Saturday, November 14, 2015

Man found guilty of threatening to behead Ukip candidate

A man is facing jail after being convicted of threatening to behead a Ukip candidate in the run up to the May election.
Aftab Ahmed will be sentenced later this week.
Aftab Ahmed will be sentenced later this week. Credit: PA
Aftab Ahmed, 44, rang David Robinson-Young after receiving a Ukip leaflet through the post on April 21.
Mr Robinson-Young told magistrates: "At first he was very conversational and said that six months ago he would have voted Ukip.
"When I asked him why he would no longer vote for us he said that he was fed up with my government portraying Muslim people in a poor light."
The Ukip candidate for Newcastle East said the caller then carried on a "torrid of abuse".
"He said 'your government has been supporting the bombing of our Muslim brothers in the Middle East'".
Ukip candidate for Newcastle East David Robinson-Young.
Ukip candidate for Newcastle East David Robinson-Young. Credit: PA
When Mr Robinson-Young told him he would hang up, the court heard Ahmed said: "If you don't f*** off then you will be the next one to get beheaded."
Mr Robinson-Young said the comment "left him cold" and he did not leave his house all day.
He said: "We were all familiar with what happened with the beheadings at home and abroad so I was terrified."
Ahmed, of Winchcombe Place, Heaton, was arrested three days later after police traced the number back to his parents' house.
He denied making threats to behead Mr Robinson-Young claiming did not hold any extremist views.
He will be sentenced at Newcastle Magistrates Court later this week.

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