Monday, July 27, 2015


Another fine example of the justice system at its very worst. Often we have heard of Muslim justifying their violent behaviour on the fact it was ramadam and they were fasting resulting in them feeling volatile at the time of their criminal act. That tactic was successfully used recently in Bolton by a group of Muslim thugs who pack attacked an anti mosque protester to avoid a prison sentence .
Whilst over in Wales it seems that abstaining from illegal activities because its ramadam is a Muslim get out of jail free card. Such is the case of drug dealer Moumin Ali from Swansea. Before the bench and looking at a spell in the bighouse. Ali’s defence laid it on to the judge big time about it being the Islamic holy month of ramadam. His poor drug dealing client was a devout Muslim you see. Not only was he fasting during daylight hours like the rest of his people. But he had decided to stop the non halal activity of smoking skunk for ramadam also. Something that here in the UK is illegal . Just for good measures through in about the shame this devout Muslim has brought on his family to tug a few heartstrings.
Result…. incompetent judge  gives him the almost customary suspended sentence for Muslim offenders almost as though the dealer not doing something illegal that he shouldn’t be doing anyway because its ramadam is enough of a punishment in itself for a strict Muslim. Ali walked out a free man, no doubt having a good laugh about getting off with it whist smoking a fat spliff to celebrate.
I wonder if the judge will be just as appeasing to a Christian drug dealer near Christmas!!
Cannabis leaves. Ready to smoke, rolled  joint.  In the UK it is illegal to cultivate, sell, possess and smoke weedCannabis plant s Illegal high:
A Muslim drug dealer was spared jail after telling a judge how he gave up cannabis for Ramadan.
Moumin Ali, 24, walked free from court after the judge heard how he’d “fastedre” from the class B drug for the holy month.
Ali faced jail after being caught with 50 grams of pot – and police found texts on his mobile phone organising drug deals.
But the strict Muslim managed to stop smoking the drug during the Ramadan month of prayer in the Islamic calendar.
John Tarrant, defending, said: “Ali has abstained from cannabis during Ramadan – the Muslim month of fasting. Cannabis has been a persistent problem for him. But he now wants to stay free of the drug.”
Ali was caught following a police search of his family home in Swansea, South Wales.
He was found sitting in his dad’s car smelling strongly of cannabis months before the start of Ramadan.
Ali admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis and possession with intent to supply.
Swansea Crown Court heard how his crimes had brought shame on his family – particularly his father.
BPM Media WalesSwansea Crown CourtCase: Heard at Swansea Crown Court

Ali, who was selling cannabis to fund his own habit, was given an eight month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and told to complete a rehabilitation programme.
Judge Paul Thomas said: “I have given you a chance.
“If you commit another offence or do not comply with the requirements of the rehabilitation order you will be brought back before this court.
“In particular you will be brought back before me, and I will send you to prison.”

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