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Jealous husband 'found his estranged wife and her new boyfriend using tracking devices before killing him by driving his Mercedes over him SIX times'

  • Jealous and controlling Nasser Rezaie ran over love rival Allan Frampton
  • Taxi firm owner Rezaie, 63, used tracking device to find his estranged wife
  • He is accused of then running over Mr Frampton six times in Mercedes car
  • Mr Frampton, 60, died at scene but Rezaie denies one count of murder
Taxi firm owner Nasser Rezaie, 63, (pictured) was driving a Mercedes S Class when he allegedly ran over mechanic Allan Frampton, 60, in Essex
Taxi firm owner Nasser Rezaie, 63, (pictured) was driving a Mercedes S Class when he allegedly ran over mechanic Allan Frampton, 60, in Essex
A jealous husband allegedly ran over his estranged wife's boyfriend six times and killed him after using tracking devices to hunt the couple down, a court has heard.

Taxi firm owner Nasser Rezaie, 63, was driving a Mercedes S Class when he killed mechanic Allan Frampton, 60, in a quiet cul-de-sac in Chelmsford, Essex, a court heard.

Rezaie, of Petersfield, Chelmsford, is currently standing trial after he denied murdering Mr Frampton, a grandfather, in Osea Way on May 9 this year.

The court heard that Rezaie does not dispute that he was driving the car, but claims 'loss of control' due to 'emotional turmoil'. 

Prosecutors said the 'revenge killing' was premeditated and the culmination of months of threats Rezaie had made towards his estranged wife, Jane, and her new partner Mr Frampton.

On one occasion he threatened to slit their throats, on another he said he would decapitate the couple and Rezaie even said he would 'cut off' Mr Frampton's penis.

During the trial the court was shown graphic CCTV footage which purports to show the silver Mercedes car run over Mr Frampton six times before accelerating off.

Peter Gair, prosecuting, said: 'Allan Frampton was struck a number of times by a car driven by this defendant Nasser Rezaie.

'As a result, of being struck by that car, Allan Frampton suffered serious and fatal injuries and died shortly after at the scene.

'By coincidence, the actual incident was captured on a private CCTV system.

'This was a murder which was premeditated and was the culmination of a number of threats that this defendant had made over the preceding months to harm not only Mr Frampton but also Jane Rezaie, who is the defendant's estranged wife.' 

Rezaie and Jane had been married for 30 years and had initially met in Iran during the 1970s.
Mr Gair added: 'That marriage deteriorated over the years and it simply wasn't working.

'Suffice to say that Jane was very unhappy.'

Mr Gair added: 'The defendant was not willing to accept the marriage was over despite being told a number of times by family and friends.

'He started to harbour violent thoughts towards both Jane and Mr Frampton.

'He was a jealous and controlling man who was prepared to resort to violence.

'He clearly wanted to discover their whereabouts. On May 9, no doubt as a result of those tracking devices, he knew where they were and had them in his hands.'

Chelmsford Crown Court heard by 2012, Mrs Rezaie had started a relationship with Mr Frampton, who was a mechanic who worked near Ali's Taxis, a firm owned by Rezaie and his wife.

The jury heard Rezaie spent much of 2013 on business in Iran - his home country - and arrived back to news of Mrs Rezaie and Mr Frampton's relationship.

Mr Gair added: 'This is when the real problems stated to occur. The defendant was not willing at the time to accept that his marriage was over.

'He started to harbour violent thoughts of killing Jane and Allan. 

'We say he is a jealous and controlling man who is prepared to resort to violence.'

It was at this point Rezaie began to make the threats against the new couple. 

After Mrs Rezaie left her husband, Mr Gair said the defendant had been 'prevented from having control over Jane' and had fitted a tracking device on her car.

The device sent text regular messages to Rezaie's phone with GPS coordinates showing where her car was.

The court heard Rezaie then began to follow the pair and turn up at places he thought the couple were.

Mr Gair added: 'On that day in May, he knew where they were.'

In his opening statement, Mr Gair also briefly read out Facebook conversations between Rezaie and his daughter.

In one conversation, Rezaie said Mr Frampton was 'after Jane's money' as she was planning to sell the family home, in Chelmsford.

He later said: 'It is the end for me. Jail is free. I believe justice will be done. They will pay for it. I won't let them away with this.'

Mr Gair also said the jury would hear a recorded conversation between the defendant and his wife in a supermarket cafe, during which Rezaie said: 'I don't give a f*** about myself.

'You haven't seen nothing yet. Don't walk too close to him when you walk together.
'I will do it. Never forget that.'

On May 9, the day Mr Frampton died, the court heard he was at Mrs Rezaie's home fixing a fence.

Mr Gair told the court that morning a letter was sent by Rezaie to his children, telling them the family home would never be theirs because they had allowed Mr Frampton into the house.

In it, he called Mr Frampton a 'motherf*****' and labelled his wife a 'w****'.

He also gave the family two months to move out of the home.

The jury of eight men and four women heard that evening Rezaie arrived at the family home, where Mrs Rezai, Mr Frampton and all three children were present. 

When Rezaie arrived later that evening he saw Mr Frampton and Mrs Rezaie standing in the street.

All of them recognised the silver Mercedes car he was driving. 

Mrs Rezaie began to get in to a car to leave but Mr Frampton made the 'fatal decision' to confront him with a rounders' bat, 'gesturing as if to say 'come on then'.

Seconds later, witnesses heard a 'large thud'.

When witnesses, including Rezaie's children, arrived at the scene which was just around the corner, they saw Mr Frampton lying on a grassy area where he was seriously injured.

Mr Gair said they saw Rezaie in the driving seat of the silver Mercedes some way back. He then accelerated off.

The attack was caught on CCTV cameras and footage shown to jurors captured the moment the car knocked Mr Frampton over.

The silver Mercedes is then seen stopping and reversing, to drive over his stricken body a further five times, then dragging him along the street.

Mr Frampton, a widower of 15 years from nearby Hatfield Peverel, was declared dead at the scene. 

'The defendant went there because he had every belief that Allan and Jane were still there,' Mr Gair said. 'Given the background and the previous threats, his motive was clearly hostile.' 

After the killing Rezaie drove to Chelmsford police station and told officers he had been involved in an 'accident'. 

Rezaie denies one count of murder. 

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