Friday, December 18, 2015

How children as young as SIX are discussing terrorism in the playground and are turning what they learn into games

  • Many parents try to protect their children from distressing news
  • But Secret Life Of Six Year Olds shows they may learn from their friends
  • Show reveals children discussing terrorist attacks they have seen on news
  • Turns into a game where they pretend they are reporting on events
  • Expert said it is an important way for them to make sense of the world 
In the wake of last month's terrorist attack on Paris and the constant threat from extremists, many parents have sought to protect their young children from distressing news about world events.

In a bid to prevent them feeling fearful, some mothers and fathers may turn over the radio or change the TV channel when the subject of terrorism is raised or refuse to talk to their sons and daughters about it.

But a social experiment has revealed that if parents don't inform their children about the evils of the outside world, they will certainly still hear about it from their friends. 

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