Wednesday, July 22, 2015

UK arresting about one would-be jihad terrorist every day

Good thing the jihad has nothing to do with Islam. Imagine how many they’d be arresting if it did.UK police2“Counter-terrorism chief rejects British passport deal for would-be extremists,” by Vikram Dodd, Guardian, July 21, 2015:
Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism chief has dismissed the suggestion that those wanting to join Islamic State should be allowed to go in return for surrendering their British passports. Appearing before MPs on the home affairs committee, assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said extremists should not be allowed to leave Britain to join the terrorist group because they could return as hardened violent jihadists….
Rowley said about a quarter of terrorism investigations now involved “vulnerable” people, including those with mental health issues, who were being targeted by Isis. Arrests in the UK continued to run at about one a day, MPs were told, and may be increasing.

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