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Drug dealer jailed after police found heroin and crack in his wife's bra after stopping family's disability-adapted car as they headed for seaside break

  • Aneel Akhtar stopped by police en route to Scarborough with wife and kids
  • Admitted he gave wife drugs to hide but claimed they were for personal use
  • Judge refused to believe this, sentencing him to more than five years jail
Jailed: Aneel Akhtar was sentenced to five years and eight months in prison after police stopped his car and found heroin and crack in his wife's bra
Jailed: Aneel Akhtar was sentenced to five years and eight months in prison 
A drug dealer was jailed after police found heroin and crack in his wife's bra when they stopped his family's disability-adapted car as they headed for a seaside break.

Aneel Akhtar, 45, was stopped in his mother's Motability Mercedes with his wife and children in the car in December 2013 as he took the A64 towards Scarborough.

Akhtar, who also had £550 cash on him, admitted that he had given his wife the drugs to hide.

But speaking in Leeds Crown Court, the father claimed the cash was holiday spending money and said the drugs were for personal use only.

He claimed he would have shared the drugs with a friend already at the resort but denies that he was planning to sell any.

Graham O'Sullivan, prosecuting, told the court that Akhtar was already on bail when he was stopped in December, reports The Huddersfield Examiner

He had been arrested after police followed him home in June 2013 because they were suspicious about cash in his vehicle.

The incident began when police saw a man approaching Akhtar's car. When police neared the vehicle they noticed a large quantity of banknotes.

When quizzed about the cash, Akhtar dismissed the wad as only a couple of hundred pounds before driving away.

Police then followed him to his address, where they found almost £2,000 in cash. When examined, the money was found to have higher than average readings of heroin traces on it. 
Akhtar claimed he had received the money as a payout for a whiplash claim.

He was arrested and bailed and in November 2013 was again found in possession of £1,525 in cash - which again showed higher than average heroin readings.

During a plea hearing, Akhtar had told the court that he was going to Scarborough with his family to celebrate New Year's Eve and have a break from looking after his ill mother.
It was on the way to this trip that he was caught with the drugs by police. 

Kate Bissett, representing him, said the drugs were only to share with a friend on a specific occasion at New Year and not for street supplying. She submitted that he was now clean from the drug. 

But Akhtar, of Lockwood, admitted three charges of possessing or acquiring criminal property and two of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply.

Jailing him for a total of five years eight and months Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said he was satisfied that Akhtar would have tried to sell the drugs while in Scarborough.

He said: 'The drugs were concealed upon your wife, no doubt because you feared you were the one likely to be searched because of your previous convictions. 

'I am prepared to accept this was a holiday for your family but also find that you were prepared to sell some of these drugs for criminal purposes on the streets of Scarborough.'

Akhtar had already been to prison - he was jailed for 33 months in 2011 for possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine.

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