Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cab driver sexually assaulted girl with learning difficulties on way to college, jury hears

A CAB driver is on trial at Bradford Crown Court accused of sexually assaulting a teenage passenger with learning difficulties while taking her to college.
Mohammed Adrees, 44, is said to have molested the 17-year-old girl after asking her to move from the back into the front seat of his vehicle.
Adrees, of Ryan Street, West Bowling, Bradford, pleads not guilty to two offences of sexual assault and one of causing a person to engage in sexual activity on April 1 last year.
Prosecutor Michael Greenhalgh told the jury today the teenager, who cannot be identified, was transported to college in the mornings by a Euro Cars cab provided by the local authority.
On the day of the alleged assaults, Adrees, who was not the girl's usual driver, was taking her to college for the second time.
She was sitting in the back of the vehicle, which had three rows of seats, and talking to him about pop groups and her boyfriend.
Adrees said his friend knew Zayn Malik from One Direction.
Mr Greenhalgh told the jury that Adrees stopped his vehicle and asked her to sit in the front passenger seat.
She did so because she "didn't want to be rude", said Mr Greenhalgh.
The student talked to Adrees about her weight, asking if she too big.
He felt her legs and said her weight was fine.
Adrees is then alleged to sexually assaulted the girl and put her hand on to his penis over his clothing.
She claims he asked if he could touch her breasts and she told him "no".
The jury heard that Adrees told her not to tell anyone when they arrived at the college.
The next morning, she confided to her mother what she said he had done and the police were informed.
Adrees was arrested and told the police he was looking for his cigarette lighter and asked the girl to raise herself up in her seat to see if it was underneath her.
He denied sexually assaulting her.
The teenager, now aged 19, said she always sat in the back of the cab because she was scared to sit in the front.
She told the police the driver stopped his vehicle so she could get into the front seat.
Afterwards, she felt mad about what he had done.

The trial continues.She was scared to tell straight away but she told her mother the next morning.

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