Wednesday, October 28, 2015

British ISIS supporter urging Muslims to SHUN poppies in online edict

A RADICAL supporter of Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary has issued a chilling order to British Muslims to not wear poppies commemorating our war dead, can reveal today.

A hate preacher has urged British Muslims not to wear the poppy
Abu Sayfillaah said the traditional symbol of respect "supports British troops who are killing Muslims" and warned followers wearing a poppy would make them an "apostate from Islam". 
The radical preacher who lives in Britain has made supportive comments about Islamic State (ISIS) and repeatedly moaned about life in the UK.
He hinted Muslim extremists were plotting to take on Spain in a bid to “recapture” the territory.
He issued the twisted demands to ditch the poppy during a Twitter rant against non-Muslims.
A screengrab of Abu Sayfullaah's Twitter message
Twitter/Abu Sayfullaah
The radical preacher urged Britons not to wear the poppy
Abu Sayfullaah speaks in an online video
YouTube/Abu Sayfullaah
Abu Sayfullaah has posted a series of hate-filled sermons online
He wrote: "Don't become a Apostate from Islam by wearing the poppy. It supports current British troops who are killing Muslims." 
His words are in stark contrast to the thousands of young British Muslims raising money for this year's annual Poppy Appeal, and were immediately condemned as "idiotic" and un-Islamic. 
Sayfillah's comments were immediately condemned by users, including other British Muslims, who branded them "idiotic". 
Proud British Muslim Haseeb Ahmed, who has previously condemned Islamist extremism in a series of interviews with, called the hate preacher an "absolute idiot" writing: "Doesn't realise 2 million Muslims fought for Britain over the 2 World Wars."
Abu Sayfullaah
Twitter/Abu Sayfullaah
The radical preacher has expressed support for ISIS
Abu Sayfullaah
YouTube/Elias Isaiah
British Muslims condemned his comments as 'idiotic' and un-Islamic
Also confronting the Islamist was another user who said she would "wear my poppy with pride in remembrance of my grandfathers and millions who fought for democracy". 
But an unrepentant Sayfillaah simply replied: "Democracy is a violation against God. Anyone who fought for it wasted their life." 
Sayfillaah can today be unmasked as a prolific online preacher who delivers YouTube hate sermons urging Muslims to rise up against the British government. 
The bearded preacher has previously expressed support for preacher Anjem Choudary, who is due to stand trial accused of encouraging support for ISIS.
A screenshot from Abu Sayfullaah's Twitter accountTwitter/Abu Sayfullaah
Sayfullaah tweeted that he was 'embarrassed' to live in Britain
Anjem Choudary at a rally
He tweeted messages seemingly in support of Anjem Choudary
Don't become a Apostate from Islam by wearing the poppy
Abu Sayfillaah
Sayfillaah delivers his speeches in a thick East London accent - despite claiming that English is not his first language - whilst sitting in front of a backdrop of black Islamist flags. 
In one rant he said: "The Muslims once again are calling for Islam wherever they are. 
"We see now with the reestablishment of the Khilafa (Caliphate) once again the Muslims have the vision first and foremost to recapture all the former territory of the Muslim including places like Spain and to continue the concept of Izhar ud-Deen, which is the complete domination of the world by Islam. 
"This is something that every Muslim believes in if you read the Koran."
He has previously tweeted that he "feels embarrassed" to live in Britain, adding: "Most people here are just shameless." 
During his speech the bespectacled Islamist also appeared to express support for ISIS, saying they were the only organisation "implementing the rule of Allah". 
He ranted: "If you're fed up of living in an area where you feel people don't like you they don't accept you, many people are like 'well I'll just go somewhere else'. 
"Many people are choosing that somewhere else as the Islamic State. The one who really understands Islam and wants to live by the rules of Allah, and when they look around the world and see who's implementing the rule of Allah fully, they only see one place and that's the Islamic State. 
"The Muslims have been uprising for many decades and we've seen in recent times that uprising has been accelerated by the persecution and the butchering and the murdering of Muslims."
A small group of British Muslim extremists previously caused outrage when they burned poppies - our national symbol of remembrance - at an anti-war rally.
The selling of poppies raises millions of pounds every year to help wounded and former service men and women and shows solidarity with those who sacrificed their lives to protect British families. 
Millions of people across the country will come together for a minute's silence on Sunday, November 8 to remember all those who have died in conflicts protecting Britain. 
They will include large numbers of British Muslims who have rallied around this year to raise thousands of pounds for the annual Poppy Appeal across the UK.
One group of young men, wearing poppy t-shirts reading "shoulder to shoulder with all who serve", stood with charity buckets outside Wembley Stadium last year to show their support. 
They said they wanted to help out with the appeal to "honour country and peace as Islam teaches them". 
But another extremist, seemingly living in the UK, also took to social media to urge British Muslims to shun the poppy. 
Tweeting under the handle @Islamist_Akhi01 they said: "If you wear a poppy and help for heroes badge etc, it shows your supporting the crimes of British government and their war against Islam." 

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