Monday, July 06, 2015


We still don't know the full US total, but it's increasing every year with Muslim immigration. The methodology is simple and financially devastating.
Ahmed imports Wife No. 2, passes her off as a cousin or niece, she gets pregnant, is on the books as a single mother, collects every benefit there is, meanwhile she's bringing along every family member. The men import their own wives and the cycle continues.
The UK sees this trend being very high among young Muslims and estimates a large number of Muslimpolygamous marriages.
“As many as 100,000 couples are living in such marriages, which are not valid under UK law, experts said.
A leading Islamic family lawyer warned that the increase in Sharia ceremonies among the 2.7 million-strong Muslim population in Britain was also behind a growth in “secret polygamy”.
“Probably a quarter of all couples I see involve polygamy issues,” Aina Khan told The Times. “There has been a huge rise in recent years because people can have a secret nikah [Islamic marriage] and no one will know about it.”
The growth in a parallel marriage system that bypassed the register office was being driven by Muslims aged below 30, who were becoming more religious, she said.
100,000 is not a tiny minority and if we look at this trend as being highest among the under 30 Muslims, that means it's a much higher proportion than even the numbers would lead us to expect.
Polygamy obviously is a demographic weapon that helps keep a birthrate boom going. While in the Muslim world, polygamy generally skews toward a wealthy class, the attraction of Europe and the US is that the native taxpayers subsidize the polygamy of the Muslim colonists. It's a version of ISIS complete with sex trafficking, but somewhat less violence.
UK taxpayers are financing the rise of their own Islamic State.

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