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'Excited' Pakistani-qualified doctor 'groped woman patient who went to hospital with bleeding breast implant'

  • Female patient claims she was sexually assaulted after attending hospital
  • The woman, in her late 20s, said Dr Saqib Uddin Khan groped her in 2014
  • She went to a hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire, following an operation
  • Dr Khan, of Boston, denies one charge of assault by penetration 
Dr Saqib Uddin Khan (pictured) denies one charge of assault by penetration at Lincoln Crown Court
Dr Saqib Uddin Khan (pictured) denies one charge of assault by penetration at Lincoln Crown Court
A patient who went to hospital suffering from bleeding following a breast implant procedure told a court how she was sexually assaulted when the doctor asked to carry out an intimate examination.

The woman, in her late twenties, said Dr Saqib Uddin Khan, 36, looked 'really excited' and had his mouth hung open as he carried out the assault.

A jury heard how she attended the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire, suffering from a bleeding implant wound, a fortnight after going under the knife at a Polish clinic for the cosmetic procedure.

During a police video interview which was played to the jury, the woman said Dr Khan, who qualified at the University of Karachi in 2002, had carried out two internal examinations on her without a nurse being present.

The patient described how the doctor felt her upper body and her groin area before asking if he could examine below her underwear.

She told the police officer: 'I told him he could if he needed to. I thought 'He's a doctor. He knows what he's doing.'

She described how during the first incident, which lasted about ten seconds, she thought that what he was doing to her must be wrong. 

When she looked at his face, he 'looked like he was a person who was really excited'.

nder cross-examination in court from Dr Khan's barrister the woman explained it was hard to put in to words his facial expressions. 

When asked to demonstrate the doctor's expressions to the jury she opened her mouth and raised her eyes to the ceiling.

The woman insisted the doctor only stopped when he saw her look of shock, but then carried out a second internal examination just moments later after asking her to sit down.

She added: 'He said "can I just double check something".' 

The woman said the doctor then digitally penetrated her for a second time.

Andrew Hockton, representing Khan, said: 'It is inconceivable that the woman would have agreed to any further examination if the doctor had 'hung his mouth open and raised his eyes to the ceiling' as she described in the first alleged incident.

They also suggested the woman was 'light hearted and jovial' during her interview with the police.

But in answer to a defence suggestion that the incident 'simply did not happen' the patient replied: 'He did.'

The woman claims she tried to read to doctor's name badge but could not see it as she did not have her contact lenses in.
Lincoln Crown Court heard she was taken to the hospital's casualty department by her house mate.

Dr Khan's own records showed he took a history from the woman after she was moved to a surgical assessment unit from the Accident and Emergency department, but he denies carrying out any internal examination.

The woman admits she saw many different doctors and nurses after being seen by Dr Khan but did not make any complaint until shortly before she was discharged after two days in hospital.

Under cross-examination she also admitted that she could not remember being examined by a female doctor before being transferred from the casualty department. 

The court heard the alleged victim quizzed nurse Sharon Cutts about the doctor's actions when she came on duty for the following night shift.

The staff nurse – who made headlines in April when it emerged she had become Britain's oldest mother of triplets, conceived with the aide of IVF when she was 55 – told the jury: 'She asked 'can I have a word with you but not tell anybody?'

'She said "Is it right for a doctor to examine all over body…even though I have come in about my boobs?"

 'I told him he could if he needed to. I thought "He's a doctor. He knows what he's doing".'
The alleged victim, who is in her late 20s 
'I said "no". I asked if he was wearing gloves. She said "no". She said it was just her and the doctor in the room.'

Miss Cutts said she had worked with Dr Khan over a number of years and regarded him as a 'good and conscientious doctor' who would seek out a chaperone if he needed to examine a female patient.

In evidence Khan, a speciality doctor in general surgery at the Pilgrim Hospital, told the jury that he attempted to find a female nurse to act as chaperone while he examined the patient but staff were too busy dealing with other urgent cases.

He said he discussed the lack of a chaperone with the patient and she agreed to being examined without one present.

Khan said that he only examined the woman above the waist and described the complainant's evidence as 'fabrication'.

He told the jury: 'I did a professional examination. I did the best I could for the patient.

'I didn't touch her in a sexual fashion at all. I didn't do such a thing. I totally deny it.'

Mr Hockton, defending, had earlier asked the woman if she had made the complaint up to obtain compensation.

But she responded: 'I haven't made it up. I didn't claim for compensation. I just wanted to make sure it didn't happen to anybody else.'

Dr Khan, of Boston, Lincolnshire, denies one charge of assault by penetration on 29 September, 2014. 

The trial continues.

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