Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Convicted paedophile accused of breaching sex offender order - by opening takeaway 'too close to park'

A convicted paedophile has been accused of breaching his sex offender’s order by opening a takeaway too close to a park.
Mohammed Arfann Ali Hussain, owner of Tandoori Fusion, in Gatley , is not allowed within 50 metres of a park as part of an order given for grooming two girls.
Police arrested him as his takeaway is too close to Walter Stansby Memorial Park, which is on the other side of Church Road.
Mr Hussain appeared at Stockport Magistrates Court to deny breaching the sexual harm prevention order.
Defending, James Warburton said: “It (the order) is in relation to designated areas where children are.”
The takeaway is 40.7m away from the Walter Stansby Memorial Park
He added that because it was a ‘memorial park’ it was not an area where youngsters would necessarily be.
But Kate Gaskell, prosecuting, said Tandoori Fusion was 40.7m from the park, which is used by Brownies to garden, and that ‘any park, means any park’.
The matter was adjourned and a trial date fixed for August 5.
Mr Hussain, of Adswood, was originally convicted in January 2008 at Derby Crown Court.
The order he was given restricts him from entering a park, amusement arcade, swimming pool or any other recreation area designed for use by children or going within 50m of these places.
Tandoori Fusion in Gatley is owned by Mohammed Arfann Ali Hussain
It states he must abide by this unless travelling on public transport or private hire vehicle, or it is inadvertent.
He was arrested at the takeaway on March 14.
Mr Hussain was convicted of breaching the order in 2013 when he asked a girl for her phone number while she was walking to school.
A teacher saw him and rang the police, and he was given a three year community punishment order with the same length of supervision.
Stockport Council refused planning permission for the takeaway at 7 Church Road in 2011 but the Planning Inspectorate upheld an appeal.

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