Tuesday, June 30, 2015

‘Zionists’ return the missing shoe to Islamic supremacist Asghar Bukhari

Ha, ha… Complete lunatic. Typical Muslim mindset, filled with Jinns. Always paranoid and with no reasoning ability. And of course the fault is always the Joooos!
Asghar Bukhari gives a second explanation as to why his shoe reappeared after accusing Zionists of sneaking into his home and stealing it: Muslims are victims. And ‘whites’ are the fault. Muslims are always victims. Asghar then claims Muslims see themselves as subhuman, as animals, as a dogs and have no self-confidence. Well, how come Islam doesn’t help them to feel more confident of themselves.So the anger and frustration, terrorizing the world, is self-induced and imaginary.
Asghar Bukhari then gives a brief tour of his state owned (free welfare) council home…

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