Friday, April 15, 2016

Muslims protest against Cameron and DEMAND Sharia: “Islam Will Conquer the West”

Muslims 'must stop blaming others' for radicalisation

A senior Islamic figure has called on Muslims to stop "endlessly pointing the fingers at others" and said communities should take responsibility for radicalisation.
Manzoor Moghal, Chairman of the Muslim Forum, said eagerness to pass the buck was "hypocritical" and allowed extremism "to flourish".
His comments come after two husbands made an emotional appeal to their wives who are believed to have fled to Syria to return to Bradford.
Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Moghal said: "Instead of endlessly pointing the finger at others, Muslim communities should face up to their own responsibilities.
"Meanwhile, for misguided mothers like the Dawood sisters, the Isis drive for a caliphate seems to hold out the prospect of raising children in a pure Muslim society, untainted by any western influences. This is the kind of nonsense that other Muslims have to confront. It is no use blaming the police or the Government or foreign policies.
"This is a Muslim problem - and British Muslims have to address it rather than abdicating their responsibilities."

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