Monday, July 04, 2016

Halal butchers investigated after passerby claims they saw tray of chicken left in ALLEY

The chicken in the alley
Trays of chicken were left in this dirty alley full of rubbish
The shocking picture was allegedly taken in an alley behind a halal butchers in Manchester and appears to show the raw chickens piled up on trays with no protective wrapping around them.
Passerby Paul Kane, 33, claims he snapped the image after a delivery truck dropped off the food but says the chickens remained exposed to the elements for between 20 and 30 minutes.
Another member of the public claimed to have seen chickens in the same state left outside the front of the shop for a "few hours" two weeks ago and were only moved when someone complained.
Manchester City Council confirmed that a member of their environmental health team visited the premises after seeing the picture but "will be taking no further action".
Mr Kane said: "I live in the area and I was walking through the alley when I noticed the pallets of fresh chickens. 
"There had been a delivery around half an hour before and staff were coming out to the alleyway to take the food in bit by bit. 
"It took them around half an hour so the chickens were stood out there a good 20 minutes or longer.
"I was shocked as the chickens were just piled on trays with no packaging on them, they were just on pallets. It's not right. 
The alleyway
A member of the public claimed they had seen chicken left outside for 'a few hours'
"I don't think they should have spent any time in the alley as it is really bad. There are rats all around there, I have seen them running around there before. 
"There are few kebab shops in the area and so on so there is plenty of food about for them. 
"I think there is a real contamination risk as the chicken is not wrapped. Anything could happen to them - and they are then going to be bought by people.
"I have not seen it happen before and it shocked me. I have not shopped there before but this has certainly put me off.
Facebook post
Passerby Paul Kane claims he snapped the image after a delivery truck dropped off the food
"The chickens were about two feet away from an open and over-flowing bin. That is pretty disgusting when they are exposed like that. I wouldn't want to eat them after that.
"I shared the picture online and people were very shocked. They thought it was very unhygienic. 
"I would not leave open chicken in a dirty alley like that for 20 minutes, I would keep them indoors or wrapped up at least.
"Thankfully it was not raining, the weather was OK but it was a bit warm to keep chicken out in." 
Local resident Jemma Day claims she saw a similar situation only a couple of weeks ago at the butchers, but this time outside the front of the shop.
The chicken next to the bins
The chicken was left next to filthy bins
Ms Day, 31, from Manchester, said: "There was a pallet of chicken meat, roughly the same size as the picture here, outside the store. 
"[It] was there for a few hours, unattended, the cling film round it was also coming off so no protection on the top either.
"My friend had spoken to the store manager/owner telling him about the meat. He apologised and said it wouldn't be happening again. 
"It was also a warm day, [but I] can't remember if it started to drizzle or not.
"The wrapper was covering around three quarters of the meat, leaving the top quarter uncovered." 
The dirty alley
The chicken was kept in this dirty alley
I'm aware that if somebody falls sick or something like that it is my responsibility
The owner of the butchers said: "We would never ever leave the chicken outside, it just takes time to bring them in. 
"They would never be left out for half an hour. I'm aware of all these hygiene [regulations] and things like that.
"I'll be honest with you, I'm a professional person, we follow hygiene procedures with health and safety, and I'm a graduate so I do know what I'm doing.
"And obviously if there was chicken left outside there I wouldn't have even taken that delivery because obviously I'm paying for something and I shouldn't be taking that.
"I'm aware that if somebody falls sick or something like that it is my responsibility."
The chicken was seemingly kept in the alleyway with no covering, totally exposed to the elements
He said '99 per cent' of their deliveries are done by the back entrance via the alleyway and said the food is put into the cold store as quick as possible.
The owner claimed environmental health had visited his shop after they saw the picture and that no issues were found. 
Manchester City Council confirmed that no further action was being taken. 
Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council executive member for Neighbourhoods, said: "Public safety is always our top priority and we demand the highest possible standards of food hygiene from all premises in Manchester. 
"We investigate all complaints we receive and are currently looking into this incident to establish the facts and what, if any, action needs to be taken."

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