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Mohammad Hasan beats wife senseless after a ‘too salty’ dinner -

“Mrs Aklima Akter want drop the matter against my husband”
Of course, because Islam empowers women.
More of the joys of Muslim immigration.
Mohammad Hasan: From welfare rorts to beating his wife after a ‘too salty’ dinner
XCLUSIVE Janet Fife-Yeomans and Laura Banks
The Daily Telegraph
HE is a serial welfare rorter who forged medical reports and is still on the dole. He is also a convicted ­wife-beater.
Mohammad Hasan, who applied for the baby bonus and family tax benefits just two days after his wife arrived from Bangladesh with their seven-month-old son, was last week convicted of punching her in the head after she served him dinner which he complained was too salty.
“Every day, every little excuse, why do you start arguments over little ­issues,” his wife Aklima Akter, 25, pleaded with him during the attack on November 20 last year, according to a police statement tendered to Burwood Local Court.
It was an insight into the life of a welfare rorter who two weeks before the attack had pleaded guilty in Downing Centre Local Court to forging six medical reports in a bid to get a range of benefits for himself and his wife. He was placed on a good behaviour bond.
As well as the baby bonus, Hasan, 35, had applied since his wife’s arrival in December, 2011, for the Disability Support Pension, essential medical equipment payments, a carer payment and carer allowance for his son, who he lied had a congenital heart disease.
Ms Akter, who married Hasan in 2009 in Bangladesh, had also applied for the mobility allowance, carer’s ­allowance and carer’s payment.
Picture: Peter Kelly
Picture: Peter Kelly
Picture: Peter Kelly
Picture: Peter Kelly
The claims were rejected last month by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Hasan, who arrived in Australia by himself in 2000, remains on the dole. Last week he pleaded not guilty to two assault charges but was convicted and placed on a two-year good behaviour bond. A two-year apprehended violence order was imposed to protect his wife, who still lives with him and their two children at Lakemba.
The court heard Hasan was asleep on the couch about 8pm when Ms Akter called to him to help as she cooked dinner. They argued before she apologised.
She served dinner at 10.30pm and Hasan complained the food was too salty. An hour later they were still ­arguing when he “raised his left hand and, with a closed fist, punched her to the right side of the head two times” leaving her dizzy and bruised, the court was told.
She grabbed a knife but threw it down when her husband approached her. He again punched her repeatedly to the head and shoulder. Police were called after she went to see a doctor.
The court heard Hasan tried to get his wife to withdraw the claim and told police he was on medication for depression and could not remember what had happened. Ms Akter, who told police he had hit her before but she had not reported it, wrote to the court: “Mrs Aklima Akter want drop the matter against my husband. So kindly help about dropping matter.”
Outside their unit this week, Hasan was asked whether he felt remorse for hitting his wife or for falsifying documents. “I have no comment,” he said.
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