Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Muslim husband wants custody of his nine-year-old daughter because his convert ex-wife has returned to 'debauched' Christian lifestyle

  • Muslim husband wants custody because wife returned to Christian lifestyle
  • Told judge he regards estranged wife's 'un-Islamic' lifestyle as 'debauched'
  • Political analyst is trying to win custody of couple's nine-year-old daughter
  • Husband took little girl on holiday and kept her there with his relatives as he did not want to hand her back to mother - but judge has ordered him to 
A Muslim husband is trying to win custody of his nine-year-old daughter because he dislikes his estranged wife's new partner and disapproves of her return to a 'debauched' Christian lifestyle.

The political analyst, who has not been named, told a judge at the High Court in London that he objects to his estranged wife's 'un-Islamic' lifestyle, which she returned to following their split.

The man is embroiled in a bitter family court dispute over the care and custody of their nine-year-old daughter, who has lived with her mother since the breakdown of their relationship.

He told Mr Justice Hayden that he did not approve of his estranged wife's new Christian partner.

It also emerged that he had arranged to take her on holiday to Algeria - with her mother's consent - but had then left her there with relatives.

Detail of the case emerged in a ruling by Mr Justice Hayden following a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court.

The judge ordered the man to return the little girl to her mother, but did not identify anyone involved.

Mr Justice Hayden said the woman had converted to Islam to marry the man - and said that the claimant was unhappy about the lifestyle she was leading following their separation.

'The father has been extremely critical of the mother and of what he now regards as her un-Islamic lifestyle, which he has described as 'debauched',' said the judge in a written ruling.

'He has been dismissive of her care of their daughter and of her choice of partner.'

The judge added: 'He plainly does not consider it appropriate for (their daughter) to be brought up where her mother lives with a Christian man.'

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