours after returning to her Home Office post, Mrs May said handing the police and security services more powers to intercept internet communications was a “key” policy of the next Tory administration.

With renewed impetus after the Tory victory, Mrs May will tell the meeting of security bosses that "the twisted narrative of extremism cannot be ignored or wished away".

"This Government will challenge those who seek to spread hatred and intolerance by forming a new partnership of every single person and organisation in this country who wants to defeat the extremism," she will say.

"We will introduce legislation to combat groups and individuals who reject our values and promote messages of hate.

"We will empower institutions to stand up against the extremists and challenge bigotry and ignorance. And we will support  those who are fighting back against extremism online.

"United by our values and the basic principles of our society we are determined to defeat extremism in all its forms."

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