Friday, March 25, 2016

Albanian Muslim man jailed for savagely beating his girlfriend’s terrified dog in elevator (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Muslims are notorious for their sick hatred and criminal abuse of dogs, many videos of which readers have seen at BNI. This time, a Muslim thug who was recorded on CCTV ‘sickeningly’ beating a terrified dog has been jailed for 20 weeks. (ONLY 20?)

Besmur Idrizi, the Muslim savage's face
Besmur Idrizi, the Muslim savage’s face

UK Daily Mail  The CCTV operator watched on in horror as Besmur Idrizi, 27, violently kicks and stamps on his girlfriend’s Staffordshire bull terrier, Sugar, the white dog.

Taking place on March 10 last year, the harrowing footage shows Idrizi attacking Sugar, leaving her with bruises and a blood-shot eye, while another dog cowers in the corner of the lift inside a block of flats in Grays, Essex.


Idrizi, an Albanian Muslim, of East Tilbury, Essex, pleaded guilty to one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog at Basildon Magistrates’ Court on March 18.  The attack on the dog, who was owned by Idrizi’s girlfriend, led to his distraught partner ending her relationship with the animal beater.

Following Friday’s prison sentence, RSPCA inspector Adam Jones said: ‘The CCTV operator was horrified by what she saw and contacted us immediately.


‘The footage is sickening and the beating inflicted on this poor dog is unbelievable ‘The video shows Idrizi get into the lift with two dogs. He then starts kicking and stamping on Sugar as the other dog cowers in the corner. He clearly intended to hurt her.

‘Her eye was blood-shot and she was covered in bruises after the attack. ‘The dogs’ owner ended the relationship after she found out what Idrizi had done.’


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