Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Schoolchildren Taught that Art is UnIslamic...

Monzoor Hussain.
Monzoor Hussain.
Pupils were ordered not to take part in art classes at a school implicated in the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal because it was ‘unislamic’ a hearing was told.
Pupils at Golden Hillock, a school in Sparkbrook implicated in the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal , were also allegedly made to call out “Allah Akbar”, a professional conduct panel has heard.
Frank Bruce, vice principal of the school since September 2012, alleged at the National College for Teaching & Leadership hearing in Coventry that acting principal Monzoor Hussain called out ‘Takbir’ at the end of a prayer session after which pupils would respond saying “Allah Akbar” three times.
Mr Bruce, who is currently suspended over alleged inappropriate use of school computer equipment, continued: “Another supply teacher explained to me that you will occasionally hear ‘Takbir’ at the end of speeches when the speaker wants to rouse an audience.
“You might see it on a BBC news clip where they show ‘Takbir’ as a feature of Jihad.
The hearing heard that Monzoor allegedly installed an “Islamic library” in his classroom and faced allegations of telling Year 8 pupils not to participate in art lessons because it was “un-Islamic.”
“I think that Monzoor saw using ‘Takbir’ as a non-violent form of Islamic Jihad; a struggle to evangelise Muslims and promote stricter adherence to Islam.”
The conduct hearing is looking into allegations against Monzoor Hussain, Arshad Hussain, Razwan Faraz, Hardeep Saini and Lindsey Clark .
They are accused of trying to allow an undue amount of religious influence in the education of pupils. The teachers involved deny the allegations made against them.
Razwan Faraz.
Razwan Faraz.
Mr Bruce also alleged that Razwan Faraz told pupils at Park View school words to the effect, “Just think, you could be like those poor, innocent people locked up in Guantanamo Bay without the opportunity to study” in a speech about the importance of education.
Mr Bruce said he “found this to be a very odd thing to say to pupils.”
The witness alleged that after an assembly delivered by Monzoor Hussain , the pupil complained that he: “Did not like the way Monzoor was lecturing the pupils.
“It was as if he did not recognise the faith and cultural background of the pupils, but wanted to impose his own views,” the panel heard.
The hearing also heard from Mr Michael White, the former head of maths at Park View, who alleged that “it was clear from the outset that Monzoor was focused on his Islamic identity.”
The hearing continues.

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