Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Queen Mary University Palestine Solidarity Society hosts jihad terrorist murderer as featured speaker

As punishment, the university has barred the group from holding events for eight weeks, thus demonstrating that the school has no problem with this whatsoever, but had to make a small show of being outraged just in case there is anyone left in Britain who isn’t an Islamic supremacist, an appeaser, a coward, or a dhimmi.
Also, it appears that Alfaleet lives in Gaza, not in Britain, but apparently he had no trouble entering the country. So a convicted jihad murderer is fine with British authorities, while robert spencer was banned from entering the country because he  stated the obvious fact that Islam has doctrines of violence against unbelievers. Remember that there was a clear indication that I was also banned for being pro-Israel. If I had killed an Israeli as Alfaleet did, however, apparently I would have been welcomed at Heathrow in person by David Cameron and Theresa May.
Ahmed Alfaleet
“UK school suspends pro-Palestinian group after inviting terrorist to speak,” Jerusalem Post, March 5, 2016:
A British university has temporarily banned an on-campus Palestinian group from organizing future activities after a Palestinian terrorist was invited to lecture at one of their events, The Jewish Chronicle reported Friday.
Ahmed Alfaleet, who served 20 years in prison for murdering an Israeli in 1992, spoke at an event hosted by the Queen Mary University Palestine Solidarity Society via online in January.
Following the speaking engagement, Jewish students took the issue to the London university’s president Simon Gaskell, demanding that the group be barred from organizing future events at the school.
Shortly afterwards, Gaskell released a statement saying the society would be barred from holding activities for the next eight weeks, The Chronicle added.
Queen Mary student Devora Khafi, who helped bring the issue to the attention of the university’s president, said after the announcement: “I don’t think it will help Jewish students. It will just anger the PSS more.”
The Queen Mary student union said in a statement that it did not approve Alfaleet’s appearance, adding that the talk violated union regulations.

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