Sunday, July 05, 2015

UK convert to Islam linked to France beheading and jihad attack in Indonesia

Frederic Jean SalviThe ongoing indifference on the part of authorities to the phenomenon of conversion to Islam and subsequent “radicalization” is absolutely inexplicable.
Salvi said: ‘The British authorities know where I am and have no problem with it.” Of course. The British authorities are not concerned about jihad hate preachers. They’re only concerned with silencing domestic foes of jihad terror and preventing foreign ones from entering the country.
“Hate preacher accused of radicalising Frenchman who ‘beheaded his boss before placing his head on a spike’ lives in BRITAIN, it is revealed,” by Chris Pleasance, MailOnline, July 3, 2015:
The French ISIS fanatic accused of beheading his boss before placing his head on a spike was radicalised by a man living in Britain, it has emerged.
Frederic Jean Salvi, who is also known as ‘Ali’ and is believed to be linked to terror attacks in Paris and Indonesia, is currently working and living in Leicester, it has been reported.
Last week Salvi was accused of helping to radicalise Yassin Salhi, 35, who allegedly murdered his boss Herve Cornara before attempting to drive his van into a gas factory in Lyon.
According to the Daily Mirror, Salvi was not born a Muslim, but converted inside jail while serving time for drug trafficking in the early 2000s.
After his release in 2004 he began attending a mosque in Pontarlier, France, which was where Salhi also went to pray.
Salvi was kicked out of the mosque shortly afterwards for allegedly attempting to radicalise a group of eight men, one of whom was attacker Salhi.
He then disappeared, before emerging in Indonesia in 2010 where he was wanted in connection with a car full of explosives found in the capital Jakarta. The bomb failed to detonate, and Salvi again vanished.
French security officials also suspected him of bombing the Indonesian Embassy in Paris in 2012, but he was never arrested.
Speaking outside his semi-detached home in Leicester yesterday, where he is believed to live with his wife and five children, Salvi said: ‘The British authorities know where I am and have no problem with it….
Oh, I am quite sure that is true.

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