Sunday, June 21, 2015

Many UK Muslims die awaiting organ transplants because they refuse organ donations from non-Muslims

Sadly for Britain, there are now around 3 million Muslims living there, most from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. In Birmingham, 21% of the population is Muslim and the wait for organs for Muslims can take up to 5 years because of a dearth of donations from Muslims. Many die while on the waiting list.

BBC  “Regardless of the ethnicity of the Muslim – they might be from Africa, they might be from Asia, the question is: what do the Muslim religious leaders say about organ donation? Is organ donation actually permissible, is it allowed within the religion of Islam?”


One senior cleric – from the Council for Islamic Ideology – was concerned about whether the bodies of Muslims who were raised from the dead on judgement day would be affected if they were not whole. Apparently, more Muslims are willing to accept an ‘infidel’ organ than they are to donate one of their own.

British hospital
FILTHY! Fully-clothed Muslim woman in British hospital

In light of that and this following story, non-Muslim organ donators should specify that their organs are NOT to go to Muslims. A Hindu woman organ donor is abused and humiliated by the Muslim male recipient of her organ.

Inquisitr  Lekha Namboothiri, a 31-year-old healthy Hindu female, donated one of her kidneys to 35 year old Shafi, a Muslim. In India, it is quite common for donors to be offered handsome monetary reimbursements in lieu of their donations. But Lekha staunchly refused any such offers that exceeded Rs. 15 Lakhs ($25,000) and offered her healthy kidney.


Incidentally, Lekha didn’t consider for an instant the fact that she was donating a kidney to a Muslim. Unfortunately for her, the recipient considers it a very big issue. Poor Lekha mustn’t have had the slightest inclination that that one day even organs would have the tag of religion attached.

Lekha, a native of Mavelikkara, Kerala rejected offers mounting up to Rs. 15 lakhs, overlooked her own poverty stricken background and went head in donating one of her kidneys to Shafi Navaz, a Muslim hailing from Pattambi, Kerala. Shafi was on deathbed and claimed to be from a poor family himself.

Having received the kidney from an ‘unknown’ organ donor, Shafi recovered completely. However, in India, it isn’t difficult to procure the information about who was the organ donor. Upon realizing that Lekha, a Hindu, had donated the kidney that saved his life, Shafi, instead of thanking her for the gift, now heaps showers of abuses on his benefactor, reported Haindava Keralam.


Shafi’s is mighty upset that his new kidney has come from a Hindu organ donor. Lekha’s case is that of having interacted with the most unappreciated person, who instead of being grateful for having saved his life without accepting any monetary ‘gifts’, now cribs and insults her routinely because the world has come to know of her noble deed. Apparently, Shafi considers it a ‘haram’ (sin) to have received anything from a person not belonging to the Muslim community, reported Sanskrit Magazine.

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