Saturday, June 20, 2015

Human rights madness as terror suspect DOESN'T have to wear tag – as he claims it's a bomb

A TERRORIST suspect does not have to wear an electronic tag because he thinks MI5 planted a bomb inside it.


The suspect does not have to wear the tag because he thinks it is a bomb
A judge ruled that the man, known only as DD, could have the tag removed – because it would breach his human rights.

The Somalian-born hate preacher is now free to walk Britain's streets without being monitored, despite being considered a threat to the public.

Mr Justice Collins said that wearing the tag would make the fanatic delusional because he has mental health problems.

He said that forcing the man to wear the tag would breach Article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which is meant to protect people from torture.

DD, who supports the al-Qaeda splinter group al-Shabaab, was placed under TPIM, a terrorist prevention order, two years ago.

TPIMs are placed on terror suspects by the Home Secretary if officials decide they cannot be charged or deported.

They enable security services to monitor suspects' movements and restrict where they can go.

The 39-year-old man is only one of two terror suspects under a TPIM.

He is suspected of recruiting and radicalising vulnerable young Europeans and contributing to propaganda for al Shabaab.

The judge said that there was medical evidence of DD having psychotic beliefs that the tag was there to harm him, thinking it contained a camera and a bomb.

Conservative MPs reacted furiously with Mr Justice Collins's decision, saying it showed why the Human Rights Act must be scrapped.

Jonathan Hall QC, representing Home Secretary Teresa May, said that the TPIM had "significantly reduced" the man's ability to contribute to propaganda.

But a Home Office spokesman insisted that "restrictions on [DD's] activities to protect the public remain in place".

Terror suspect traumatised by his ankle tag 'raised tens of thousands for killer fanatics'
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