Saturday, September 12, 2015

Shocking footage of white and Asian gangs brawling in London's Brick Lane

  • Video recorded from a nearby property shows brutal gang battle on road
  • Thugs can be seen engaging in running battles before attacks turn vicious
  • One Asian man seen crashing a heavy road sign over rival's head twice
  • Police investigating Monday night clash in which no arrests were made 
A horrific video of a mass brawl in east London is being investigated by police after surfacing online.

Officers attended the street fight in Brick Lane on Monday night, which saw a group of men of Asian descent and what appeared to be white British men square up in a brutal coming together.

Shocking footage shows one man being smashed over the head with a heavy road sign, while another bare-chested victim is repeatedly kicked by a baying mob as he curls up helpless on a pavement.

The earlier part of the video shoes the men trying to run away from the scene but being jumped by their attackers and subjected to a barrage of blows to the back of the head and body. 

A second victim can then be seen being bundled to the ground and punched, before the brutal road sign attack.

The video then shows a number of Asian men kicking a man as he lies outside Indian restaurant the Eastern Eye Balti House, in what appears to be a later part of the same brawl.

Voices can be heard shouting: 'This is Brick Lane, mother f*****.' 

One witness, who works in the Balti House, told the London Evening Standard: 'It was closing time so I came out and there was police and ambulance there already. 

'We gave the guy blankets from the restaurant because he had no clothes to cover him.

'He was talking, we were talking to him asking if he was alright, and neighbouring restaurants came with blankets too. You have to help someone if they're lying down like that.

Metropolitan Police confirmed they were probing the fight, which took place at around 9.45pm on Monday.

A spokesman said: 'Officers from Tower Hamlets Borough attended and found a man, believed aged 36, injured. He was taken to hospital. His injuries were not life threatening and he has subsequently been discharged.

'No other victims were at the scene, but officers believe there could be two outstanding.
'Officers from Tower Hamlets CID are investigating and are keeping an open mind regarding any motive.

'There have been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.'

Any witnesses or anyone with any information are asked to call police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via

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