Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aid worker warns Britain many migrants have 'no intention of living under Christian law'

REFUGEES in Europe’s biggest migrant camps are routinely dishing out anti-Christian slurs to the kind-hearted volunteers who are supporting them, aid workers have told

Christian aid worker warns over refugees
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A Christian aid worker has warned Britain to be tough when enforcing their own values on refugees
Migrants take food and support from charity workers before insulting them in the next breath, he said.
Charity employees have seen first hand the desperation and devastation of the migrant crisis caused by record numbers of people displaced from the Middle East and Africa.
Since June 2015 the millions of asylum seekers fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa have had a huge impact on European member states who have opened their doors to them.
The humanitarian effort is huge with thousands of charities working across Europe to feed, help and direct them.
However, speaking frankly about integration and resettlement, one aid worker warned European nations, and Britain in particular, must handle immigration with a firm hand.
The aid worker from Serbia, who asked to remain anonymous and has worked on the crisis in the Balkans, speaks Arabic and is often mistaken for a Muslim.
Because of this he has been able to hear and understand scathing remarks made against aid workers providing help to refugees.
These include the charity workers being branded “filthy Christian kuffars” - a derogatory Arabic word meaning non-believer.
Aid worker gives warning to Britain
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Christian aid worker said he has heard refugees repeatedly call staff 'kuffar'
The charity employee once used his own money to pay for a phone for a young girl who had been separated from her husband.
But when he went to ask her how the call went she refused to touch him.
He said: “She said ‘please, no I don’t want to have to shower again’.
“I asked her what she meant and she told me she had found out I was a Christian so she doesn’t want to touch me.”
The aid worker has heard many people branded “kuffar” in the camps in passing, and some, mistaking him for Muslim have slated his colleagues.
Migrants clash with police in Greece
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Migrants have said they will not touch 'dirty Christians' after taking aid
Another Christian aid worker provided a group of Afghani men with new clothes, food and water when they arrived near Croatia.
He said: “After taking this from her, they refused to shake her hand, calling her ‘dirty Christian kuffar’.
“This is how they repay you for help. You have to deal with this properly. Everyone here is helping. I am helping but that doesn’t mean changing your country for them.
“They have to learn to respect Christian neighbours and Christian law.”
When asked whether there are terrorists coming through the camps he said they had “already been”.
He added: “Look at what happened in Brussels, in Paris. They already came.
“Look at what has happened in Europe. Help? Yes, but be smart.”

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