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“Now Muslims Are Offended By People Saying ‘F*ck ISIS’

British police have reportedly charged Tommy Robinson for “inciting racial hatred against Muslims” after he was pictured with a flag with “F*** ISIS” written on it.
We’re constantly told that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. So how is opposing ISIS inciting hatred against Muslims?
Tommy Robinson is no stranger to the media. He has earned widespread coverage as co-founder of the English Defense League in 2009 – which the British government and media attacked as a racist, far right organization. A spokeswoman for the EDL whose husband was a soldier in Afghanistan once said: “The soldiers are fighting Islamic extremism in Afghanistan and Iraq and the EDL are fighting it here.” Robinson stepped down as the EDL’s leader in 2013, briefly embraced the moderate Muslim Quilliam Foundation, and is now heading up the UK’s branch of Pegida.
Robinson was jailed for mortgage fraud two years ago and held in solitary confinement. In prison, he was regarded as being in danger from Muslim inmates because of his “anti-Islamic” work. While in jail, Robinson was at heightened risk from members of the Somali jihad group al-Shabab. He was on its wanted list. His home was attacked; he and his family had to be moved to a safe house.
This past April, long after Robinson’s release from prison, he was attacked by a Muslim who asked Robinson whether he was a racist, to which Robinson replied that he did not like Islam. The Muslim man proceeded to slap Robinson’s phone out of his hand and allegedly punched him in the face repeatedly, while demanding to know why Robinson did not like Islam.
Robinson shouted: “I’ll say what I want… you’re in England, if someone wants to say something about your religion… your religion says stuff about me as a non-Muslim”.
Whatever anyone might think of his character and style, Robinson is correct about that. He openly declared that he is living in Britain under a free, democratic constitution; not under Sharia law, which forbids free speech and which sanctions the worst forms of human rights abuses under its penal code.
Unfortunately, there are those far leftists in the West who apparently are living under a kind of self-imposed Sharia: they will not dare criticize Islam even when criticism is warranted. Robinson is rightfully resisting the dhimmitude that leftists have embraced for themselves and seek to impose on others.
The victimology subterfuge is cleverly wielded by stealth jihadists with the intention of stigmatizing, essentially as a blasphemer, anyone who criticizes Islam and those who seek to expose the jihadist agenda of conquest of the West via physical and ideological warfare. The best allies of these jihadists are the cowardly Western sellouts who bend to their will and tactics, and worse yet, join jihadists in trying to intimidate their fellow Westerners.
Tommy Robinson’s “F*** ISIS” sign is but a crass declaration that he and his supporters will not be intimidated and will not abandon their right to free speech in the name of political correctness. Nor will they surrender their country to the Islamic State or to any aspect of the foul jihadist agenda. Whatever one thinks of Robinson, that he would be arrested for an anti-ISIS sign shows how bad things have gotten in Britain today.
fuck isis
“Now Muslims Are Offended By People Saying ‘F*ck ISIS’ And Police Are Calling It ‘Incitement’”, by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, July 1, 2006:
Police have charged Tommy Robinson, a PEGIDA UK organiser, with “inciting racial hatred against Muslims” after he was pictured with a flag with “Fuck ISIS” written on it, his lawyer has claimed.
The lawyer alleged in a statement that an application for a football banning order against Mr. Robinson was “brought on the basis of a harassment campaign” linked to his “high social media profile, and is associated with Pegida UK” and amounted to an attack on his “free speech”.
Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND), an “anti-Islamophobia” think tank with Islamist sympathies, said on Twitter that Mr. Robinson was “inciting hate” by mocking the genocidal terrorist group.
Mr. Robinson had travelled to France to watch the Euro 2016 tournament, leaving shortly before Bedfordshire Police planned to serve him with a fresh football banning order.
A previous three-year ban expired in 2014, and Mr. Robinson is not believed to have been involved in any football related disturbances since.
However, on his return to the UK, Bedfordshire Police immediately served him with the fresh application. A subsequent hearing at Luton Magistrates’ Court on Friday saw bail conditions imposed to have Robinson’s passport taken away.
The application claimed that he “poses a significant risk of both violence and disorder… This is especially so in terms of his established capacity to organise disorder from an anti-Muslim perspective”.
Adding: “Despite… recently reported ‘good conduct’ at Luton Town Football Club, significant concerns remain regarding his intentions and influences upon others to inflame racial hatred in a country where tensions are already high” – presumably because of recent terrorist attacks attributed to Islamic State (ISIS)….

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