Friday, July 29, 2016

Migrant ‘who fled Syria arrested on suspicion of terror after taking pilot lessons in UK’

A MAN claiming to be a Syrian migrant fleeing persecution in his home country has been investigated by anti-terror officials.

The migrant, who is being investigated after he started pilot training, has been accused of supporting extreme Islamic terrorists, a court heard.
The unnamed 34-year-old was allowed to stay in Britain but his wife said the migrant lied about his nationality, claiming he is actually Egyptian and not Syrian.
In an interview with police, his 31-year-old wife said her husband "expressed glorification of war” and wanted to have a child called ‘War’ in Arabic.
She also alleges he bought bullet-proof clothes, gas masks, knives and night vision goggles to send to "friends in Syria".
The migrant’s wife says he bought a fake AK-47 with a laser as a first birthday present for one of their sons.

He is also alleged to have shown his son violent films and had an "expectation" of how the boy "should fight and exposed his son to ideas around "freedom fighters".
The migrant started studying a university course in air transport and pilot training at Buckinghamshire New University in September 2013, just six months after being allowed to stay in Britain, the court heard.
Counter-terrorism units looked into his background in early 2014 but he was not charged on any terror-related offences.
Ms Justice Russell heard the man had been convicted of unrelated offences in 2015, where she was told he remained in custody and was subject to a deportation order.
The man dismissed his wife claims, saying she was lying and "start a conspiracy against me".
But the judge said he showed "an active interest in the conflict in Syria".

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