Tuesday, July 28, 2015

“Preach hate against UK and it’s fine – attack halal meat and end up in court”

halal-stickersAs Britain rushes to suicide, the black comedy continues: “He maintained he wasn’t motivated by any racial prejudice he just wanted to highlight the cruelty involved.” What race is halal meat? What race is Islam? Does the fact that most Muslim in Britain today are non-white mean that halal meat is not barbaric anddoesn’t fund terrorism?
In halal slaughter, the animal slowly bleeds to death, which can release harmful toxins into the meat. That’s not barbaric? Halal supervision is often carried out by groups such as, in the U.S., the Islamic Society of North America, which has established ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
But none of that is at issue here; all that matters is that Liam Gary Edwards did something “racist.” Meanwhile, jihad preachers in the U.K. do preach hatred and violence, and authorities do nothing, for to act against them would be “Islamophobic.”
“Protestor: ‘Preach hate against UK and it’s fine – attack halal meat and end up in court,'” by Nick Gutteridge, Express, July 24, 2015:
Liam Gary Edwards covered packs of the ritually slaughtered meat with red stickers bearing the slogan ‘Beware! Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism #BanHalal”.
The 29-year-old was arrested by police after being spotted carrying out his one-man protest on the store’s CCTV cameras.
He has since branded Britain’s legal system a “joke” and suggested his sentence was disproportionately harsh compared to Islamist hate preachers, who often go unpunished.
A court heard how he went into a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Salford, Manchester, armed with a sheet of the stickers which he had bought on the internet.
Accompanied by his girlfriend and two young children, he then went up to the meat chiller and stuck nine stickers on packets of meat before leaving.
Later staff at the store became aware of the stickers on various packets of chicken breasts, thighs and a whole chicken worth £16.50 which could no longer be sold due to concerns for contamination.
Upon searching the hashtag term on Twitter, staff found images of the stickers on trollies and point of sale displays.
The van driver, who told magistrates he is an “animal lover”, said he was driven to carry out the protest after watching a documentary about halal slaughter on TV.
He was handed a four-week curfew after admitting religiously aggravated criminal damage.
Speaking in court, he revealed: “I’m a big animal lover, be it for racial or other purposes I believe it is wrong to treat animals in that way.”
The Manchester United fan later tweeted: “Joke of a legal system. Stand there saying death to Britain tho and it’s all good, p*ss take.”
Prosecutor Lisa Connor told magistrates in Manchester that Edwards had apologised to the officers who arrested him.
She said: “He accepted he had been in possession of the stickers and placed them on various items.
“He got involved in a Twitter conversation about halal and maintains that his whole motivation was his concern for the way in which halal meat is obtained and what happens in abattoirs.
“He maintained he wasn’t motivated by any racial prejudice he just wanted to highlight the cruelty involved. He admitted he was sorry for his actions.”…

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