Thursday, June 30, 2016

muslims on Brexit

That the Leave vote spells the end of the reign of the vicious appeaser Cameron is an unexpected bonus on top of an equally unexpected vote for British independence. The problems with the EU are many — one was succinctly summed up in this story: “Islamist hate preacher, terrorist apologist and Caliphate agitator Anjem Choudary supports Remain because ‘there are certain principles and caveats’ in EU law that offer ‘recourse’ to Islamist radicals.”
Indeed: the UK was unable to deport open jihad terrorists, in tandem with Cameron pursuing a policy of appeasement and surrender, reflecting a society-wide neurosis that had British officials covering up the activities of Muslim rape gangs for fear that arresting and prosecuting them would be “racist” and “Islamophobic.” In observing all this from afar, I have many times pronounced Britain in danger of imminent death, but this vote demonstrates that there is life in the place yet.
It’s very clear this morning how much the EU means to Islamic supremacists and their sinister agenda: scanner Twitter just now, I see the likes of Hatem Bazian, Ingrid Mattson, Qasim Rashid and Dean Obeidallah lamenting the vote and sneering at the British as “racist” for voting to leave the EU. How could leaving a failed conglomerate of declining states be “racist”? Why, because these Islamic supremacists know full well that is a significant setback to their hopes of overwhelming the West with Muslim migrants, bringing Sharia and jihad with them. The Sharia project has been set back. But by no means halted.
It will be a rocky ride, but against all odds, there is still hope for freedom in Britain.

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