Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Islamists declare brotherhood with Islamic State in Stratford

Islamists at Stratford Station protested against democracy on Saturday
Islamists at Stratford Station protested against democracy on Saturday
Islamists visited Stratford on Saturday to protest against the “racism” of democracy, tell non-Muslims they will burn in hell after death and declare solidarity with Islamic State and Al-Qaeda as their “Muslim brothers”.
About eight males protested throughout the afternoon outside Stratford Station, gathered around a single sign, which read: “Islam is superior #No2DemocracyYes2Islam.”
Abdul Hakim, who refused to disclose which mosque he was from, said the group protests against democracy every two weeks in different boroughs of London.
He said that although the apparently unnamed group does not follow a specific extremist group, its members refuse to condemn Islamic State, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban because they are “Muslim brothers”.
“I wouldn’t condemn them at all,” he said. “As Muslims we believe all non-believers who reject Islam will be in hell fire.
“People who hear the message have no excuse –they will be judged.”
The demonstration, which took place the day after the 14th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York, outraged passers-by.
Emma Hathaway, 28, was returning from a rally in Parliament Square calling for more struggling refugees to be welcomed in Britain.
She said she was angered by the demonstrators calling for sharia (Islamic law).
“I’ve lived in the Middle East teaching English,” she said. “The people I know in those countries all live normal lives exactly how we live our lives.
“They’ve said to me that people like this are the reason the western world fights against Islam.”
Muslim Abdullah Ahmed, 35, said he was protesting against democracy because it was racist.
“Democracy is racist,” he said. “Democracy divides people based on economic standing.
“If I had my way, I’d introduce Islam to the people – if you choose to reject Islam, God has prepared the hell fire.”

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