Saturday, November 14, 2015

LISTEN: British Muslim pledges to join evil ISIS during shocking rant on live radio

Islamic State fighter firing his weapon during a battle against Syrian government troops
Iain Dale was shocked by the pro-ISIS caller to his LBC show
The caller, referred to only as Khan, claimed the West was "just as evil as ISIS" and referred to the depraved jihadis simply as "freedom fighters".
His sickening diatribe went on to shower the barbaric group with praise, with the man telling LBC radio's Iain Dale: "I hope they win and establish an Islamic State in Afghanistan and in Iraq because, you know, they deserve this."

He said international condemnation of the torture and slaughter of innocent civilians at the hands of ISIS was merely evidence that the UK was "demonising" militants.
In a three-minute hate-filled diatribe, Khan said: "I'd love to [take my family to join ISIS] if you didn't brand me a terrorist. "
ISIS militants in Iraq
ISIS militants in Iraq
Challenged on how he could defend the twisted terror network's brutal public executions of gay people and the use of young women as sex slaves, he answered: "There's a lot of propaganda, a lot of demonising propaganda.
"It's easily done by the West, it just demonises people."
People waving the ISIS flag
'Khan' told the radio phone in he would consider taking his family to join ISIS
Asked if he would call them terrorists, the caller responded: "I would call them mujahideen, freedom fighters, same as the Taliban."
He went on to blame the West for turning the Taliban - which banned television, music and cinema and girls over the age of 10 from going to school - into terrorists.
He accused the US and Britain of carrying out genocide in the Middle East, claiming the West was responsible for killing "a lot more Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria than ISIS ever have".
His outrageous remarks sparked a flurry of angry comments from listeners on the LBC website, with many urging him to follow through on his threat to flee the country.

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