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Drug dealer fell asleep in car surrounded by heroin, cocaine and cannabis

Feizha Hussein who fell asleep in a car surrounded by drugs has been jailed for three years
A drug dealer who fell asleep in his car surrounded by heroin, cocaine and cannabis has been jailed for three years.
Prosecutor Craig Jones told Swansea Crown Court Feizha Hussein was awoken by police when he fell fast asleep in his Vauxhall Vectra in Western Street, Swansea, in January this year.
Mr Jones said: “At around 7.30am on January 9 police got a call that a man appeared to be asleep in his car in Swansea.

'I found the bag'

“When they went there they found he was still asleep with the engine of the Vauxhall Vectra still running.
“Police woke him up and spoke to him and noticed a package of vegetable matter (later found to be cannabis) on the passenger seat next to him and a smoking pipe on the central console of the vehicle.”
Mr Jones said the 24-year-old told the police initially: “I found the bag but I have started smoking the cannabis inside it.”

Possession of cannabis, heroin, and crack cocaine

The court heard when the car Hussein was found in was examined small amounts of heroin and crack cocaine were also found along with a mobile telephone and £200 in cash.
Hussein, of Draycot Avenue, Birmingham, would later admit to possession of cannabis, heroin, and crack cocaine with intent to supply.
Judge Keith Thomas, who heard the Vauxhall Vectra Hussein had been found asleep in had been “crushed” because no-one claimed it after 28 days, handed Hussein a three-year jail sentence and ordered the forfeiture of the £200 and the mobile phone found in the car.

'Acting at the level of a street dealer'

Prosecutor Mr Jones said when the Nokia mobile phone was analysed by South Wales Policeit was found to contain texts appearing to relate to various drug deals.
He said Hussein was acting at the level of a street dealer and had been sent to Swansea by others to sell drugs in the city from the Birmingham area.
The court heard Hussein tried to claim he lived at an address in Birchtree Close, Sketty, Swansea, but police found he had no connection with the area.
He continued to claim he had a link to Swansea, saying he had a girlfriend in the city, but police could find nothing to substantiate his story.
Andrew Evans, defending, said Hussein got involved with selling drugs due to his addiction to Class A substances.
He said: “He came to Swansea under the direction of others and the vehicle he was in was not bought by him.”
Mr Evans said that “rather refreshingly” the defendant was now free of drug addiction and had begun to realise the effect his habit had been having on him and his family.

Well respected family

He said a number of people in the Birmingham area were interested in Hussein’s welfare.
He added it was a surprise the defendant became involved in drugs because of his background.
He said: “He comes from a family who are well respected in Birmingham and that is reflected by the large number of references that have been sent to the court on his behalf.”

Previous bail breach

Jailing Hussein, Judge Thomas told him: “It seems, to your credit, you have now recognised the harm Class A drugs have done to you and to the community at large and have taken steps to address the issue.
“But you came from Birmingham supplied with drugs intending to supply those drugs here in Wales.”
The judge said he would have jailed Hussein for four years if he had not pleaded guilty.
On top of the three-year sentence Hussein was given an extra five days in prison for a previous bail breach.

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